3 Ways to Read Hand Lines

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3 Ways to Read Hand Lines
3 Ways to Read Hand Lines

Also known as palmistry, hand reading is based on the shape and lines that form on the palms of the hands. Through this art, it is possible to learn more about a person's life and personality. While there's no hard evidence that hand lines affect people's lives, palmistry can still be a pretty fun hobby. To interpret the lines on the hand, start with the larger ones, which are right in the center. Next, see if you have any minor or minor lines and try to understand how they might affect your life. Practice hard and you will be able to read anyone's hand and share your talent with others.


Method 1 of 3: Interpreting the Main Lines

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Step 1. Choose your dominant or active hand to read

Choose the hand you use most to practice reading. This is considered your active hand. The non-dominant hand is the passive hand and is often left out in palmistry, as the lines are not usually as pronounced when reading. Hold your hand out in front of you, palm facing up, so you can read the lines easily.

Compare the active and passive hands to see if they are any different. Passive hand lines refer to inherited traits, while active hand lines indicate how hard you've worked on your personal development

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Step 2. Read the lifeline to learn more about your well-being and your love of life

The lifeline is the long curved line that runs from the wrist to roughly the base of the big toe. Reading it reveals past experiences and how they affected the way you see the world. Lifeline length is about the influence others have on your life, while depth is about how lightly you approach change.

  • People with a short or shallow lifeline can often get sick or feel weak. Those with the deepest and longest line have the strongest health and rarely get sick.
  • See if your lifeline has ramifications that continue up or down. The upward branches, towards the fingers, indicate imminent positive changes. The ones below point to possible negative events.
  • The lifeline has nothing to do with when you're going to die. Don't be scared if it's short.
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Step 3. Read the headline to learn more about your learning style and thirst for knowledge

The headline is just above the lifeline and runs through the entire palm of the hand horizontally. A person with a longer headline tends to think more methodically before acting, while a shorter headline indicates a more impulsive personality. Take a good look at the line depth, too. A deeper line can mean better memory, while a thinner line can be a sign that you are having trouble concentrating.

  • If your headline is missing, it could mean that you are about to run into some intellectual difficulty or that you tend to have a lot of insights and epiphanies about life.
  • See if the headline is straight or wavy. Those who use creativity to solve problems tend to have the most wavy line. Those who have a straight line tend to approach life's difficulties in a more traditional way.
  • If the head line is connected to life, it may mean that you are introverted and thoughtful. The greater that connection, the more worried and indecisive you must be.
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Step 4. Examine the heart line to find out more about your emotional stability

Also called the love line, the heart line is just above the head line and crosses the palm horizontally. If the heart line starts below the indicator, it could mean that you are satisfied with your relationships. If it starts near the middle finger, you may be restless in your interpersonal relationships. A deeper line indicates meaningful relationships.

  • The length of the heart line relates to the durability of your relationships, whereas faults and ramifications point to multiple relationships.
  • People with a curved heart line are usually good at communicating with their partners. A straighter line indicates a more stable and inviting personality, but potentially shy or passive.


if the heart line and the head line are connected or overlapping, it means you have an ape line, which means you may have difficulty separating your actions from your emotions.

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Step 5. Read the destiny line to see how your life is influenced by external circumstances

The target line is a vertical line that lies in the center of the palm. It represents how other people and events beyond your control can affect your life. Whoever has a deep line of destiny finds it easier to start a new career or run a business of their own. Those with a shallow line work hard, but can change careers frequently.

Frequent itching of the hands can be a sign of impending changes

Method 2 of 3: Reading the secondary lines

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Step 1. Find Apollo's line to find out more about his possible legacy and his chances of becoming famous

Apollo's line, sometimes called the success line, is a vertical line that usually lies at the bottom of the hand, below the ring. Anyone who has a deep line of Apollo has a great chance of succeeding and even becoming famous. A shallower line means that you are still working on your skills and that you will need to work hard to succeed. If your Apollo line fails, you can succeed after overcoming a few obstacles.


Some people don't have Apollo's line in hand. This doesn't mean you aren't hardworking, but it might mean that you should take a break to enjoy life once in a while.

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Step 2. Read the wedding line to see how you handle serious commitments

The wedding line is a small horizontal mark on the side of the hand, just below the pinky. When it is long or deep, it indicates a personality focused on long-term relationships. Shorter or shallower lines mean you can go through multiple relationships or even get back together with old partners.

It is possible to have more than one wedding line. This means that you are an intense person in your love relationships

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Step 3. Study the intuition line to learn more about your ability to assess others

The intuition line is a curved line that starts just below the pinky and goes all the way to the wrist. If it's well pronounced, it's a good sign that you're good at understanding others' feelings and noticing whether they're good or bad. If it fails, it can be an indication that you have a lot of empathy, but that you should focus more on your own mood and your own feelings.

Maybe you don't have an intuition thread. This, however, does not mean that you lack empathy or that you are not able to understand other people's feelings

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Step 4. Read the health line to find out how good you are at taking care of others

The health line is a curved or diagonal line that starts near the pinky, on the edge of the palm, and runs to the center of the wrist. A long, deep line means you are a good source of support and a natural caregiver. Not everyone has a health line, but that doesn't indicate any lack of concern for others.

Health line failures can represent illnesses faced in the past by you or someone you love

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Step 5. Look for the money line to see if you will get rich

The money line is a short diagonal line that starts at the base of the pinky. A deep and retained money line points to a financial intelligence that can lead to wealth farther along. A shallow, wavy line means you'll have to work harder if you want to get rich.

Method 3 of 3: Finding the Shortest Lines

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Step 1. Examine the Mount of Venus to find out more about your love insecurities

The Mount of Venus is bounded by an arcuate line that extends from the base of the middle finger to the ring finger. People with a prominent mound tend to live intensely and understand other people's feelings with ease. A more discreet Mount of Venus may mean that you are insecure in your relationships and can improve them by working on your ability to trust others.

The Mount of Venus can also represent a trauma from the past that has shaken your confidence in others. However, this is nothing you can't resolve with a little personal effort

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Step 2. See if you have a Mount of Jupiter to learn more about your leadership skills

Take a look at the base of your index finger and see if there's a line around your finger. The space within that line is Mount Jupiter. Those who have a well-demarcated lot tend to be well respected and do well in leadership positions. A more discreet Mount of Jupiter is a sign that you need to work harder to be a good leader.

If you don't have a Mount of Jupiter, you can use a ring on your index finger to increase your luck

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Step 3. Look for Mount Saturn to see if you are easily irritated

The Mount of Saturn is an area just below the middle finger and indicates a more pessimistic attitude, typical of those who are easily irritated or encounter many obstacles in life. Anyone with a Mount of Saturn must strive to remain optimistic, communicate better, and develop empathy. This can cause the pile to disappear.

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Step 4. Look for Mount Apollo to gauge your creativity

The Mount of Apollo is marked by a curved line around the ring base. It is very rare to find someone with this trait. Those who have a Monte de Apolo usually have their creativity repressed and do things with a negative attitude. Strive to become a more positive person and embrace your creative side to get that mark off your hand.

Anyone with a Monte de Apolo should invest in an artistic or creative hobby, such as drawing, painting or writing

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Step 5. Examine your wrist lines to find a balance between your physical and mental sides

The lines of the wrist are below the hand and determine your physical, mental and spiritual balance. Deep, well-marked lines indicate a balanced personality and a prosperous life, while fainter lines point to an internal imbalance.

If you are reading the lines on a man's pulse, examine the left hand. If you're reading a woman's hand, go for the right side


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