How to Win a Sword Fight: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Win a Sword Fight: 15 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Win a Sword Fight: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

As much as sword fighting seems to be something that is in the past, it is something that still inspires and fascinates people today. It's possible to have a lot of fun in a fight, but you should never use weapons that can seriously injure an opponent. Ideally, always wear wooden swords or other similar accessories that won't hurt the person you're fighting. You'll be able to have fun competing with friends in these training sessions, in addition to learning how to attack and defend yourself. Come on?


Part 1 of 3: Learning the Basics of Sword Fighting

Win a Swordfight Step 1

Step 1. Assess the environment

Being able to analyze where you are can help you assess the possible downsides you may suffer from, as well as learn to identify how to use space to your advantage. If you can move to attack and defend effectively, your chances of selling combat increase significantly. Some examples of elements to consider:

  • Sunlight is able to blind someone temporarily, depending on the angle. Forcing the opponent to keep the sun in his eyes will make life difficult for him in combat.
  • Do your best not to stand still, or you'll become an easy target for attacks.
  • Remember that natural barriers such as cliffs, streams and walls can reduce your mobility and serve as escape routes.
  • Urban environments are usually composed of closed spaces, such as streets and rooms.
Win a Swordfight Step 2

Step 2. Hold the sword correctly with both hands

The best way to hold a sword is to place your right hand on top of the hilt, with your left hand on the bottom, near the pommel. So you will have a greater range of motion.

  • That way, you'll also be able to grip the sword more firmly, which reduces the chances of it falling out of your hands when defending against an attack.
  • Bend your elbows and keep them close to your torso.
Win a Swordfight Step 3

Step 3. Always be ready for an attack or a defense

It's important to maintain a posture that allows you to react to your opponent's every move. Therefore, hold the sword in front of your body, with both hands, keeping the blade perpendicular to the ground.

This position allows you to move the sword in all directions with some ease

Win a Swordfight Step 4

Step 4. Maintain an open stance at a 45° angle, with your left foot in front of your right

This is the perfect position to attack as it creates a firm foundation for you. What's more, you'll have more support to defend yourself, avoiding takedowns and knockouts.

Turn your hips towards your opponent. Don't keep your hips facing your opponent's side

Win a Swordfight Step 5

Step 5. Practice the eight angles of attack

There are basically eight basic angles of attack in a sword fight. They are: straight, bottom to top, straight top to bottom, diagonal down left, diagonal down right, diagonal up left, diagonal up right, and diagonally left and right.

Practice all these moves with the sword, as perfecting them will put you on the path to victory

Part 2 of 3: Defending Yourself

Win a Swordfight Step 6

Step 1. Stand back when the enemy attacks

The best defense in a sword fight is to distance yourself from the enemy. When the opponent comes forward with sword in hand, step back to avoid him.

  • This move usually works best when the opponent is trying to attack from above or below.
  • Understand the weaknesses of this technique: if your opponent is quick or very skilled with the blade, he can "stab" you with the sword.
Win a Swordfight Step 7

Step 2. Block a direct horizontal attack

When the opponent attempts a horizontal strike, raise your sword to block the attack. Hold it firmly to be able to defend yourself effectively.

Win a Swordfight Step 8

Step 3. Block and attack with the sword

It is possible to turn a block into an attack, just redirect the enemy's blow, sending his sword to the side. Take advantage of this opening and attack him. This move is very efficient as it allows you to go from defense to attack in a matter of seconds.

You can also block the attack with the sword, sliding the enemy's weapon to the side and attacking in sequence

Win a Swordfight Step 9

Step 4. Deflect the enemy's sword and attack him at the same time

As the opponent advances towards you, block his attack and counterattack in a single move. To accomplish this, hold the sword firmly in the proper position to protect yourself.

To add even more strength to your attack, step forward

Win a Swordfight Step 10

Step 5. "Countercut" the attack

This move is a combination of stepping back and counterattacking. When being hit, take a step back to dodge the opponent's sword. Then attack him in the arm!

This move will weaken the opponent as it will cause pain in his arm

Part 3 of 3: Attacking the Opponent

Win a Swordfight Step 11

Step 1. Don't try to "stab" the sword into each other

Natural instinct makes many people try to "stab" the opponent with the sword, but this type of move is usually not effective and creates a vulnerability in your defense. When attacking in this way, you can be hit in the trunk by the opponent, who can also dodge to the side and attack from the side.

Only use this type of attack when the opponent is completely vulnerable

Win a Swordfight Step 12

Step 2. Make the basic attack

For this move, bring the sword forward toward your opponent. Then step forward and slightly to the right, away from the opponent and avoiding possible attacks. Lower the sword in a straight line, hitting the opponent.

By taking the sword forward, you make possible counterattacks more difficult

Win a Swordfight Step 13

Step 3. Perform a feint and kick the opponent in the groin

Raise your arms above your head to create an opening for the opponent. When he attacks, block with your sword and hold his sword in place with your blade. Then kick him in the groin, pushing him to unbalance him and to end the attack.

Remember: you and your friends must wear protective gear in sword fighting drills

Win a Swordfight Step 14

Step 4. Don't bring your arms behind your head

Just like the "stab" move, this move will also leave you open to attacks. Many people lift their sword to the back of their head thinking this will increase the power of the blow, but the result is usually unnecessary vulnerability, opening the chest for an attack.

Win a Swordfight Step 15

Step 5. Control the pace of the fight

If you can find and control the rhythm of movements, you'll be able to influence the entire fight with your actions, leaving your opponent always on the defensive. Take advantage of this advantage during the fight!

Try to identify patterns in your opponent's movements and use them against him


  • Remember that all parts of the sword can be used as a weapon, including the hilt, guard and pommel.
  • Combined attacks are more effective than single attacks. In a long fight, a good fighter must have a range of options to attack if he wants to increase his chances of winning.
  • As surprising as it is, having grace helps a lot! Taking dance lessons and observing professional swordsmen are some things that can help your evolution in the fight.
  • Unless instructed otherwise, hold the sword in both hands for more control. If you're going to fight with a sword and a shield, hold it with one hand, but try to make the same moves you would if you were holding the sword with both hands.
  • Remember: accuracy is more important than strength.
  • Focusing on and practicing a single technique over and over is better than practicing several different techniques at the same time.
  • Instead of retreating, advance through the defenses. So you surprise your opponent and you can gain an advantage. Watch your opponent's eyes closely to predict his blows and defend yourself, and do your best not to deliver your next attack with your gaze.


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