How to Find a Person's Grave: 6 Steps

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How to Find a Person's Grave: 6 Steps
How to Find a Person's Grave: 6 Steps

No government organization provides a database that provides detailed information on where people who have passed away are buried. If you want to find a grave, you have to know when and where the person in question died. Begin your search by locating the death certificate -- which can tell you who the undertaker was and where the victim's body is buried. This search is complicated in most countries as it is not common to keep burial records.


Find a Person's Grave Step 1

Step 1. Look for information from the INSS (National Social Security Institute) to find out the date and place of a person's death

Almost every Brazilian city has a "base" of the organization -- capable of providing data on people who were born even in the 19th century. With luck, you can find out the name of the city and state where the person in question died.

Ask the person in charge at the INSS for a copy of the death certificate. The cost -- if any -- will be low. You need to know the victim's full name and the name of his or her closest relatives (or social security number)

Find a Person's Grave Step 2

Step 2. Find the person's death certificate in the city where they died

This document usually indicates the name of the undertaker, where the person is buried and the date of burial. Other information, such as the official cause of death and which doctor was present at the time it occurred, can be contained in the certificate.

Contact the Civil Registry Office of the city where the person died. He will be able to send you a copy of the certificate

Find a Person's Grave Step 3

Step 3. Visit government websites that may offer this data (albeit sparsely)

While such information may not be disclosed in this way, online documents may even indicate the cemetery where the individual is located.

Find a Person's Grave Step 4

Step 4. Search the internet for contact information for the cemetery

Many of them are not easily located on the network and can only be contacted by phone (via telephone directories).

Find a Person's Grave Step 5

Step 5. Call the cemetery before visiting it

Ask the responsible person about the individual you are looking for. Go during business hours (Monday to Friday or Saturday).

Confirm that the person's grave is actually in the cemetery in question

Find a Person's Grave Step 6

Step 6. Ask the person responsible for the location for a map or directions when you arrive

Cemeteries often keep detailed records of names and places where people are buried.


  • Locating graves helps obtain other useful genealogical information, such as the names of a person's parents, their place of origin, and the occupations of their relatives. Other family members may also be buried in the vicinity of the same cemetery.
  • Finding the grave of a famous person is often easier than finding the graves of "anonymous people." Some websites often list places where celebrities are buried.

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