3 Ways to Date a Sagittarius Person

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3 Ways to Date a Sagittarius Person
3 Ways to Date a Sagittarius Person

Winning over a Sagittarius person can be a challenge. Those born between November 22nd and December 21st have a very intriguing and difficult personality to deal with. If you're up for it, here are some tips for dating someone that is so lucky, optimistic and adventurous based on their unique astrological characteristics.


Method 1 of 3: Understanding Your Sagittarius

Date a Sagittarius Step 1

Step 1. Realize that Sagittarians need to feel free

Sagittarians like to explore, wander, learn and seek adventure. That part of their personality doesn't disappear in relationships! When they feel confined in the relationship, they will try to get out of it before you even realize what's going on. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as you can accommodate them comfortably!

Some people will not get along with a partner who is hardly attached to anything. If that's your case, it's probably better to date someone of another sign! Freedom is a factor of excellence that Sagittarians will not give up

Date a Sagittarius Step 2

Step 2. Know that they can get bored easily

If you're keeping your eye on a Sagittarius person, you've probably noticed that they don't like a very monotonous routine. Variety can manifest itself in food and even in hobbies. That's not to say they often cheat, but they often don't like serious relationships; they prefer to go after it! However, relationships are far from being monotonous - as long as your relationship is multidimensional, your Sagittarius companion will be content.

It can be difficult to get a Sagittarius to be totally and overtly dedicated to you. They usually don't say what they think. But if you're compatible, you both will know - the person will be around for a long time

Date a Sagittarius Step 3

Step 3. Understand your candor

The attitude of a Sagittarius to tell the blunt truth can be seen by some of the more sensitive signs as rude and insensitive. That's not their intention! They just don't see the point in not being open and truthful.

They are not being malicious. This is just a symptom of the individual character they need to express. Next time your Sagittarius partner says your perfume or cologne is too strong, don't take it personally. They're just saying what they think - once they've said it, it's past. They don't care and you shouldn't either

Date a Sagittarius Step 4

Step 4. Know that they are nature enthusiasts

In general, Sagittarians love to be outdoors. If a taste for nature is also part of your personality, great! You can go out and explore the world together. Take them out and they'll feel right at home.

Date a Sagittarius Step 5

Step 5. Learn to deal with lack of emotions

People of the sign of Sagittarius are often seen as quite stoic and expressionless. It's not like Sagittarians don't have emotions: they just don't like to express them. Sagittarius people prefer to be optimistic and full of energy about life - being full of worries or fears is not how these people know how to live. They see no reason to waste energy on this sort of thing. To be honest, we could all learn a little bit from the sign of Sagittarius!

You can feel intimidated, especially when you're falling in love with a Sagittarius. You'll be dying to express all these emotions and only get blank stares in return. Don't take these aspects personally. If the person didn't care about you, they wouldn't be around

Method 2 of 3: Attracting Sagittarius

Date a Sagittarius Step 6

Step 1. Be a little elusive and mysterious

Sagittarians love the thrill of the chase. If you can keep up the thrill of the chase, even after they've captured your heart, that person will be yours forever. Don't be a completely open book; let them get a little curious. They love.

That's not to say that you should avoid replying to the person's text messages and being purposefully vague - that kind of attitude is irritating; but act according to your way of thinking. Make sure you have a part of your life that is yours alone. Owning oneself is quite sensual for traditional Sagittarians

Date to Sagittarius Step 7

Step 2. Take it easy

You run the risk of losing your loved one if the relationship becomes too romantic, with hearts, flowers and chocolates. There is no more exploration and adventure when you reach this stage. For that reason, take it easy. Don't jump headfirst on the third date. Explore every inch of each other's personality and body over time.

A Sagittarius will not want to meet their parents in the first few months of a relationship. They won't agree to do this anytime soon, so don't ask. They may run away thinking you are considering marriage

Date a Sagittarius Step 8

Step 3. Be flirtatious

When talking to your Sagittarius partner, remember that they love the thrill of flirting. Just because you're already dating doesn't mean the flirting should go away! Keep flirting so they remember all that thrill of achievement. Keep that emotion alive in your memory!

A Sagittarius appreciates sincerity and honesty. You're obviously super interested in this person, so it's best to act on what you're feeling! When you are yourself and the two of you are communicating, the situation will be much smoother for you, regardless of whether it involves a Sagittarius or not

Date to Sagittarius Step 9

Step 4. Go out and have fun with your Sagittarius partner

After all, fun is what they look for in a relationship! Do little things that make life fun. Watch an independent film, go out and sing a karaoke at the top of your lungs, try ceramic painting, paintball or something that can bring both together and give you a good laugh. A Sagittarius person believes that life should be fun and is optimistic about this pursuit. Hopefully, everything will be fine!

A typical Sagittarius will not be the type to sit and look into your eyes, reciting romantic poems. They much prefer to hold your hand while walking down a waterfall. When you start dating, keep the relationship light and fun. They will love you even more

Date a Sagittarius Step 10

Step 5. Pay attention to the look

While this is not the most important thing for Sagittarians, they generally prefer their partners to be well coiffed, fragrant and well dressed. So, when it's daylight, avoid sweatpants and ponytails and bet on boots and perfume or cologne. You don't have to look like you've just stepped off a runway, but like you've taken a minute to think about what to wear!

Generally speaking, most Sagittarians prefer female women and male men. If you're a woman, don't hesitate to wear that dress and high heels; men, a date means dress shoes and a blazer (and you'll probably be in charge of footing the bill)

Date a Sagittarius Step 11

Step 6. Plan a trip

That point should probably be pretty clear by now! After you and your Sagittarius partner establish a firm connection (and only later), plan a trip together. It could be just a day at the beach or an escape to an exotic location. Regardless of the choice, your partner will be fascinated.

Take a journey that matches the level of the relationship. If you've been dating for two weeks, don't book a week-long stay in a suite with breakfast in the northern French countryside. Short trips are also exciting, like a ride in the amusement park or biking and hiking

Date to Sagittarius Step 12

Step 7. Be smart

Dumb and ignorant people don't stand a chance with a Sagittarius. You must be smart if you want to keep up with them! The main challenge in dating a person of this sign is to keep things interesting and come up with new ideas. Sagittarius is a sign that definitely appreciates the mind.

Stay up to date on current events and pop culture. Sagittarians like to laugh and think. Ideally, both would devote themselves to study and culture for each other

Date to Sagittarius Step 13

Step 8. Don't expect changes

Sagittarius is independent, a trait that will never change. If you're dating someone of that sign and you think, "He's going to be more open and emotional in the future," you're probably wrong. For them, there is nothing wrong with the way they are. Sagittarius will resist any changes you want to make to their personality. If you don't like the way they are right now, give up! That's how they are, whether you like it or not.

Again, it's important to see such qualities as a good thing. How good it is to be the person you feel comfortable being! So many of us wish we could change - it takes a great deal of confidence to be so sure of yourself and never want to change. Contemplate this quality in your Sagittarius partner - don't hold a grudge

Method 3 of 3: Keeping the Spicy Ratio

Date to Sagittarius Step 14

Step 1. Have your own life

Just as Sagittarians like to be independent, they want to date someone who is like that too! If you follow them wherever they go, following them in hobbies and personal interests, your mystery and your self disappear. They will be bored. Maintain any habits that caught Sagittarius' attention early in the relationship. They are not interested in another version of themselves.

It's very easy to get lost in another person, especially when you really like them. Resist! Don't compromise your value systems and beliefs for the person

Date to Sagittarius Step 15

Step 2. Surprise your partner

Sagittarians love adventure and experience. To avoid the propensity for boredom, keep making small surprises. Whether it's a home-cooked meal or two tickets to your favorite band's show, be thoughtful and smart. They will be amazed at your ability to make them happy.

Make sure you surprise them in different ways. Sending a bouquet of flowers five days in a row isn't necessarily a surprise. Send flowers one day and take the next day off. It doesn't hurt to change the type of surprise, too

Date to Sagittarius Step 16

Step 3. Don't get too attached

Remember how we talked about Sagittarians needing to be free? So it is. Even when your relationship is solidified, it's important not to be too clingy. So the next time the two of you are at a party together, wander around the other side of the room. This isn't to show that your relationship isn't going very well - it's a sign that it's strong enough for you guys to break up for an hour!

Your Sagittarius partner won't get too attached either. Again, it doesn't matter; this is to be expected. Being like that is not a lack of affection, it just shows a little of their personality. Rest assured and know that if a person of that sign is thinking something (positive or negative), he will tell

Date to Sagittarius Step 17

Step 4. Look for adventure. Adventure is important to you and your relationship. A Sagittarius loves dating someone who is as open to exploring as they are. For that reason, try taking a wine tasting class, a DJ course - even if it's you alone! Adding facets to your personality (even if they're facets you two don't share) will make you a more interesting person.

In this case, there is no limit to the adventure. Your partner is just as likely to try a new flavor of coffee and book an impromptu trip to the Siberian desert. Look for these adventures with them and you will be a perfect match

Date a Sagittarius Step 18

Step 5. Deepen your relationship

The fact that Sagittarians are adventurous and seem to be unemotional can make you throw up your hands as if you wish you didn't care. Of course, other people have demanded a firm response from them thousands of times; so there's no need to worry! Connections can't be ignored - if you and your partner feel that chemistry, Sagittarius won't deny it!

Look for signs that your Sagittarius partner is ready for something more serious. Is he depending on you more than anyone else? Does he do anything to make her happy? Are the surprises and adventures still going strong? If so, then you might be ready to take the relationship to the next level. Who is the archer now?


  • Sagittarians hate aggression. It's okay to court them, but don't be pushy or watch over them all the time.
  • People of this sign are very nice and dedicated; they dislike selfishness and enjoy the practice of compromise.
  • They hate disappointment.
  • Sometimes they like to spend time alone. Don't smother them.
  • This goes for anyone you date, regardless of what I follow: Don't become too jealous or clingy!
  • Sagittarius is often the most optimistic sign of the zodiac. If you appreciate the optimism of Sagittarians and can keep up with them, they will enjoy your company.
  • Sagittarians like to make a lot of jokes, which can be confused by lack of sensitivity. Don't take everything they say literally.
  • Don't wait to call or speak to a Sagittarius. Excessive distance is something that doesn't appeal to you.
  • People of this sign enjoy outside activities and, as mentioned earlier, they get bored very easily. Some great dating ideas are hiking, museums, beaches, or theme parks.
  • Sagittarians hate to be persecuted. They like to go after it.


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