3 Ways to Talk to Spirits

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3 Ways to Talk to Spirits
3 Ways to Talk to Spirits

Before communicating with the spirits, it is necessary to prepare. The first step is to strengthen yourself physically and close your mind against negative energies. If you feel it is necessary, burn a sage incense to protect your home from evil spirits. Then contact the spirit world with a dowsing pendulum or a Ouija board. Hold the pendulum on a smooth surface and observe the pattern of movement between “yes” and “no” to each question. For more complex issues, use the Ouija board and never forget to end sessions by moving the tick to the word “goodbye”.


Method 1 of 3: Starting the Session

Talk to Spirits Step 1

Step 1. Protect yourself physically

Making contact with the spirit world opens the door to evil entities. Therefore, it is important to strengthen the mind against negative energies before trying to establish contact with the spirits. For example:

  • Offer a prayer to the universe. During your prayer, ask for protection from malicious spirits.
  • Visualize yourself as a beam of light that spreads throughout the environment to discourage evil entities.
  • To attract the spirits of light, mentalize your interest in communicating with them.
Talk to Spirits Step 2

Step 2. Wear an amulet

If you're trying to communicate with a specific spirit (such as a loved one), you'll need an amulet to summon it. Theoretically, any object the spirit owned in life will do, but it is best to choose something that has been important to him. Some examples are:

  • Jewelry.
  • Notebooks or diaries.
  • Photographs.
  • The favorite book.
Talk to Spirits Step 3

Step 3. Avoid using drugs or alcohol

Substance use impairs reasoning and senses, which can make you more susceptible to the influence of less evolved spirits and there are those who believe that being intoxicated can even attract them.

If any of your friends are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, don't let them participate in the session

Talk to Spirits Step 4

Step 4. Burn sage incense

Sage is an herb famous for its spiritual cleansing properties and can be very helpful if you are concerned about the presence of negative energies. It has the power to rid the environment of negative energies and discourage unwanted visitors, so light an incense before making contact with the spirit world.

This incense can be obtained from physical or virtual esoteric product houses

Method 2 of 3: Using a Dowsing Pendulum

Talk to Spirits Step 5

Step 1. Buy or make your own dowsing crystal

It's attached to the end of a chain or string and you should feel like it's an extension of you when you hold it; that is the mark that your energy is attuned to. To find a good crystal:

  • Visit an esoteric shop and choose a crystal. To do this, hold one crystal at a time until you find one you identify with.
  • Use a chain or string from the deceased person.
  • Another option is to tie a string around a crystal you have had for a long time.
Talk to Spirits Step 6

Step 2. Hold the end of the string in the hand you are writing on and keep the end with the crystal flush with a surface such as the floor or a table

Shake the crystal over the surface; he should stay close but not touch her.

Some people draw a circle on a piece of paper and use it under the pendulum; this can help you keep track of the pendulum's movements

Talk to Spirits Step 7

Step 3. Determine “yes” and “no” points for the answers

Shake the crystal gently once or twice, keeping your hand steady, and ask the spirits yes or no questions. Observe the response patterns for “yes” and “no” that the crystal makes; if he goes still, repeat the process asking questions that could only have negative answers.

This pattern can change from session to session

Talk to Spirits Step 8

Step 4. Start the questions

Ask yes or no questions and write down the answers. If the spirit you are trying to contact is someone specific, ask: is their name "So and so?" and it will take the crystal to the yes or no position.

  • Be wary of the answers. Some spirits may try to deceive you, others may be confused.
  • Be polite when addressing spirits and treat them with respect.
Talk to Spirits Step 9

Step 5. Log off

Thank him for speaking with you and politely ask him to return to the spirit world. Put the crystal on the table, eat something or drink some tea to get back to reality.

Light a sage incense after the session, especially if you continue to feel the presence of spirit in the room

Method 3 of 3: Using a Ouija Board

Talk to Spirits Step 10

Step 1. Buy or make a Ouija board

They can be purchased online or at esoteric stores, but with luck you can find them in antique stores and bazaars. To make one, write the alphabet, numbers one through nine, “yes”, “no” and “goodbye” on a large sheet of paper. Also, you will need a planchette, which you can make at your home.

  • The term planchette refers to a wooden pointer used to navigate the Ouija board.
  • Planchettes can also be purchased online or at specialty stores.
Talk to Spirits Step 11

Step 2. Get some friends together

Never use a Ouija board alone, prefer to call a trusted friend or two. Having more people present can intimidate malicious and cowardly spirits, as well as make you more steadfast.

Only choose friends who will take the experience seriously; being disrespectful to spirits will do no good

Talk to Spirits Step 12

Step 3. Prepare the Ouija board

Leave the board on a surface and place the planchette on top of the board. Sitting around the table, lightly touch the planchette with your index fingers.

Relax your arms and fingers at this point so that you don't accidentally move the planchette

Talk to Spirits Step 13

Step 4. Invoke the spirit

Choose a person to communicate with, or a medium; he should invite you with courtesy to participate in the session. Wait for the planchette to move; when she moves on her own, it is because spirit has accepted the invitation.

This may take some time. Be patient, spirits do not communicate like the living

Talk to Spirits Step 14

Step 5. Ask the spirit questions

When communication is established, the medium can ask questions. The planchette will go for the words “yes” or “no” if the questions are simple and open-ended, but more complex questions will be spelled out word for word. Ask things like:

  • "What is your name?"
  • "Are you a ghost?"
  • "Do you have a message for us?"
Talk to Spirits Step 15

Step 6. Learn to recognize evil spirits

A spirit that doesn't want to participate in a peaceful session may start dragging the planchette randomly across the board without saying anything. Another possibility is for the planchette to move in an “8” and this is a sign that it wants to take control of the session. Do not allow this to happen and end the session immediately.

Fear encourages evil spirits to take liberties. If you are overcome with dread, end the session immediately by guiding the planchette to the word “goodbye”. This will close the Ouija board's connection with the spirit world

Talk to Spirits Step 16

Step 7. Terminate the connection

When finished, wrap the planchette in a piece of cloth and store it away from the board.

Keeping them together can open the channel for this and other spirits accidentally


  • Using the Ouija board is not a good idea. It opens the way to the spirit world and it should not be taken lightly. You can attract unwanted spirits into your home.
  • Never be rude to spirits.

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