How to Make an Evil Look (with Pictures)

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How to Make an Evil Look (with Pictures)
How to Make an Evil Look (with Pictures)

Have you, like many people around the world, always wanted to learn to give someone an evil and mysterious look? Have you tried and failed strongly? Are you afraid to try because you don't want to be embarrassed? Believe it or not, it's not that hard to master the art of the evil eye. Let's start?


Part 1 of 2: Learning the Evil Eye

Give the Evil Eye Step 1

Step 1. Think about the consequences and prepare for a confrontation

An evil look should not go unnoticed. The idea is to make the target feel uncomfortable and guilty. Unfortunately, it sometimes leads to a confrontation when the other person asks what's wrong. If you're already annoyed with the person, talking to them is probably the last thing you want to do right now. Your target might even see the look as a challenge or a call to fight.

  • Prepare an escape route if you want to avoid confrontation. Don't give someone the evil eye when you're stuck in a queue, for example. Instead, wait until you're about to leave before you can escape.
  • Prepare an answer in case the person tries to talk to you. A "It was nothing…" will cut off the confrontation right away, but it will leave the other person wondering what they did wrong.
Give the Evil Eye Step 2

Step 2. Think carefully about your target and your motives

The evil gaze is often very personal: it is a mental and physical exercise. It doesn't work well with random people on the street, so think carefully about who you're going to target. Look for someone who has done something wrong to you; envy and resentment are good reasons for an evil eye.

  • Your target may be an unknown person who has done something irritating, such as buying the last cupcake from the bakery, whistling on the bus, or not holding back the crying child who is screaming beside you.
  • The target can also be someone you know you don't like, whether it's a younger sibling or an annoying neighbor.
Give the Evil Eye Step 3

Step 3. Choose the exact moment

It will all depend on the target in question. Since the evil eye must be noticed by the other person, it is important to wait until they do something irritating. For example:

  • If the target is a stranger, expect him to do something annoying, like buy the last cookie you wanted so badly.
  • If the target is known, you can give the evil eye at any time, as soon as the person sneezes or shakes their hair, for example.
Give the Evil Eye Step 4

Step 4. Concentrate on all offenses received to build up the energies

The evil look is not just about the physical part. The other person must be able to feel the anger and hate emanating from you. Chances are, you're already thinking about the offense, especially if you know the person and tend to mull over their irritating behavior. Remember all the times she pissed you off and build up negative energy. Some tips:

  • Think of all the annoying things the person has done in the past. For example, think about how unfair it is that she always gets away with not following the rules while you always suck at the slightest mistake.
  • If you're having trouble thinking about past incidents, think about things that make you angry in general, such as prejudice, politics, abuse, etc.
  • Focus on an event that made you very nervous. The more recent what happened, the stronger the feeling.
Give the Evil Eye Step 5

Step 5. Keep the energy and thoughts going

Once you spot the negative thoughts, give them more gas until you're ready for the evil eye.

If you're having trouble maintaining energy, imagine that something bad is happening to the person, such as dropping the cookie you just bought onto the filthy floor

Give the Evil Eye Step 6

Step 6. Relax your face

Calm anger is far more intimidating than blind hatred. No gnashing your teeth or arching your eyebrows like a superhero movie villain. You'll end up taking away the intensity needed for the evil eye.

The most you should do is open or close your eyes gently. The mouth may be a little closed, as if you have tasted bitter food

Give the Evil Eye Step 7

Step 7. Look at the person until they see your gaze

It may take her a while to notice, don't give up. Go ahead and fix your gaze. Eventually, the person will feel that they are being watched and will turn their head.

Give the Evil Eye Step 8

Step 8. Hold eye contact for a few seconds and look away

The more you get to know the person, the longer the look should last. For example, if we're talking about the stranger who bought the last cupcake, half a second should be enough. If we're talking about your naughty neighbor who takes his dog for a walk and poops outside his front door, two seconds should be enough.

  • Know that the longer the look, the more likely the person will want to talk to you.
  • When you look away, relax your face.
Give the Evil Eye Step 9

Step 9. Go back to what you were doing before, acting as if nothing happened

Thus, the evil eye will stand out more and the person will realize that he has done something wrong. Also, you prevent her from approaching you and talking about what happened.

Part 2 of 2: Mastering the Technique

Give the Evil Eye Step 10

Step 1. Keep feeding negative thoughts throughout your gaze

So your expression will be more penetrating.

Give the Evil Eye Step 11

Step 2. Don't look directly at the person at first if you are in their field of vision

Position yourself so that she can only see half of your face. This will allow you to turn your head slowly, increasing the intimidation of your eyes.

Give the Evil Eye Step 12

Step 3. Close or open your eyes

A sudden change in eye opening will alert the person that something is wrong. This is the first step in making her uncomfortable.

Give the Evil Eye Step 13

Step 4. Keep your mouth straight

No showing your teeth, or you'll look more like a cartoon villain. This is nothing intimidating, believe me.

Give the Evil Eye Step 14

Step 5. Tilt your head forward a little

This way, you will observe the target from under the eyebrows, making your face slightly angled and more menacing.

Give the Evil Eye Step 15

Step 6. Slowly turn your head towards the person

If she's already looking at you, your gaze will be even more frightening. If you're not looking, she'll soon catch your gaze.

Give the Evil Eye Step 16

Step 7. Establish eye contact for a few seconds

Imagine that you are looking "through the person" and do not blink so as not to reduce the intensity of the gaze.

If you like, raise an eyebrow a little

Give the Evil Eye Step 17

Step 8. Walk away as if nothing happened

As soon as the person notices your gaze, break eye contact and walk away. If you can't leave immediately, look away and go back to what you were doing.


  • The evil eye should be done at the right time, when the person is looking at you.
  • Try putting on dark eye makeup to enhance your look.
  • Practice in front of a mirror or with a friend.


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