How to Persuade an Atheist to Become a Christian: 14 Steps

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How to Persuade an Atheist to Become a Christian: 14 Steps
How to Persuade an Atheist to Become a Christian: 14 Steps

A persuasive discussion of religion is even more interesting when it involves two people of completely opposite ideals, such as an atheist (unbeliever) and a Christian. If you want to discuss your faith with an unbeliever, it is extremely important to plan strategies to approach the subject and always talk in a pleasant way, without fights or clashes, just expressing your faith and your points of view.


Part 1 of 3: Addressing the subject

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Step 1. Put yourself in your friend's shoes

Think about how you would react if someone tried to persuade you to reject your beliefs. If a friend is interested in talking to you about faith and religion, do so gradually and at mutually convenient times. Never expose your views to someone who doesn't want to hear you or you will certainly make a bad impression.

  • Many atheists may not regard their personal belief system as a negotiable part of their person. They are more concerned with their behavior, with being a good person, than with knowing the "faith" or ideology from which this action originates.
  • Always talk in a pleasant, friendly tone and never be judgmental. Rather than trying to convert someone to their religious beliefs by winning an argument, Christians believe that the most important thing is to show the other an unconditional friendship. This simple personal and caring act is what can really attract others. We may see them as "souls", but what they want is to admire and be admired/loved.
  • Understand that many atheists used to believe in God, but their faith was affected in some way (in church, by another religious, etc.) that made them fall into atheism. Of course, there are still many who have become atheists for other reasons.
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Step 2. Choose a convenient place and time for this type of conversation

Certainly the middle of a debate is not the best time to try to persuade someone to believe in your faith. Likewise, doing this in a workplace, at a dinner table, or in a large group of people is not the best option for discussing your beliefs with an unbeliever. If the subject does come up, take another moment to discuss it in depth and with more privacy (at a kitchen table, a cafeteria or a park, for example).

Never overload an unbelieving friend with your views or try to ignore their arguments. Let the discussion take its natural course and try not to make the conversation inconvenient so that it becomes an unfriendly confrontation

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Step 3. Have a frank and genuine conversation

Whenever you are discussing matters of faith, it is of utmost importance to have a genuine conversation, not an exchange of accusations, offensive arguments or sermons. If you hope to convince someone to believe your point of view, the first thing to do is be ready to show a genuine interest in the other person's point of view. If you find yourself talking much more than listening patiently to the other person, you are probably not having a genuine or acceptable conversation. It's not just about bombing rhetoric into enemy territory, it's just a conversation with someone you care about enough to discuss with them your reason for your faith.

Be open and honest at all times. If you let intense emotions surface and direct the conversation, you could end up doing irreparable damage to your friendship. The conversation should always be civilized, positive and cordial. Never be rude to your friend or accuse him of lying, being prejudiced, or saying malicious things to prove you are right

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Step 4. Don't try to convert your friend or present him with fundamental ideas (don't ask for conclusions or debate heaven versus hell dilemmas)

The best way to get someone interested in Christianity is to present how your faith satisfies your personal life. Show people the Christian life in an attractive way and they will be more interested and curious to know more about how you live.

You will not be discussing facts but faith. It is not right to try to persuade or incite them to convert or to engage them in a competitive debate about the virtues of their faith. You must be prepared to respond as your faith in Jesus has nothing to do with fighting fallacies or the positives and negatives of each religion. You should discuss how you feel the presence of Jesus is vital in your life

Part 2 of 3: Talking About Your Faith

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Step 1. Tell your friend what Christianity means to you

Explain how your faith has helped you to live a better life and discuss what it means to you. It can also be helpful to tell your friend about people you've met at church and the friendships you've built there. Keep the conversation centered on the tools your faith gives you.

Why do you feel better being a Christian? In general, it is best to avoid discussing the concept of eternal punishment for non-Christian people with an atheist, as this will certainly lead to a clash. If someone notices that you are trying to "save" your friend, the impression will be that you are being arrogant

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Step 2. Use common language

When in a discussion, it is necessary for both parties to speak the same language. This means that you will have to step back and use logic and secular vocabulary to define your theological ideas. It can be helpful to talk about Christianity in terms of morals, practical tools for living, and other more secular points.

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Step 3. Don't try to discuss the details of the Bible

A discussion between a believer and an atheist need not be a debate about science, creationism, or a complex dissection of the creation of the world, as mentioned in Genesis. Just talk about faith in terms of your personal experience. What does it mean to be a Christian for you? This has nothing to do with discussing dinosaur bones and the stone age. Avoid these subjects.

  • Many Christians have a greater knowledge of the Bible and its history. On the other hand, others prefer to emphasize a personal relationship with Christ as the fundamental aspect of their faith.
  • An atheist might want to hear definitive proof. Remember that a discussion of Christianity is not a debate between "science" and "faith". Treating the conversation as a debate of facts won't get you or the atheist anywhere. All you can do is present your faith.
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Step 4. Try to understand your friend's perspective

Was your friend always an atheist? Has something happened that caused him pain or makes him feel that the religious leaders are hypocrites? Or did your friend simply choose to base his beliefs on scientific and empirical evidence? Whatever the reason, you need to get to the core of your beliefs and try to understand them.

Don't assume you know the answer to your friend's atheism. Not all atheists are people "angry" with God or are going through a crisis of faith. Listen when the person presents their reasons and try to understand them

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Step 5. Let your friend try to convert you

Your friend may be curious about your beliefs, especially if he wasn't raised a Christian. And if he feels comfortable with you, it will certainly lead to questioning and challenging you. The less defensive you become, the more sensible you will appear. Be comfortable with your faith and stay calm. If you're having fun, so is the other person.

If your friend wants to constantly argue about biblical errors or ask challenging questions, don't fall for his. All you have to say is "there are things you can't know and I don't care about them."

Part 3 of 3: Keeping the Dialogue Open

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Step 1. Do your part

If you are going to talk about how good your life is as a Christian, you will need to prove it by your actions. Show the love you have for your life. Some atheists are atheists because they believe Christians are hypocrites. Prove to him that not everyone is.

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Step 2. Invite your friend to come to church with you

The best way to introduce your religion to atheists is to treat it as if it were any social function. Emphasize fellowship and camaraderie and invite them to dinner or a barbecue.

If you invite an atheist to a service, make it clear what he is about. Don't try to deceive someone just to get them to participate. Do this from time to time and always introduce your friend to other people who attend your church. Make him feel comfortable with members of the religious community

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Step 3. Be patient

See if your friend will develop any interest in attending your church's religious celebration. You can invite him to join you for a celebration at your church, but it would be better if he went out of his own curiosity, feeling comfortable and in control. Don't push too hard.

Persuade an Atheist to Become Christian Step 20

Step 4. Be persistent

Show the practicality of Christianity through your own accomplishments and friendships with other Christians. If your friend senses that being part of a church is like being part of a big family, then they may feel comfortable and urged to join you.

Know when to be at peace. When talking about deeper beliefs, people can often get emotional or even angry. If possible, try to talk this kind of subject when the other seems open and both are in a good mood. Some atheists prefer written debates over oral ones. Use whichever method is best for you

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Step 5. If you want to pray for your friend, do it in private

Ending an aggressive conversation by saying "I will pray for you" may seem rude. Christians believe that only God can convince people to follow him, so don't use public prayer as a show of godliness. If God is going to answer your prayer and convert the atheist, he will do it regardless of whether the person hears it or not.


  • Never deceive anyone. Never lie. When inviting an atheist to a Christian event, be sure to make it clear how overtly religious he will be. Is it just a social event, a church service or a Bible reading?
  • These things take time and patience. Don't try to rush your friend.
  • Listen carefully to the unbeliever's concerns and reservations. Try to understand your reasons for not believing and then talk about each one directly. Work together to discover what is really true, with honesty and integrity. If you show an openness to understanding your friend's beliefs and opinions, you will surely earn respect.
  • To convert someone, ask them to consider accepting absolute concepts like "good" and "evil." The person will have several doubts and questions and it may take months or years to convince him.


  • First, recognize once again that there is a good chance that you will fail to convert the atheist in question. If you fail, don't be discouraged! You can either keep trying or simply accept that person's beliefs and maintain your relationship. Try not to lose a friend just because they don't believe in God.
  • Don't make an attempt at conversion every time you are together. This will become tiring for both of you, and will likely make your friend start avoiding you.
  • Insisting on someone to embrace a religion is not effective. Whatever your religion, you should not treat the person cruelly or as if their belief is totally "unacceptable"; remember that it is up to each person to decide what to do with their own life.

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