3 Ways to Date a Virgo Man

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3 Ways to Date a Virgo Man
3 Ways to Date a Virgo Man

In general, Virgo men are shy and hard for you to get to know well, but they are great friends and lovers – their perfectionism makes every date a unique experience! Got your eye on any Virgos? It's easy to know why! They are smart, loyal and humble. Here's what you need to know to date one of these men born between August 23rd and September 22nd.


Method 1 of 3: Laying the Groundwork

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Step 1. Befriend the Virgo you want to flirt with

Men of this sign are not passionate, nor are they always ready to plunge headlong into a relationship. They like to know exactly what they're getting into. They won't throw themselves into a breathtaking romance. So create intimacy through friendship! Show him that you are genuine and his interest will be piqued.

Date a Virgo Man Step 02

Step 2. Make him respect you

The traditional Virgo man needs a woman who has class. She has to be smart, independent and well matured for her age. She can't be the gossip type, interested in petty and trivial things. Virgos are not enchanted by superficiality, for the world is full of it; try to make him see you as a unique person deserving of respect.

  • Don't overdo yourself with lip gloss, perfectly brushed hair and perfect makeup. Show him your true self. Show him a wonderful person who knows it. Be real to earn his real respect and loyalty.

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Date a Virgo Man Step 03

Step 3. Kick start

The Virgo man is not the most direct guy in the world. You might have to play a few innuendoes here and there. Virgos will only want to invest in dating you if they see your interest, and that's not to blame. Nobody likes rejection!

  • The Virgo man responds as well to the look as to the touch. So instead of touching him on the arm like every girl does, stare at him seductively, as if you're offering to kiss him. You'll see it melt in a second.

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Date a Virgo Man Step 04

Step 4. Prepare for perfection

If there's one thing this guy is, he's a perfectionist. He notices every little detail. It organizes the wardrobe by color, size and date of purchase. He senses if a picture is out of place, if a dish is lacking in spice. This has its pros and cons. Focus on the pros!

  • He's the kind of person who will notice if you put on 200 grams. He's the type who'll look at your hair and indicate you've got a strand out of place. Give him the benefit of the doubt – he's just trying to make everything perfect. He's also the kind of guy who will try to make your time together "just the way you like it." So he can be forgiven for those annoying comments, right?

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Date a Virgo Man Step 05

Step 5. Expect class

You know that thing about perfection? How can anything be perfect if it's not the best? This Virgo hopes things are good too. Not necessarily the most expensive ones (actually it's quite the opposite – we'll talk about that later), but good ones. He might buy a basic t-shirt and jeans set at a mall store because he thinks this classic look is good. Likewise, expect such an attitude during your relationship.

  • Since he thinks of everything, his outings will be planned and extravagant in their own way. He's going to take her to a restaurant he “knows” is good. He will know exactly what to order and what to say to the employees to get the best table. He will plan an evening down to the smallest detail to leave you wondering how the night could have been so perfect.

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Method 2 of 3: Being Compatible

Date a Virgo Man Step 06

Step 1. Keep your look simple

Hairstyles, clothes, makeup and jewelry: everything needs to be simple and without excesses, because Virgo men like “natural” beauty. Do you know the practical side they have? It goes for that too. They don't like anything too flashy or artificial.

Virgos want their partner to be real. Who doesn't? They like cool things, brands mean nothing to them. Simple and chic has a lot more effect with them than full of accessories and expensive stuff. You should shine most of all, not your bracelets

Date a Virgo Man Step 07

Step 2. Get ready and keep clean

Take good care of your hygiene. Your house also needs to be clean, just like you! If a Virgo enters your house and finds piles and piles of garbage, he won't be back anytime soon.

Virgos will try to keep everything in your life tidy if you're not a clean person. He'll start suggesting things, messing around with what he shouldn't, etc… Better avoid these situations to save everyone embarrassment

Date a Virgo Man Step 08

Step 3. Don't be extravagant and wasteful

Virgos know exactly what they need and what they no longer need. Just as he doesn't want to draw attention, he wants his partner to have the same kind of mindset. Things don't have to be complex and unnecessary.

  • If a Virgo is cooking dinner for you in your kitchen and finds six packages of the same product, five of which are still unopened, he will think you spend a lot of money being forgotten and not remembering that you already have what can be used in House. Pay attention, don't spend more than necessary and avoid problems.

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Date a Virgo Man Step 09

Step 4. Be stable

Virgo is an Earth sign, so he expects his partner to be stable too. Virgos don't like the kind of woman who is capricious and prone to anger or sudden mood swings. He wants life to be simple, remember? Dramatic people have no place in his world. No problem with emotions, but in the proper dosage. Pitis, gossip and drama, no!

  • Of course you can open up to him whenever you're angry about something. Just try to be rational and logical. Instead of calling crying because your best friend is prettier than you are today, calm down. Spend time with him at night and comment on his dissatisfaction with his look. He will see that you are calm and receptive, not fickle and incomprehensible.

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Date a Virgo Man Step 10

Step 5. Prepare to be tickled

Although you shouldn't be expecting big shows of affection in this relationship, be prepared for the treats. Virgos love everything perfect and, consequently, will try hard to make her happy. He'll barely be able to work properly if you're not happy! If you ask a Virgo to do something, he'll do better than you expected. It's a partner show!

  • He may not be paying much attention to the fact that your relationship is getting more serious, but you can be sure he's probably thinking about taking dating to another level. When he is super open with you, seeing you as a trustworthy and stable woman, it's because the relationship has reached a new level. He won't expose anything about the relationship, but he will love you constantly. An eternal love.

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Method 3 of 3: Making It Last

Date a Virgo Man Step 11

Step 1. Know that he is from an Earth sign

Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn are the Earth signs. This generally means that they are very stable and resistant to change. Like the Earth! They are firm and know what they want and what they need. It's hard to see them opening up: however, when they do, it's permanent.

Virgo is a mutable sign, which means that these characteristics are not absolutes. But in general, they are down-to-earth people who build a stability on which they can live peacefully

Date a Virgo Man Step 12

Step 2. Know that he may need reassurance

Not infrequently, Virgos are caught traveling. By imagining too much, they may end up drifting away from reality. When this sort of thing happens, they may need reassurance. If he acts differently to you, demonstrate how unnecessary the action was. Be welcoming. Maybe he needs it.

Stop and think about it. Rather than wishing he were a more open and confident person, think that this quality makes him humble, modest, loyal, and far less flashy and showy than the sign that precedes him, Leo. bring signs of relief to you

Date a Virgo Man Step 13

Step 3. Don't think he's smart

Just because he notices every little detail of things, many people can see him as a know-it-all. He's the type who notices an error in the calculation of something you're doing and indicates it verbally. You may become irritated if you don't realize that he does what he does with good intentions. And why shouldn't it be like that?

He'll take all your advice if he thinks you're good at what you do. He is open to debate and loves to talk about what he has learned and experienced. Next time your Virgo corrects you, don't hesitate to say “No! I did it that way on purpose!" and explain

Date a Virgo Man Step 14

Step 4. Understand his hesitation to act

Virgos, as stated earlier, do not dive headlong into anything. They need to plan everything: how else would he know that everything is perfect and acceptable? So when he doesn't act all full of love to give early on in the relationship, don't get frustrated. He needs time.

The relationship may take a while to take off. All good! That's the Virgo way. It's not an indicator of lack of passion or anything bad. It will open up over time if you are patient. Besides, good things are worth waiting for

Date a Virgo Man Step 15

Step 5. Know that it is more practical than poetic

When it comes to romantic gestures, your virgin man won't be writing poems about every detail of your body. This is not helpful. Why would he waste time writing a poem? But he will always be a gentleman: he will open doors, lend his own sweatshirt if you feel cold, pick up things from high places. Why? Because these things have "meaning". And for him, that's all that matters.

  • You can get a little frustrated if you need affection when you feel needy. They will not reciprocate and seem not to understand sentimental want. If that's the case, you're going to have to relax. Understand that they don't understand the world that way. Virgos demonstrate their feelings differently.

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  • Clean up your house before you invite a Virgo over there. Virginians HATE dirt and mess.
  • Be careful with what you say! Virgin men are easily repelled by excessive swear words and will not tolerate it!
  • They hate it when some people act like they're something they're not. Who doesn't hate?
  • Watch your manners – including table manners!
  • Virgo is the most perfectionist sign in the zodiac. Stay away from Virgos if you're not a perfectionist!
  • Take a Virgo dancing. He will disconnect from constant thoughts and enjoy himself.


  • Like women of this sign, Virgo men do not tolerate anyone who acts selfishly and is rude!
  • Like Scorpios, Virgo men can be extremely jealous and even moody.
  • Virgos can be highly critical and opinionated. Keep this in mind if you tend to be insecure.

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