How to Relate to a Libra Person: 11 Steps

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How to Relate to a Libra Person: 11 Steps
How to Relate to a Libra Person: 11 Steps

So you want to befriend (or maybe date) a Libra. Lucky you! It won't be too hard to get close to him: Libra people are one of the friendliest types out there. What you need to know is how to make him happy. Read this article to find out the best way to bond with a Libra.


Method 1 of 2: Part One: When You and Libra are Alone

Treat Libra Step 1

Step 1. Be willing to spend a lot of time with Libra

If you're trying to hook up or date a Libra, be aware that they don't like to be alone (and aren't very good at it). You will likely spend a lot of time with this person after approaching them. Prepare yourself and don't be irritated by the proximity.

Be honest if you're not feeling good about Libra's overzealousness. Say something like, "I like to be alone for a while - sometimes I like to take the time to find myself again. It's nothing to do with you - I love your company!"

Treat Libra Step 2

Step 2. Don't get used to criticizing a Libra person

Librans are very sensitive when it comes to taking criticism, especially about their physical characteristics. Don't get used to teasing them about their appearance - this group of people really doesn't see any fun in this kind of joke.

If there's something you want to tell Libra about his appearance that might embarrass him, be subtle. Instead of saying, "Damn! You've got a big lettuce plant in your teeth. How disgusting!" say something that will catch his eye softly like, "Honey, there's something in that beautiful smile of yours."

Treat Libra Step 3

Step 3. Try to avoid fights

Librans are not good at confrontations - in fact, they prefer to run away from them. If something is bothering you, talk to him without any aggression. Librans will open up to the conversation if they don't feel like they're getting into a fight.

Treat Libra Step 4

Step 4. Know that Libras are good at holding grudges

Although they don't like confrontations, Libras really don't have a problem holding a grudge, especially if it's because of an important fact (like the time you forgot his birthday and he was super upset). To avoid triggering these feelings, try to remember important dates in your relationship (his birthday, anniversary, important days for him - like the day of death of a loved one - etc).

Treat Libra Step 5

Step 5. Surround your Libran with beautiful things

Beauty is one of Libra's weaknesses (meaning you're okay if a Libra is dating you). Take him on a beauty-filled adventure in a nature reserve, the beach, an art museum, etc. Give him flowers or prepare a loving dinner for him.

You should also know that because of their love of beauty, they will dress up in the best possible way. So don't be frustrated if he takes too long to get ready (or if he gets too proud about his appearance)

Treat Libra Step 6

Step 6. Give your Libra the benefit of the doubt

Librans have a strong attachment to justice, which means they will never resort to dubious means to get anything they want. Always keep this in mind when it looks like he's doing something wrong - it's probably just in his head, as they'll always go far in the fight for justice.

Treat Libra Step 7

Step 7. Do romantic things together with Libra

If you're dating a Libra person, be aware that they eat, breathe, and drink romance. If you want to get along with her, it's time to get your romantic gestures out of your sleeve. Plan romantic outings for yourself and your partner. Bring flowers and chocolates or anything else he likes. If you don't want to do any of these things, just make Libra aware of how much you like him (or love him!) - hug him, kiss him and, most importantly, be nice to him (of course this applies to anyone who you like).

Method 2 of 2: Part Two: When You and a Libra are in Public

Treat Libra Step 8

Step 1. Take initiative when choosing activities

Libra people are often indecisive. The best way for you to deal with them is simply to decide what you are going to do. If you are going out somewhere, choose the restaurant, the cinema or the bar. Of course, you must first find out if your partner wants to do something in particular; however, if Libra is undecided, save everyone's time and take the initiative.

Treat Libra Step 9

Step 2. Be willing to share with a Libra

And when we say share, we mean share everything - food, chair, personal stories. However, especially in this step, know that he loves to share things. This means that if you order separate plates of food, be prepared to give some (or a lot) of your food - but don't worry, he'll be happy to share the last bite of that delicious ice cream.

Treat Libra Step 10

Step 3. Know that Libras are very sociable

Libra is one of the most social (if not the most social) signs of the Zodiac. That way, they like to jump from one group to another at parties. You must understand that they are not intentionally avoiding you - he just can't stop himself from talking to everyone in a social setting. It's also good to remember that they like to please everyone - even strangers they meet at parties.

Treat a Libra Step 11

Step 4. Know that Libras are unlikely to get involved in a debate

This is especially true in social settings. There's a reason this sign is represented by a scale - they like to keep the peace by listening to both sides of an argument or debate. In other words, they will not necessarily be on your side in a debate, as they will also take others' opinions into account. Don't take it personally: learn from them and try to be open-minded.

It is good to remember, on the other hand, that they will defend you. If you have a problem that doesn't seem to have a solution (repairing with a friend, dealing with a younger brother who cheated on you), Libra is there to help. They are fantastic at looking at a problem objectively and figuring out how to solve it in the least dramatic way

Libra sign analysis

  • Good friendships: Aquarius, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Scorpio.
  • Best love pairs: Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius.
  • Dates: September 23rd - October 22nd.
  • Keyword: Enchantment.
  • Ruler planet: Venus.
  • Parts of the body: Lumbar, kidneys.
  • Regent house: Seventh house.
  • Symbol: Scale.
  • Element: Air.
  • Quality: Cardinal.

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