3 Ways to Date a Scorpio

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3 Ways to Date a Scorpio
3 Ways to Date a Scorpio

Scorpio sign natives are intense and contradictory and that includes their romantic relationships. These characteristics make flirting with a Scorpio a real enigma, exciting and even frustrating: they love to win, but want to be seduced; they need solid connections but are afraid to get involved. If you have a sign that takes work to attract, that sign is Scorpio!


Method 1 of 3: Getting a Scorpio's Attention

Date a Scorpio Step 1

Step 1. Follow his rules

Scorpios love to be in control. To satisfy this desire, control your side of the situation by meeting his expectations, ie, feel like the prey and let him be the hunter. Be a well-deserved prize for a good hunt.

Date a Scorpio Step 2

Step 2. Get his attention

Scorpios love the game of conquest and need a target. Initiate contact, flirt a little to make him come after you, let him see you're keeping an eye on him. Incite his interest by showing your attraction, but without throwing yourself in his lap.

Date a Scorpio Step 3

Step 3. Invite him to hunt her

As soon as he gets into yours, back off a bit and let him work. Act with a little indifference, but not to the point of appearing cold, bored or disinterested. Talk to him to show you're interested, but save your best cards and most intriguing information for last to keep the mystery out of yourself.

Date a Scorpio Step 4

Step 4. Avoid talking only about amenities

Even if you know all about weather, atmospheric pressure and seasons, use the “less is more” technique. Your Scorpio will think this is all you can talk about and may get bored. When it's time for this type of conversation, move closer and maintain eye contact so that he knows you're using the small talk to get close to him.

Date a Scorpio Step 5

Step 5. Give rare compliments

You don't want to look like easy prey. Even if it's already your consumption dream, keep it to yourself. Natives of this sign love a good challenge, so show him that he should work hard to impress you.

Date a Scorpio Step 6

Step 6. Defend your point of view

When you disagree with something he says, speak without fear. Challenge his beliefs and provoke him. Remember to be nice, after all, you guys are flirting. Say “I believe…” or “I have a different opinion” instead of “You're wrong”.

Date a Scorpio Step 7

Step 7. Create an atmosphere of intimacy

Scorpios need true connections and intense chemistry. Find a way to be alone to develop this chemistry, either by scheduling a date for two or taking it to a private place if you are in a class. Show that you are a safe enough girl not to need friends with you; demonstrating that you want to be alone with him will massage your ego.

Date a Scorpio Step 8

Step 8. Surround yourself with privacy

Scorpios need privacy and discretion, so speak only so he can hear; also, when you decide it's time to break the barrier of physical contact and want to move forward with flirting, do it in a way that no one sees. If you want to enter his intimate life, your public displays of affection should be rare and in good taste.

Date to Scorpio Step 9

Step 9. Communicate physically

Express yourself through your body to initiate flirting, avoiding petty conversations. Look him in the eye and sustain eye contact. Get closer to him than the rest of the people, touch his hand gently to get his attention or highlight what he's saying.

Date a Scorpio Step 10

Step 10. Guess his needs

Show that you are really interested by offering to help even before he asks. When they're sharing a beer and his glass is almost empty, fill it up; if you find it too hot or too cold, ask if you'd like to go somewhere with a nicer climate. Affinity kindles Scorpios, and few things show more affinity than anticipating their needs.

Date a Scorpio Step 11

Step 11. Don't compare him to anyone else

The natives of this sign prefer to keep interactions as a couple, even in conversation. So if he reminds you of a childhood best friend, or if he says the same thing someone else said the day before, don't mention it. Focus only on the two of you, even if the comparison is positive.

Date a Scorpio Step 12

Step 12. Don't be nosy

Scorpios place a high value on their privacy and their curiosity can scare you. When he gets a text message, or if a friend comes to say something in his ear, pretend it didn't happen. Since they love control, follow their conversation and stay away from possibly controversial or uncomfortable topics.

Date a Scorpio Step 13

Step 13. Don't make negative comments

Do not speak ill of others, especially if they are friends or relatives. Even if your comments about your sister are pertinent, your Scorpio will wonder what your intention is to tell him that and will always think you can talk behind his back too.

Method 2 of 3: Strengthening the Relationship

Date a Scorpio Step 14

Step 1. Give up some control

Scorpios like to feel that they are in charge of their own lives and, why not, theirs too; try to get used to his worldview. As you share dreams, plans and desires, analyze the compatibility between you. If you find it to be minimal, it's better to finish than waste time trying to change it.

Date a Scorpio Step 15

Step 2. Talk about the future

Ask him what his life goals are, where he wants to live, what career he wants to pursue, etc. and compare with yours. Scorpios are attached to their own plans and follow them with passion. In other words, if you both find yourself in a similar situation within five years, go for it! On the other hand, if he wants to travel the world and be an archaeologist and you want to open a bakery in your neighborhood, the chances of this relationship taking hold are not very good.

Date a Scorpio Step 16

Step 3. Talk about what he expects from you

Scorpio natives like to set the tone for the relationship, like everything else in their lives. Find out what he expects from you as a partner – if it matches your profile, congratulations! However, if he describes something that has nothing to do with you, know that he will not change his mind in the future and the best thing in this case is to move on.

Date a Scorpio Step 17

Step 4. Defend your space when necessary

While you may have to adapt a bit to make the relationship work, don't be afraid to set your boundaries. Give in where you feel you should or can, but be true to yourself if you find he overreacts. Show that you are not submissive and that you also demand to be treated according to your preferences, this will elicit more respect from him.

Date a Scorpio Step 18

Step 5. Maintain confidence

Scorpio natives don't usually trust others. When you manage to conquer it, preserving it should be a priority. Remember that not all the trust in the world will make you open up completely and respect his need for privacy. Also, show him that the things he chooses to share are safe with you.

Date to Scorpio Step 19

Step 6. Don't be nosy

Don't go through his things, leave his cell phone and other belongings like that untouched, unless he shares them with you. This is an orientation that works for anyone; don't be trying to find out what he does on the internet, nobody likes to feel watched.

Date a Scorpio Step 20

Step 7. Be honest

Never lie to him, Scorpios are very upset when they are tricked. If you don't feel comfortable sharing something with him, just don't talk about it, don't make up a thousand stories to cover it up. Just like your scorpion partner, you have every right to your privacy.

Date a Scorpio Step 21

Step 8. Show your loyalty

When your Scorpio decides it's for real, know that he will take this relationship very seriously and will place great importance on your dedication as a partner. When someone speaks ill of him or accuses him of something unfair, defend him and walk away from the person, even if he or she has been a friend before.

Date a Scorpio Step 22

Step 9. Don't flirt with anyone else

If someone hits on you and you have no interest in it, don't wind it up at all; your Scorpio may view your civility as interest. Also, say goodbye to your ex-boyfriends.

Date a Scorpio Step 23

Step 10. Keep the sense of adventure

Scorpios need the thrill of hunting, and now that he's conquered it, he'll need something else to hunt. Don't be predictable or let the relationship slip into a rut; make him feel alive!

Date a Scorpio Step 24

Step 11. Face new challenges together

Suggest new activities to do, like climbing mountains, skydiving, learning horseback riding or playing chess. The activity in question doesn't have to be exactly an adventure, but a challenge in any form.

Date a Scorpio Step 25

Step 12. Encourage the intellect together

Take an art course, go to various museums (literally, from the museum of technology to the museum of crime), go to lectures on history, expand your knowledge together.

Date to Scorpio Step 26

Step 13. Spice up your romance

Scorpio natives are ideal for sharing your fantasies. He'll find fun in just about anything that takes you out of the rut, but be careful; don't do this when you're still getting to know each other. If trust isn't already established between you, he may become frightened and withdraw.

Method 3 of 3: Dealing With Difficulties

Date a Scorpio Step 27

Step 1. Be clear about the relationship

Decide whether it's a no-strings affair or a steady date you want, and be clear. Scorpios yearn to find their soul mate, but that doesn't mean they don't enjoy a colorful friendship if there's chemistry. To avoid hurting him or creating confusion, ask him straight out what he expects from this relationship and tell him what you have in mind.

Date a Scorpio Step 28

Step 2. Understand what can drive you away

A Scorpio can take a break for a variety of reasons, from losing interest to rethinking your approach strategy, especially if you're friends and he's afraid of losing you. If he loses interest, it's best to give up and move on, as there isn't much to do; however, if he is unsure, show him that what you feel for him is for real.

Date a Scorpio Step 29

Step 3. Get through the storm

Scorpios are temperamental, so be patient. When there's something wrong, he can go from angry outbursts to absolute ice in a second. Be calm, because what he needs is someone more balanced. Do not try to respond in kind as this will make the situation worse.

Date a Scorpio Step 30

Step 4. Investigate his silence

When it closes, ask why. The natives of this sign think that the connection between the parts guarantees the understanding of what is happening without further explanation. If you have no idea, just ask. The longer the silence lasts, the more annoyed it will be that you can't figure out what's wrong.

Date a Scorpio Step 31

Step 5. Keep calm

When it explodes, control yourself. You don't have to swallow insults, but if you stay calm, you're more likely to be heard. Don't get into the fight, don't yell and don't argue over who else can, so as not to make the situation worse. Let him vent and respond calmly.

Date a Scorpio Step 32

Step 6. Know when to give up

Scorpio people love control, are possessive and jealous. This can easily push him over the edge and you will have to get his attention. The best Scorpios are aware of their behavior and admit when they're wrong, but if that's not the case for them, maybe it's best to back off. It will hardly change.

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