3 Ways to Live in Peace

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3 Ways to Live in Peace
3 Ways to Live in Peace

To live in peace, you have to be in harmony with yourself, with others and with everything and everyone around you. The definition of "peace" varies from person to person, but there are many ways to make everyday life more peaceful. Try to take better care of your relationships, cultivate a healthy environment around you, and spread that feeling whenever possible. Finally, have a little patience and persistence to reap good results.


Method 1 of 3: Cultivating Peace in Your Relationships

Live in Peace Step 1

Step 1. Eliminate toxic people from your life

If someone you know is constantly criticizing your choices, inventing fights and conflicts for no apparent reason, or blaming others for their own problems, walk away from them immediately. People like that end anyone's peace, especially when coexistence is constant.

  • Start making plans with other people and think of ways to avoid contact with this toxic "friend" even if you just say you're busy (politely, of course). Say "Sorry, but my week is full. We'll have to arrange another time."
  • If the toxic person is in your family, create barriers and limits to reduce their impact on your life. For example, if a relative keeps asking you to stop what you're doing to help them with anything, say "I can't help you after I've made personal plans. I need you to let me know of these things a few days in advance".
Live in Peace Step 2

Step 2. forgive people and don't hold a grudge.

As frustrating as it is to be wronged by people, it doesn't do any good to hold a grudge. Only you will get stressed out and lose your peace of mind. So forgive their mistakes and vent your anger to let go of the past.

  • For example: don't be thinking of ways to fight back a name you've received. Think "It was mean of him to say that, but it's over. I forgive him and hope that our relationship will be more positive in the future."
  • You can also let off steam in a letter, but without sending it to the person. Describe what you felt and say that you forgive her because you know it is best for your life.
  • Forgiveness takes the burden of resentment off anyone's back. You need to learn to deal with negative feelings caused by certain attitudes and turn them into opportunities to grow more and more.
Live in Peace Step 3

Step 3. Help people resolve conflicts without fighting or going into violence

When you fall out with someone, think of peaceful ways to resolve the situation. For example: invite the person to talk without swearing, exulting, or other such acts.

  • For example, if your siblings are fighting over the television control, say "You want to see different channels, so the solution is for us to find something everyone wants to see. What would it be?"
  • Another example: If you are hurt because a friend told a lie to your face, say "I appreciate your honesty. What can I do to make you trust me more?"
Live in Peace Step 4

Step 4. Express your opinions positively

A lot of people end up using negative forms of expression, like "You can't…" or "You shouldn't…" when they're in tense situations. The ideal is always to use positive forms and avoid terms like "no" and "never".

For example, don't say "Don't yell" or "Stop yelling" when you want to ask someone to lower their voice. Say something like "We talk softer when we're so close" or "This space is reserved for quiet conversations."

Tip: when you are irritated, go to a quiet place, take a deep breath and relax. Turn off the television, stereo or computer and, if possible, go unwind in nature.

Live in Peace Step 5

Step 5. Spread peace in your work environment

Talk to a representative from the Human Resources sector about policies to encourage peaceful coexistence in the workplace, such as fairness and conflict resolution rules. Try to get along with all your colleagues. See some examples:

  • Be polite and helpful with colleagues.
  • Don't gossip or talk about sensitive topics like politics.
  • Treat your colleagues like members of your team, not competitors.

Method 2 of 3: Creating an Environment of Peace

Live in Peace Step 6

Step 1. Be grateful for what you already have.

You may end up unhappy if you spend all your time trying to gain more material possessions. So learn to be grateful for what you already have to be at peace. Try to list ten good things from each day.

  • For example, you can thank you for having a comfortable home, a roof over your head, a nice cup of coffee in the morning, and a hot meal to eat for lunch.
  • Focus on what you have and what you value, not what you lack.
Live in Peace Step 7

Step 2. Transform your bedroom into an oasis and refuge from the world

It's easier to live in peace when you have a quiet place to go at the end of the day. For starters, clean up all the mess and add some decorative touches to create a cozy atmosphere. See some examples:

  • Incorporate a cozier light source, such as a bedside lamp or electric candles.
  • Use a good pillow and soft bedding.
  • Light incense or scented candles.
  • Place a small bouquet of flowers or a small plant on the dresser.
Live in Peace Step 8

Step 3. Listen to relaxing music throughout the day

Listening to quiet music feels peaceful. Build playlists with calm, classic and genre songs that are most your thing and listen to while you work or study or even after work.

Sounds from nature also have a relaxing effect. Listen to the sea, rain and the like on YouTube or other websites

Live in Peace Step 9

Step 4. Create a comfortable space to meditate

Meditating is an excellent technique for fostering inner peace - and designating a specific area for this practice is also very helpful. Organize a space in your room, such as a corner against the wall, and always keep it clean and tidy so you can "escape".

  • Put some comfortable pillows in this area to make yourself comfortable.
  • Include a plant or something else that encourages a sense of calm.
  • You can also include a focal point to feel at peace, such as a scented candle.
Live in Peace Step 10

Step 5. Do outdoor activities in nature

Being in the middle of nature always helps to feel calm. The sights, sounds, smells and sensation alleviate any stress. So take a walk from time to time in the local parks.

For example: go for a walk in the nearest park, take a simple trail or take a trip to the beach (if you live on the coast)

Tip: If possible, go to a quiet place, like the shade of a tree or a park, and stay there for ten minutes while contemplating life.

Method 3 of 3: Contributing to World Peace

Live in Peace Step 11

Step 1. do volunteer work to help people in the community.

Look for ways to help those in need in the region where you live and thus promote peace among people. If possible, try to find specific institutions and organizations. It makes anyone happy.

For example: do work in a nursing home, a homeless shelter, an animal shelter, and so on

Live in Peace Step 12

Step 2. Become a more active part of the community

We need to work together to achieve peace. Find out if there are groups in your community that have this purpose and start participating: coalitions between different people, meetings of different religions, etc.

Tip: Think of ways to use your skills and talents to spread peace in the community. For example, if you are creative, create flyers to publicize events of public interest.

Live in Peace Step 13

Step 3. Participate in events, meetings and protests to encourage peace

Here's another cool way to promote peace. Keep an eye out for events that come up and contribute in any way you can.

Take part in a variety of events, from charitable actions to fundraising campaigns for non-governmental organizations (NGOs)


  • Learn to love yourself more to spread that love and peace to others.
  • Show kindness in everyday life to improve people's mood and spread more peace.
  • Praise people and don't make negative comments about others. Also, don't spread gossip about friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbors and the like. If there's nothing good to talk about, don't talk.

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