3 Ways to Use a Voodoo Doll

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3 Ways to Use a Voodoo Doll
3 Ways to Use a Voodoo Doll

Voodoo dolls originated in the African diaspora as part of spiritual customs. Although voodoo dolls are believed to have negative effects, they can be used to generate good in your own life or in the lives of others: for love, for protection, for success, and many other benefits. represents the person who wishes to appeal to voodoo spirits. For some, voodoo is a religion; for others, a mystery, and for still others, these dolls are used to bring about positive change in their lives.


Method 1 of 3: Creating a voodoo doll to represent someone

Use Voodoo Doll Step 1

Step 1. Visualize the person you have in mind

When making a voodoo doll, imagine the person you would like to be affected by the magic and how you want them to be affected. As voodoo relies heavily on the connection between you and the spirits, it is important that the puppet symbolizes the person who will receive good or evil in your life.

Use Voodoo Doll Step 2

Step 2. Make a voodoo doll using a photo

One of the ways to create a replica of a person using such an object is to print a full-length photo and sew it using fabric. After you print the photo or find one, cut around the person's silhouette and use fabric. to make the verse. When you start sewing the fabric in the photo, fill the figure with stuffing.

Use Voodoo Doll Step 3

Step 3. Make a voodoo doll out of personal items

Maybe you don't have a photo of who you want to represent, or you'd rather make a doll with something associated with that person. A lock of hair or a piece of clothing will serve this purpose. Find some wool, string, or fabric and sew or assemble a simple doll. Then sew the object you have to represent the person to the doll you created.

Use Voodoo Doll Step 4

Step 4. Clean the voodoo doll

Before using the dummy, you will need to clear it of all previous energy, neutralizing it and giving you an initial state to take action. To do this, place your hand on the object and direct your energy towards it, focusing on making it new and pure. You can also wash the doll with salt water, cover it with cleansing incense like sage or sandalwood, let natural light like the sun or moon purify it, or bury it in the earth and allow the Universe and the Mother Nature transform the energy.

  • There is likely to be previous energy attached to every object you use to make the voodoo doll, so always remember to clean the object so the energies don't get confused and messed up.
  • To make the process easier, use items and resources that have had little contact with others unless you are using that object specifically to represent someone.

Method 2 of 3: Using voodoo for good

Use Voodoo Doll Step 5

Step 1. Focus on your desires

One of the purposes of a voodoo doll is to provide meditation and focus. Holding your doll, focus on the desired effect; you can buy dolls online that symbolize aspects of life such as fertility, marriage, luck, prosperity, etc., or that represent one of the spirits.

  • This process may require patience and clearing your mind of distracting thoughts. This is why it is also called meditation, as it is the practice of calming your soul to become more attuned to your desires spiritually.
  • You can bring good not only to yourself but to others. If you want to bring good luck to others, use the same process, but with a doll that represents them and focusing on what you want for them.
Use Voodoo Doll Step 6

Step 2. Use different colored pins

Traditionally, there are seven colors you can use to indicate areas of your life you want to focus on. This technique goes hand in hand with concentration, but concentrating and meditating comes first, and using the pins comes later. After deciding which aspect of life you want to change, place the corresponding color pin on the doll. The head represents traits that have to do with knowledge, the heart is used for emotions and the stomach is used for intuition. So if you want power in your life or a friend's, put a red pin on your head. If you want love, use the blue pin to pierce the heart. Here are the different colors and what they symbolize:

  • Yellow: success.
  • Green: money.
  • White: cure.
  • Red: power.
  • Purple: spirituality.
  • Blue: love.
  • Black: repel negative energies.
Use Voodoo Doll Step 7

Step 3. Suppose the voodoo spirit beings

Loa, the twins and the dead are all voodoo spiritual beings who interact to bring you different things. To summon the spirits, a voodoo doll of the spirit must be created or obtained, you must focus on the wishes you expect the spirit to fulfill and light a candle in the spirit's appropriate color, and then a sacrifice must be offered. Creating an altar for the doll can be helpful so you can light the candle and offer your sacrifice there.

  • The Loa interact with people on Earth and are spirits of the main forces in the Universe: good, evil, reproduction, health and all aspects of everyday life. There are so many different types of loa that it's not possible to list them, but with a proper search, you can find the one you want to plead with.
  • The twins are a mysterious set of contradictory forces: happiness and sadness, good and bad, and so on. When adored, they can help you receive the best in life.
  • The dead are the souls of deceased relatives who have not yet been recovered by the family. When ignored, they can become dangerous, but if they are adored and cared for, they can be helpful.

Method 3 of 3: Using voodoo for evil

Use Voodoo Doll Step 8

Step 1. Use colored pins to harm

While they can be used in a doll for yourself or someone else for the purpose of doing good, some can also be used for evil. For example, if you want to exert power over someone, use the red pin, focus on the power you want the person to submit to, and stick the voodoo doll in the head.

Use Voodoo Doll Step 9

Step 2. Call on a spirit to act on your behalf

Using the puppet that represents the spirit you want to summon, create an altar for it, focus on the person you want to harm or cause bad luck, and ask the spirit to act on your behalf. Just as you would appeal a spirit to yourself, light a corresponding candle and, if you can, offer a sacrifice.

Use Voodoo Doll Step 10

Step 3. Go back to classic torture techniques

If you want to harm someone by using a voodoo doll that represents that person, you can use regular pins or needles, rope, wire, water, or whatever torture device you prefer. Then, using the concentration technique, focus on the person you want to harm and the actions you are taking.

  • Clear the puppet of all previous energies, as if it is associated with another person in any way, they can feel bad too, and you don't want that to happen!
  • Most experienced voodoo practitioners suggest only using the puppet for good, as the saying goes, "whatever goes around comes around."


  • The voodoo doll is used to represent the spirit of a specific person. You can talk to the puppet as if you were talking to that person, ask for a change in attitude, and influence the person to act on your wishes.
  • Much of voodoo involves connecting with the Universe and spirits. If you doubt their power or can't focus on the connection, it's likely your puppet won't work.
  • In New Orleans voodoo, many people take their dolls to be blessed by an experienced practitioner in order to get in touch with the spirits directly.


  • If voodoo dolls are not used correctly, karmic effects such as conflicts, accidents, depression, bad luck, death etc. can happen to you.
  • Remember, if you use your voodoo doll for evil, you can get a karmic reaction, so be careful!
  • As voodoo dolls can absorb the energies of the people who used them, it's best never to use someone else's doll.
  • The powers of voodoo dolls have not been scientifically proven.

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