3 Ways to Invite Someone to Church

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3 Ways to Invite Someone to Church
3 Ways to Invite Someone to Church

In addition to bringing together people who share the same faith, the church is a source of community service initiatives. Christians are in the habit of inviting friends and relatives – whether they are active Christians in other churches or who are somewhat weakened in their faith – to visit their congregation. Furthermore, as part of their evangelizing mission, they also make invitations to non-Christian people in the hope that they will be reborn in Jesus. When inviting someone to your church, always be kind, polite and respectful.


Method 1 of 3: Diversifying Invitations

Invite Someone to Church Step 1

Step 1. Make a verbal invitation

It is through him that most people end up meeting new churches. Preaching the Word and talking to a friend about your faith are the two types of verbal invitations most used to bring new people into the Christian milieu.

  • Speak gently and sincerely.
  • Tell others about the fun times you and your siblings have at church. Some examples that people might like are: community projects, parties, theaters, fundraising campaigns and music festivals.
Invite Someone to Church Step 2

Step 2. Develop a community event

This is an indirect approach to attracting non-Christians through, for example, barbecues and bazaar sales. In addition to raising money for the church, events of this type bring the community closer together and bring Christians and visitors together in a healthy, familiar environment.

  • To attract more people, hand out flyers and make an ad in the neighborhood newspaper.
  • Focus on creating an event that is fun, not “religious”. If visitors feel good with the brothers, they will take the initiative to want to know more about the church and, who knows, they will start to attend it naturally.
Invite Someone to Church Step 3

Step 3. Make a printed invitation

Some churches feel that the best way to invite a non-Christian is through a printed invitation, as it makes it difficult to forget about days and times of meetings and possible events that will take place over a period of time.

  • Choose the right size. The important thing is that it is big enough to hold an image and, at the same time, of a size that fits in a pocket or purse. Therefore, the ideal invitation would have measures of 15 cm by 10 cm.
  • Insert images and text. To hold the guest's attention, place a large image as the background. It could be a picture of the church, a Christian symbol, a landscape, or even a figure from contemporary popular culture. The text needs to be short and to the point to captivate the person who has been attracted to the image.
  • Deliver two or three to each guest. That way, he can share the invitation with others.
Invite Someone to Church Step 4

Step 4. Work in groups

Making a direct, personal invitation to friends and family is ideal, but it may not work with strangers. It's hard to get close to a stranger and still be able to convince him after a quick conversation. That's why being part of a group can make this task easier. Also, if you are unable to answer a potential guest's question, another member of the group can help.

In addition to the group making you more confident in approaches, strangers will recognize the sense of community and camaraderie that exists between you and the Christians

Invite Someone to Church Step 5

Step 5. Campaign within the church

If you'd like to encourage your fellow church members to also do the same work you're doing, suggest creating a special day to bring a guest. Ask one of the church leaders to teach you the best way to make the invitation. If each brother is able to bring a visitor that day, many new souls will be saved and Jesus will have more than enough reason to be even more proud of his congregation.

Method 2 of 3: Inviting Outward and Active Christians

Invite Someone to Church Step 6

Step 1. Start with assets

Christians who already attend church, but to another congregation, will accept your invitation much more easily. It is very likely, too, to find Christians who are far away, but who have not yet stopped practicing the Lord's principles. Look for people with these profiles within your circles from:

  • Relatives;
  • Friends;
  • Co-workers or schoolmates;
  • Neighbors.
Invite Someone to Church Step 7

Step 2. Decide the right time to invite

Before approaching to invite someone to church, you need to think hard about the ideal occasion. The most important thing is to have a specific date in mind. Instead of making a vague invitation, invite the person to join you on a special occasion.

  • Most non-Christians prefer to visit church on Sunday evenings, as weekday meetings can get in the way of those who work Monday through Friday and rest on the weekend.
  • Christmas and Easter seasons are perfect for bringing visitors to church. Both celebrations make people much more sensitive and, consequently, inclined to accept an invitation to attend a Christian event – ​​such as theater, choir, etc.
Invite Someone to Church Step 8

Step 3. Ask God for guidance

Every Christian knows that prayer is the best way to ask for guidance and success in accomplishments. So ask God to help you find the right people to invite to church. Also ask him to indicate the right time to issue the invitation, as only he knows people's hearts. Pray for inspiration and eloquence, in order to be able to offer your best in carrying out the invitation.

If you feel it is necessary, ask other brothers to join you in prayer

Invite Someone to Church Step 9

Step 4. Make an invitation

Once you've identified the person and chosen the best date, go to them and invite them to accompany you to church. Be kind and respectful, even if the invitation is rejected. Don't take the refusal personally, be patient, as the person may end up accepting the invitation next time. Remember your great responsibilities as an ambassador for your church and a representative of the word of God.

  • Be polite and work gradually to turn an eventual “no” into a “yes”.
  • Start by pleasing the person with small party favors, like a homemade cake, for example.
  • Establish, or strengthen, bonds of friendship. Invite her to your home and offer her and her family a prayer.
  • Politely ask if you could invite her children to a church meeting. Explain that it would be a great way for them to meet new children and have some fun in a healthy, safe environment.
  • Finally, ask the person if they would like to accompany you to church any day. If so, inform the planned date. Otherwise, respect the decision and continue to be a present and faithful friend.
Invite Someone to Church Step 10

Step 5. Accept the answer

In the case of a positive response, continue to give your best during the visit. Introduce the guest to as many siblings as you can to help them feel more welcomed and loved. However, if you get a negative answer, don't be discouraged. Your obligation as a Christian remains to show love, care, and respect for that person.

  • Think carefully before reacting to a rejected invitation. Put yourself in the other's shoes. Maybe he's not ready to go to church yet, maybe he's had some negative experience in the past. Don't take it personally.
  • Control your emotions. Don't be nervous when receiving a "no". Remember your obligations and values ​​as a Christian, which include being kind without expecting anything in return.
  • Explain that the invitation will remain valid even if it was initially rejected. Say something like: “Okay, I respect your decision. If you ever change your mind, it will be a pleasure to have your company”.

Method 3 of 3: Gathering Non-Christians

Invite Someone to Church Step 11

Step 1. Look for who would be more open

Anyone can be invited to church, however, not everyone responds well to such an invitation. Start with those around you who have already shown some kind of curiosity about the Christian faith. Address this task in a very systematic way.

  • Your family members are probably the people who know your faith best. Perhaps they have questions and even a desire to accompany you to weekly church meetings.
  • After inviting the closest relatives, try to get in touch with the less intimate ones, such as uncles, nephews, and cousins. Because they know and trust you, they will be very open to accompany you and your family to church.
  • Then invite the closest friends. Look for those with whom you have a strong bond of intimacy, which will help you make the invitation more securely.
  • Now head to the neighbors. They also know you and can trust you, after all, they live close to your house, which often means they live close to your church, too.
  • A big step further will be to invite colleagues from work or school. As they may not know you very well, it will be necessary to work much harder, even to know how to recognize if they would be open or in need of finding the faith.
  • Inviting strangers to church can be the hardest part. You don't have any bonds. Even if a stranger is noticeably in need of spiritual guidance, it will be extremely difficult to gain their trust to the point of convincing them to accept your invitation.
Invite Someone to Church Step 12

Step 2. Notice any personal problems

People who are experiencing personal difficulties are more likely to accept an invitation to go to church, as they tend to look to faith for the comfort they need, especially if they are facing some kind of loss. See who can greatly benefit from an invitation to church:

  • Who lost a loved one;
  • Who has recently changed residence;
  • Who is adjusting to a new job or school;
  • Who was recently married;
  • Who became a father;
  • Who was recently divorced;
  • Who faces family problems;
  • Who is dealing with a serious illness (in yourself or someone close to you).
Invite Someone to Church Step 13

Step 3. Pray for guidance and opportunities

Add these requests to your daily prayers as you look for new people to bring to church. Ask God to guide you to those who most need to find the faith or help to see the opportunities around them. Pray, too, for inspiration and eloquence so you can make the best possible invitations.

  • Treat any social event as an opportunity. For example, the parents of your child's classmates may be looking for a church to take their own children, take advantage of leaving school to talk with them.
  • If you volunteer somewhere (a hospital, for example), invite people you meet there. Let your good volunteer work be a great example of your Christian principles. Be an ambassador for Jesus in your work.
Invite Someone to Church Step 14

Step 4. Make the invitation

It is much harder to be successful when you invite a non-Christian to church. Many have prejudices about what a Christian meeting should be like, and others are simply not ready to make a commitment to the faith. For these and other reasons, it is best to extend the invitation gradually, trying to involve the non-Christian first in other social activities.

  • Try to socialize with the person a bit by inviting them over for coffee or lunch. Be sincerely interested in hearing everything she has to say.
  • Invite her to help with one of the church's community services. Whatever it is, collection of warm clothes, competitions, food distribution, etc.
  • Progress to an invitation to church. For this, choose a special program, in which there is a live theater, choir or music performance. By participating in something fun, the person will feel welcome and it will act as a way to break the ice for them to start attending church.
  • Always respect the guest's choice. Be prepared to accept if he declines the invitation and if he doesn't enjoy going to church. Know that the most important thing was that you made the invitation and acted as a good ambassador for your church. Be sure to continue to love and respect this person.


  • There are several ways to enter the Christian life. Going to a family group, for example, can be a lot more fun than going to church. So choose to take your guest to a less formal event rather than taking him straight to a church meeting.
  • Remember that you are an ambassador for your church and your faith. So, never show any kind of irritation when you have an invitation rejected. Act just the opposite, being even kinder to that individual.

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