How to Fight Like Goku: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Fight Like Goku: 12 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Fight Like Goku: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

Goku is a legend (and one of the strongest fighters in anime history). If you want to reach his level, read these tips. Goku is not just a warrior physically.


Fight Like Goku Step 1

Step 1. Give good punches and kicks

Practice 100 punches/kicks a day. Don't rush if you still can't throw all 100 punches. Start with small steps and eventually increase the number of punches that get you there. It can be any kind of punch/kick as long as you progress. Make sure you execute the moves correctly. If you don't have a punching bag, punch the air. When your punches are good enough, put Velcro weights on your wrist or hold dumbbells, but be careful as you can hurt your joints. Remember to make slow movements.

Fight Like Goku Step 2

Step 2. Work hard until you can:

100 push-ups, sit-ups, squats, barbells, etc. Give your muscles a rest for 1-3 days. Try to create a routine and make the right moves. Never use ankle weights when kicking.

Fight Like Goku Step 3

Step 3. Practice planting banana until you can walk on your hands for at least 10 minutes

Fight Like Goku Step 4

Step 4. Increase your jump size

You can either practice plyometrics or jump on a chair. Just strengthen your blast power.

Fight Like Goku Step 5

Step 5. Practice with a friend, but remember to wear gloves and protective gear

Give it your all, but fight it out safely.

Fight Like Goku Step 6

Step 6. Increase your agility

Practice as many mortals as possible and learn to make landing rolls.

Fight Like Goku Step 7

Step 7. Run as fast as you can.

Find a space with 200 meters and complete the course in the shortest time possible. Doing this with correct posture is important.

Fight Like Goku Step 8

Step 8. Learn to block, grab, dodge and hold

Practice submission with your friends or rubber dolls. Look for a Martial Arts teacher, books or on the internet for help.

Fight Like Goku Step 9

Step 9. stretch out 5-7 days a week for 10 minutes until you can fully open your legs.

Do dynamic stretches before working out and static stretches after working out to relax your body.

Fight Like Goku Step 10

Step 10. Practice Parkour or Gymnastics to get the hang of intense, fast movements, and learn to trust your body's movements

Parkour can be practiced virtually anywhere.

Fight Like Goku Step 11

Step 11. In a fight always look for the quickest and simplest way to defeat the opponent

Fight Like Goku Step 12

Step 12. Fight an imaginary opponent or a heavy bag to increase your speed and hand-eye coordination

Make your own combination of hits and don't overtrain, as our bodies aren't as strong as Goku's.


  • This must be applied in a daily training routine.
  • For inspiration, watch Bruce Lee movies and Dragon Ball Z fights.
  • Give your best.
  • Remember to stretch before and after working out.
  • Exercise to the max, but stick to the routine so you don't get sore.
  • Practice free running and speed.
  • Tell your friends about your goal so that everyone is motivated to do physical activity during the day.
  • Check exercise sites to find fitness programs.
  • Join a martial arts class when you get the chance.
  • Let your muscles rest for at least a few days until the pain subsides.


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