How to Develop Telepathy: 14 Steps (with Images)

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How to Develop Telepathy: 14 Steps (with Images)
How to Develop Telepathy: 14 Steps (with Images)

Telepathy is defined as the ability to send words, images or emotions into another person's mind. Even if there is no proof that it exists, you can still try to use it. Relax your body and mind, visualize the message recipient in front of you, and focus your thoughts on sending a simple word or image. Take turns sending and receiving messages with a close friend or family member and track your progress using a journal. With practice, you may find that you have a strong mental connection with the other person.


Part 1 of 3: Focusing Your Thoughts

Develop Telepathy Step 1

Step 1. Believe in telepathy

Both the sender, the one who transmits the telepathic message, and the recipient need to believe that this possibility exists. Tell yourself that you can learn to use telepathy and that you want this transmission to take place.

  • Always train with someone who is open to the possibility of telepathy. A skeptical partner will not be able to communicate in this way.
  • There is no scientific evidence that telepathy is real. But if you want to learn to convey messages in this way, keeping an open mind to this possibility can only help.
Develop Telepathy Step 2

Step 2. Turn off your physical senses

You can put on headphones to hear white noise and wear a sleep mask. If you take your attention away from physical perceptions, you can focus more deeply on sending the telepathic message.

Both you and the recipient should try to turn off the senses. Sensory deprivation can help them focus on the message

Develop Telepathy Step 4

Step 3. Stretch your muscles or do some yoga

Attempting to convey a telepathic message requires a great deal of concentration. So try to stay relaxed mentally and physically. Stretching and regular yoga practice can teach you to put yourself in a focused, relaxed state.

As you prepare to send a telepathic message, try stretching your arms, legs, and back. Breathe in as you enter a pose and slowly exhale as you stretch for 15 or 20 seconds. As you stretch, imagine that all the tension is leaving your body

Develop Telepathy Step 5

Step 4. meditate to calm the mind.

Wear loose clothing and sit upright in a comfortable position. Inhale and exhale slowly and do your best to clear your mind of unwanted thoughts. Imagine the random, stray thoughts coming out of your head as you exhale.

  • Try to focus your mind on one thought and try to meditate for at least 20 minutes a day. With time, concentrating your thinking will become easier.
  • When you are calm and focused, you are ready to try to deliver a telepathic message. Don't forget that both the recipient and the sender of the message need to relax and clear their minds.

Part 2 of 3: Conveying a Telepathic Message

Develop Telepathy Step 8

Step 1. Visualize the person who will receive the message

Close your eyes and think of the receiver as clearly as possible. Imagine that this person is sitting or standing right in front of you. Use your mind's eye to visualize details such as eye color, weight, height, hair length, and how a person sits or stands.

  • If you're far away from the recipient, looking at a photo of the recipient before you start imagining him can be helpful.
  • As you build the mental image and send it to the recipient, the recipient needs to relax and focus on staying open to the message. Ask the person to clear their minds and imagine, in as much detail as possible, that you are in front of them.
Develop Telepathy Step 9

Step 2. Imagine what it feels like to communicate with the person

Remember how you feel when talking face-to-face with the recipient of the message, and feel that emotion as if the person were right in front of you. Focus on these feelings and believe that you are creating a connection with the other person.

Develop Telepathy Step 10

Step 3. Think of a single image or word

For starters, try to convey something simple, like a nearby object. Visualize this object in as much detail as possible and focus your mind on it alone. Think about how the object looks, how it feels when touched, and how it makes you feel.

For example, imagine an apple. Visualize a specific fruit with maximum clarity in your mind. Think about how it tastes and what it feels like to bite it. Focus your thoughts only on the apple

Develop Telepathy Step 11

Step 4. Send the message

After forming a clear mental image, imagine that the object travels from your mind to the recipient's. Imagine that you are face-to-face with the recipient of the message and you say "Apple" or whatever thoughts you are sending. In your mind's eye, imagine the look on the person's face when they understand what you are saying.

  • Remember there is a difference between focus and effort. Focus on the mental image, but remain relaxed.
  • After conveying the thought, release your mind from it and think no more about it. Imagine that you have "given" the thought to the recipient and are no longer with him.
Develop Telepathy Step 12

Step 5. Ask the recipient to write down whatever comes to mind

Once you've delivered the message, the recipient needs to remain relaxed and open-minded until he senses that a thought has entered their mind. He then must write down whatever comes to mind.

Before checking with the recipient, you also need to write down the thought you tried to convey. This will help both of you stay objective when comparing results

Develop Telepathy Step 13

Step 6. Compare the results

When you are ready, you and the recipient should show each other what you wrote. Don't be discouraged if the transmission doesn't work, especially in the beginning. Clear your mind again and try again with another image.

Don't be upset if you can't deliver a clear telepathic message. Try to have fun with the attempts

Part 3 of 3: Practicing with a partner

Develop Telepathy Step 6

Step 1. Take turns trying to transmit and receive messages

Switch roles during practice and see if you are more successful with one role or another. You may find that you are a better recipient of messages, and that your friend is better at transmitting them.

Remember that practicing with someone you trust, such as a close friend or relative, is helpful

Develop Telepathy Step 18

Step 2. Try playing a card game

Pick up five different cards, like those from a deck or cards with symbols on them. Pick a random card while your partner waits in a separate location. Relax and calm your mind. Then focus your thoughts only on sending the image of the letter to your friend.

Ask your partner to calm your mind and try to feel the message you are sending. When he feels an image has come to his mind, ask him to write down the letter he received and check the results

Develop Telepathy Step 17

Step 3. Draw an image and transmit it to your partner

Try drawing a simple shape or combination of shapes, such as a triangle with a circle inside. Focus your thoughts on the image and imagine that it is traveling from your mind to your training partner. Ask the person to draw the shape that entered their mind when they felt they received the message.

Another person can also draw an image and show it to the sender, who will then try to pass it on to the recipient

Develop Telepathy Step 14

Step 4. Keep a telepathy journal to track your progress

Whenever trying to communicate telepathically, write down the details of the attempt. Record the names of the recipient and sender, what the image was transmitted, and whether the attempt was successful or not. The diary can help you find ways to improve your skills.

Even if the attempt fails, write down the main details of the attempt. For example, if the message was "apple" and your friend wrote "red" or "fruit," that's a good sign


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