3 Ways to Make Voodoo

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3 Ways to Make Voodoo
3 Ways to Make Voodoo

Voodoo is a common religious practice in the Caribbean and the southern United States that combines several elements of traditional African religions and Catholicism. There are many forms of voodoo, and some focus on magical elements. To try out the practice, assemble and manipulate your own voodoo doll, or cast love and protection spells. Remember that results are not guaranteed and that every type of spell has its risks. Come on?


Method 1 of 3: Making a voodoo doll

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Step 1. Focus on a specific person

The voodoo doll needs to represent a person, so as you assemble yours, imagine that individual in your mind. Voodoo depends on a connection between the visible world we live in and the invisible world where spirits reside. Focus on the person you want to represent with the puppet to channel their spirit into the visible world.

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Step 2. Find a photograph of the chosen person and cut it out

A voodoo doll needs to represent a specific person, and a very easy way to do this is to put a picture of the specific individual on a doll shaped like a human body. Print a photo of the person you want to represent and cut it out.

If you don't have a photo of the person, use a personal item of the person, such as a piece of hair or clothing

From Voodoo Step 3

Step 3. Cut a fabric that fits the photo

You need enough fabric to cover the entire photo you've cropped. Use felt, cotton or any other fabric of your choice to make the doll, just cut it with scissors, adapting it to the shape of the photo.

For a more authentic voodoo doll, use cotton or wool as the main material

From Voodoo Step 4

Step 4. Sew the photo to the fabric and "fill" it with some material

Take the cropped photo and sew it to the piece of fabric, leaving an opening at the bottom. Then fill the doll through the opening, using any filler of your choice. Finally, sew the bottom of the voodoo doll.

You can use whatever filler you like, but to create an authentic voodoo doll, use natural materials like moss or leaves


If you don't have a photo of the person, sew two pieces of fabric in the shape of a human body and sew a personal item of the person, such as hair or a fabric or button that belonged to the person, on the front of the doll.

From Voodoo Step 5

Step 5. Visualize the purpose of the voodoo doll

After adding the individual's personal effects to the puppet, the individual's energy patterns will be merged with the miniature. Now close your eyes and think of a purpose for the doll.

It doesn't matter if you want to hurt the person or make them love you, hold the doll and channel all your energy into your intention

From Voodoo Step 6

Step 6. Summon one of the Loah spirits to ensure the spell works

Focus on one of the Loá, the voodoo entities, and ask for help so that the doll actually embodies the person in question. Ask for help to achieve your goal, be it good or bad.

  • You can also create a puppet with the spirit of a Loah to serve you. For example, focus on Ogun, the Loah warrior, while making the puppet to channel his courage into the miniature.
  • Look for books or websites about Loás to find one that matches your voodoo doll.
From Voodoo Step 7

Step 7. Name the doll and name it

The last step in infusing someone's energy into the doll is to baptize it with water, say a prayer, and say the person's name. Pour some water over the doll and repeat the prayer twice, making the sign of the cross before each prayer.

  • The prayer is, "I baptize you, (Person's Name), and everything I do with this doll, I do with you. Amen."
  • You can use holy water or you can bless a little bottle of water.
  • Clean the doll or release the spirit by baptizing it with saline water.

Method 2 of 3: Casting Love Spells

From Voodoo Step 8

Step 1. Pin the desired person's voodoo doll to your pillow

If you want a specific person to love you, make a voodoo doll out of their energy and place it on your pillow at bedtime. Secure the doll with a pin and talk to it, imagining that you are talking to the desired individual.

  • Voodoo practitioners believe that a person's soul will hear your voice and will want to be with you.
  • According to the voodoo religion, attaching the doll to your bed will prevent the individual from wanting to have physical contact with another person.
From Voodoo Step 9

Step 2. Give someone anointed voodoo oil to turn them into your soul mate

Take 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, mix it with your eyelash and let it settle overnight. Ask the desired person to dip their index finger in the oil for one minute. Apply her finger oil to your lips and kiss him. According to voodoo belief, this person will become your soul mate.

Obviously, for the spell to work, the person already needs to be attracted to you


So that the other person doesn't suspect anything, ask him to dip his finger in the oil to see if it's hot.

From Voodoo Step 10

Step 3. Gather your names on paper to create attraction

Take a piece of paper and write the name of the person you want to fall in love with, four times on the left side of the sheet. Then write your name five times on the right side of the sheet. Melt a purple candle wax and drop four drops on the left side. Fold the sheet so that the wax seals it. Finally, place the paper on a plate, cover it with water, and light a red candle over it.

It is believed that as the red wax from the candle melts in the water, the person begins to feel attracted to you

From Voodoo Step 11

Step 4. Write your lucky number on the inside of your underwear

Count how many letters make up the person's first and last name. Join the two numbers together to make your love spell lucky number. Write the number inside each pair of underwear you have.

For example, if the person you want is named Márcia Luiza, your lucky number would be 65, since Márcia has 6 letters and Luiza has 5 letters

Method 3 of 3: Performing Other Rituals

From Voodoo Step 12

Step 1. Put colored pins on the voodoo doll to hurt the person

Colored pins can be used to pierce a doll that is tethered to someone to inflict damage. For example, place a red pin on the doll's head so that the person bends to your will.

Insert pins into specific regions to pain them. For example, place it on the knee so that the person feels pain in the area


Be careful when using voodoo for evil. Practitioners of the religion believe there is a price for everything. Perhaps you will end up suffering to make up for the harm you have done to others.

From Voodoo Step 13

Step 2. Abuse the voodoo doll to harm the other

Submerge it in water so that the person has difficulty breathing. Hang the doll with a rope to torture it. Use creativity and focus on the other person's suffering while hurting the doll.

  • Use classic torture techniques against the doll to inflict pain on the person.
  • Be careful when using fire or high temperatures, as the doll could end up on fire.
  • Use the voodoo doll as a form of catharsis to purge your frustrations by imagining different ways to hurt the person embodied by the miniature.
From the Voodoo Step 14

Step 3. Transfer an illness or injury from the person to the doll so that you can cure it

If you know a person who is very sick, make a voodoo doll of them and visualize the illness or injury transferring to the miniature. Then place a nail in the doll at the point where the ailment originated. Voodoo followers believe that this way the disease will be contained in the doll.

  • After the ritual, bury the doll or place it in a body of water.
  • Use white fabric to sew the doll.
  • Perform the ritual during a night with a waning moon.
From the Voodoo Step 15

Step 4. Cast a control spell to make someone obey your commands

First, write the target's name on a piece of paper. Then take a photo of the person and fold it three times. Place it inside the paper, along with a personal item such as a hair or a nail, and fold it into a small envelope. Light a green candle, focus on the person and ask Loá Simbi for help. Stick a pin in the green candle, light two more candles of the same color, and place a pin in each of them.

  • Let the candles burn completely.
  • When the ritual is complete, take all the items and offer them to Loá Simbi by throwing them into a body of water, such as a river or lake.

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