How to Develop Telekinesis: 14 Steps (with Images)

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How to Develop Telekinesis: 14 Steps (with Images)
How to Develop Telekinesis: 14 Steps (with Images)

There is no hard proof that telekinesis exists or can be learned, but it doesn't hurt to try. If you want to find out for yourself, meditate to discipline your mind and practice object visualization. When you can clear your mind and visualize an object in every detail, focus on your connection to it. Clearly think about how you would like the object to move and extend your intention to it. Practice leads to perfection. So, be patient and try to refine your skills every day.


Part 1 of 3: Focusing Your Thoughts

Develop Telekinesis Step 3

Step 1. Believe that telekinesis is possible

You won't get any results if you try with a closed and skeptical mind. If you tell yourself that nothing is going to happen, even on a subconscious level, you will end up with good reason. Your starting point, therefore, is to convince yourself that it is possible to move objects with your mind.

There is no scientific evidence for telekinesis, but neither is there any irrefutable proof that it doesn't exist

Develop Telekinesis Step 2

Step 2. Meditate every day to improve your mental discipline

Wear loose clothing, sit in a comfortable position, and close your eyes. Breathe in deeply as you count to 4, hold your breath as you count to 4, and exhale as you count to 8. Observe your thoughts as you control your breath and imagine each one as a star in the sky.

  • As you let out the air, imagine the stars disappearing, except for a single sun that gets stronger and stronger. Random thoughts quiet as your mind focuses on the single bright star.
  • Keep controlling your breathing and effortlessly focus on one thought.
  • Most people are used to doing a thousand things at once. So be patient. It may take a while for you to improve your mental concentration and get your mind back on one thought.
Develop Telekinesis Step 1

Step 3. Practice visualizing objects in as much detail as possible

To start, notice a small item near you, such as an apple or a cup. Try to record every last detail of it in memory. When you feel that you know and understand the object, close your eyes and see it in your mind as clearly as you can.

  • Try to visualize the shape, color nuances, hardness or softness of the object, its smell and other small details. Practice visualization while meditating. Control your breathing, clear your mind, and focus only on the item.
  • As you practice, try visualizing more complex objects. Keep working until you can visualize entire scenarios, such as your bedroom. See yourself seated among all the objects as clearly as possible.
Develop Telekinesis Step 5

Step 4. Be patient and keep practicing

Telekinesis requires you to be fully present. Your mind cannot wander, and your thoughts cannot get lost. Achieving this degree of mental discipline takes time. So try to practice meditation and visualization every day.

With practice, you will find it easier to clear your mind, focus your attention, and see objects clearly. After training your mind, you can start working to reach objects with your thoughts

Part 2 of 3: Reaching an object

Develop Telekinesis Step 7

Step 1. Focus on a small object and nothing else

Place a small item, such as a pencil or match, in front of you. Meditate to clear your mind and get in the mood. Silence random thoughts and see the object clearly in your mind.

Develop Telekinesis Step 6

Step 2. Focus on the link between you and the object

As you learn to control your thoughts and visualize objects, focus on the energy that connects you to the outside world. Visualize matter and energy flowing through you to other objects and into the space between them. Watch the boundaries between you and other objects disappear and realize that you and the object are one system.

This is the idea that forms the basis of telekinesis: you and the object are one. To try to move something, you have to train yourself to see that connection and believe in it

Develop Telekinesis Step 15

Step 3. Clearly visualize the way you want to manipulate the object

See exactly how you want the item to move and decide whether to pull, push or rotate. Focus on the object and visualize it moving the way you want it in your mind.

Visualize a single movement. Try not to get distracted or imagine the object moving in various ways. Just focus on one action

Develop Telekinesis Step 16

Step 4. Focus your intention on the object

Stay focused on it and send your intent to the item as you would an arm or leg. Remember not to let your thoughts wander and focus on one action. You and the object are one. So move it as you would any part of your body.

Don't be discouraged if the first attempts don't work. Keep disciplining your mind and try to improve your skills with telekinetic exercises

Part 3 of 3: Doing telekinetic exercises

Develop Telekinesis Step 14

Step 1. Try to feel the energy flowing through your body

Flex all the muscles in your arms, from the shoulder to the wrist, for ten or 15 seconds. Then relax your arm completely. Notice how it feels to accumulate, control, and release energy and use it to refine your ability to direct force toward an object and move it with intent.

Since the key to telekinesis is the fact that you and the object are one, it is important to feel and understand the energy that forms this connection

Make a Psi Wheel Step 9

Step 2. Try turning a psi wheel

The psi wheel is a piece of paper folded into a pyramid shape that sits on a toothpick connected to a piece of aluminum foil. Concentrate on the object, reach it with your thoughts and rotate it using your mind.

  • Just trying to spin the wheel without dropping it can help you develop control over your abilities.
  • Place a glass jar or container over the wheel to prevent the wind from turning it.
Develop Telekinesis Step 8

Step 3. Move objects using psi balls

A psi ball is a ball of energy that you can feel, manipulate and, over time, use to move objects. With your hands around your stomach, feel the energy in that part of your body. Position your hands as if you were holding a ball and visualize the details of the ball.

  • See the ball in your mind's eye. How big is it? She shines? What color is it? Once you've established its shape, move it and let it change shape and size.
  • In time, you will be able to use this ball to send energy to other objects. Just as a basketball would knock over a vase, use the psi ball to affect solid, visible objects.
Develop Telekinesis Step 9

Step 4. Practice controlling a flame

Light a candle, clear your mind and let the flame fill your thoughts. Watch as it flickers and moves. Focus on it and move it with your energy. Move the flame to the right, to the left, lengthen it, make it more intense and make it weaker.

Develop Telekinesis Step 10

Step 5. Alternate exercises

So as not to make things repetitive, try to work with two or three exercises a day. For starters, meditate and visualize to get in the mood. Then try spinning the psi wheel, working the flame, bending a spoon or fork, or rotating a pencil or pen.

Practicing with multiple exercises can help make your workout easier without getting bored or frustrated. Try to do each exercise for about 20 minutes and train for an hour or so a day

Develop Telekinesis Step 12

Step 6. Stop when you feel tired, mentally and physically

As with any other type of exercise, it's important to take a break when you get tired. Have a snack, drink some water and rest for a few hours. When you're feeling refreshed, go back to training.

You won't be able to stay focused if you try to manipulate energy when you need a break. Also, you could end up with a headache


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