How to Connect with Your Element: 5 Steps (with Images)

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How to Connect with Your Element: 5 Steps (with Images)
How to Connect with Your Element: 5 Steps (with Images)

The four elements are very important to the Wiccan religion and to paganism. Everyone is born with a special connection to one of the elements. Once you find out what your element is, learn to connect with it in this article.


Connect to Your Element Step 1

Step 1. Start by casting a circle

This will surround you with positive energy so that there is no chance of unwanted spirits interrupting you. Bring something that represents your element to the center of the circle.

Connect to Your Element Step 2

Step 2. Sit in the middle of your circle and pick up the object that represents your element

Some ideas of objects to represent each element:

  • Water - A glass of water. It works best on a full moon.

  • Fire - A lit candle.

  • Earth - A pot of earth.

  • Air - A feather or fan.

Connect to Your Element Step 3

Step 3. Slide your hands on the element symbol

Think about how you would feel surrounded by it (eg, water - under water; fire - on a hot summer day; earth - buried in soil and air - in the center of a hurricane). Imagine that the element is taking care of you, making you able to breathe underwater, not getting too hot, not being crushed by the earth, or being blown away by the wind.

Connect to Your Element Step 4

Step 4. Call the element

You can ask him to interact with you. Your vision of being consumed by this element can become more vivid. Talk to him, tell him what makes you sad or happy. Connect with your element as if it were a longtime friend.

Connect to Your Element Step 5

Step 5. After the conversation, give thanks and ask your element to return to its normal position in the circle and then close it


  • Your element doesn't have to be related to your sign. For example, some people may be born under a water sign and feel a special connection to the air.
  • Don't get frustrated if your element doesn't respond. That may not be your element. Try trying to connect with another one.
  • Some people can feel the element with them inside the circle (for example, if someone has summoned fire, they may suddenly feel very hot). This is rare, but it can happen.
  • You can try meditating on your element and spending time with it outdoors (air and earth), near a stream (water) or near a fireplace (fire).
  • Some people may have connections to more than one element. When you've connected with one of them, wait a while and try and connect with the other one!
  • We are all made up of all the elements, try to connect with all of them. People are only closer to one or two of them.


  • When trying to connect to another element, you may lose your first connection to your original element. To see if you have an affinity for two elements, try meditating on the second element first. Explain to the first element that you are not exchanging it for another and just want to expand your connection with nature.
  • Obviously, this isn't going to give you superpowers with your element. You will not be able to grow the flowers at your command, however much you want to. You will just get closer to nature.

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