How to Receive Communion in a Catholic Church: 11 Steps

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How to Receive Communion in a Catholic Church: 11 Steps
How to Receive Communion in a Catholic Church: 11 Steps

In the Catholic Church, Holy Communion is an essential part of the Mass. To commune, one must, among other requirements, adhere to the Catholic faith, be integrated into the Church and be in a state of grace. The ritual consists of an offering of the Body and Blood of Christ by the priest or another member of the Church. Allow the priest to place the host on your tongue or in your hands and drink the blood when the cup is offered.


Part 1 of 2: Qualifying to Communion

Take Communion in the Catholic Church Step 1

Step 1. Become a Catholic if you are not already

It is necessary to adopt the Catholic doctrine to take communion. Baptized children become faithful through catechesis. Adults, through a group course called RICA (Ritual of Christian Initiation for Adults) and are converted after the sacraments of Confession, First Communion and Confirmation.

Take Communion in the Catholic Church Step 2

Step 2. Be welcomed by the Church

Each church has its own reception ritual. Talk to the priest or another priest to learn more about him. It is necessary to be formally welcomed by the church to take communion.

If you are a practicing Catholic who has just switched parishes, the priest may want to know if you are baptized, have confessed, and have received First Communion and Confirmation. Those who have not gone through these steps will be guided to comply with them

Take Communion in the Catholic Church Step 3

Step 3. Accept Communion in a state of grace

The Eucharist is not to be received by one who harbors mortal sin in his soul. If you have committed a mortal sin such as theft, adultery or sodomy, you must go through Penance before taking Communion.

Take Communion in the Catholic Church Step 4

Step 4. Believe in the doctrine of Transsubstantiation

To accept the transubstantiation is to believe that the bread and wine were indeed transformed into the body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ. The Eucharist only has the appearance of bread and wine, but it is considered a true part of Christ.

Take Communion in the Catholic Church Step 5

Step 5. Fast for the Eucharist

This means that you cannot eat or drink anything for at least an hour before Communion. Water and medicine do not apply to fasting. Elderly and infirm may be excused from it, as long as authorized by the priest.

Take Communion in the Catholic Church Step 6

Step 6. Make sure you are not under ecclesiastical penalty

Penalized believers, that is, those who have been excommunicated or have consistently committed grave sins, cannot commune.

Part 2 of 2: Communing

Take Communion in the Catholic Church Step 7

Step 1. Go to Mass

It is in her that the Eucharist takes place. During the Consecration of the Eucharist (when the host is transformed into the body and blood of Christ), begin mentally preparing for Communion. You can do this by giving thanks and showing your gratitude and reverence for Jesus Christ through prayer.

Take Communion in the Catholic Church Step 8

Step 2. Approach the altar

Priests and priests will take their proper places to offer Communion. Wait for the altar boy to instruct your bank to join the queue. There is no need to genuflect (kneel down and make the sign of the cross) when getting up from the bench. Wait in line and don't pass in front of others.

Take Communion in the Catholic Church Step 9

Step 3. Receive the Host

Depending on the church and your preference, the host is placed in the mouth or delivered into the hands of the faithful. In the traditional ritual, she is placed in his mouth. Open your mouth and stick out your tongue so that the wafer does not fall out once it is placed. Close your mouth and let the host dissolve on your tongue as you meditate on the Sacrifice.

  • In order for the host to be delivered into your hands, extend them, placing the left over the right. Do not take the host from the priest's hands; let him put it in your hand.
  • When you deliver the host, the priest will say: "The Body of Christ". To which you should reply: "Amen".
Take Communion in the Catholic Church Step 10

Step 4. Receive the blood

After receiving the host, you will receive the blood. Let the host dissolve while you wait your turn. Take a small sip from the cup that is offered to you. The person holding the cup will say, "The Blood of Christ." To that, answer, "Amen."

Since the rim of the chalice is cleaned every time a faithful drink from it, you don't have to worry about passing on germs

Take Communion in the Catholic Church Step 11

Step 5. Return to the bench and kneel down

This is the time to reflect and give thanks for the fact that Jesus comes to you through the Holy Eucharist. As you settle back on the bench, pray until the priest finishes the ritual. If you are not sure what to do, follow what other more experienced members of the Church do.


  • If placing your hands is difficult for you, place them while waiting in line.
  • Place your left hand over your right to receive the host. According to the Catholic faith, the left hand is the "purer" of the two.


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