How to Be a Great Christian Teen: 13 Steps

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How to Be a Great Christian Teen: 13 Steps
How to Be a Great Christian Teen: 13 Steps

This article will help you to become an excellent Christian teenager, whether you are a boy or a girl: it fits everyone. Have a great and fun Christian teen.


Be a Great Christian Teenager Step 1

Step 1. Be sensible and considerate:

your honesty must be visible to others. This includes staying sober, free from excess.

  • "Your language (words) has the power of life and death; those who like to speak will reap the consequences" (depression, provocation, anger, judgment, harshness, injustice, untruth, sarcasm, reverse logic, meanness, hatred, and may even lead to violence and unjust wars).
  • Say what is true in love. Don't criticize, blaspheme, rant or rave. Stand tall and stand tall, don't be unnecessarily mean. If you slip into anger or lack of reason, apologize; do it truly and move forward.
Be a Great Christian Teenager Step 2

Step 2. Love your neighbor

Listen more. Be positive, be enthusiastic about the hope in you. Be fair, don't treat people with discrimination, with indifference, but treat them individually, don't generalize.

Be a Great Christian Teenager Step 3

Step 3. Take a Bible with you wherever you go:

if you're at the mall or at an arcade with your brothers and sisters.

  • Read your Bible every morning and every night, or when looking for an answer to spiritual questions. It would be helpful to have two Bibles: one to use at home and one to give away in case anyone needs one.
  • Have a Bible study notebook.
Be a Great Christian Teenager Step 4

Step 4. Pray every morning, every night, before every meal, when in doubt, when you are afraid, when you need spiritual help, or anytime you can

If someone comes to you with a problem, offer them a prayer. You will be amazed at how precious they will find your help

Be a Great Christian Teenager Step 5

Step 5. Go to church on Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night, or any other event such as:

living crib, Resurrection, Bible studies and baptisms.

Be a Great Christian Teenager Step 6

Step 6. Talk about Jesus

You will be surprised how much difference one person can make.

Confronting/discussing with family and friends about sensitive issues like this is sure to make them feel irritable or uncomfortable. So be patient and aware of your feelings, avoiding particularly sensitive topics; pray for them and don't criticize them directly. Rehearsing what you're going to say first is a good idea to make sure you're getting the message you want to get across in a way that's non-judgmental and easy to understand. It's their choice to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior, but you can support them

Be a Great Christian Teenager Step 7

Step 7. Donate your time, money and possessions to those in need, donate used clothing to needy people, families or organizations like The Salvation Army, for example

From time to time, volunteer and do daily charity work on your own. In the Gospel, Jesus says “Love your neighbor as you love yourself”.

Be a Great Christian Teenager Step 8

Step 8. Try to be as natural as possible, because God made man in his image and likeness, and he wants us to improve

  • God doesn't want us to try to change superficially, with things like weird hair dye, piercings and tattoos.

    "But if you did all that and then came to Christ, use it to your advantage to reach out to people like you," who can feel out of place even with the kindest and most upstanding of Christians, who don't understand them.

  • Be well taken care of, take care of your body, maintain good posture and be confident. Cleanliness and neatness also apply to your garments; all of this will help you make a good impression, regardless of your personal taste. Invest a little time in daily skin and hair care to improve your appearance in a natural way.
  • Girls, dress to make a good impression, soberly. This means: do not wear miniskirts, short dresses, deep necklines, sleeveless blouses and/or short shorts. This is not as limiting as it sounds. Sober clothes can go a long way with your personal style. Visit a department store with someone who has respectable taste and try new things to see what styles and colors suit you best.
  • Girls, a little makeup can enhance your natural beauty. All you need on a daily basis is a little brown or darker mascara, clear lip gloss and light blush. Use concealer if you have acne or compact powder if you have oily skin, but be careful not to overdo it. A little eye shadow, eyeliner and a natural lipstick are just for special occasions. The key is to improve, not dominate what God has given you.
Be a Great Christian Teenager Step 9

Step 9. If you haven't been saved yet, then do it now:

ask Jesus to come into your “heart” (the core of your being) and ask to receive the Holy Spirit; just ask your evangelist or another trusted adult for help, such as your parents, a priest, a Sunday School teacher, or even a friend of your parents.

Not through effort, but receiving it as a natural gift, through faith in the grace of God; so, after accepting God's purposes, you must actively strive to extend grace, because we love one another as He loved us and we also do good works, accepting and passing on grace (favor without merit), because you are justified and forgiven by God - for everything you have ever done or will do. Understand that you will reap what you sowed in your life and in the lives of others

Be a Great Christian Teenager Step 10

Step 10. After being saved, you must be baptized and live for Jesus, looking for the best in God's purposes in whatever you do

  • Encourage others to be saved and baptized.
  • Follow Jesus and “The Ten Commandments” at all times.
  • Love God! Show it by loving others, helping those in need. Anyone can say they love God, but this must be demonstrated through actions and words.
  • Honor your father and mother always, even if it's difficult. Arguing with them might not be cool, but it's normal for teenagers and humans. However, resolve conflicts that arise, take the initiative to do so and, if necessary, do your best to get along with them.
  • Don't steal or cheat. Be honest, don't talk in vain or waste your time.
  • Create a Christian website or articles with your notes and other information such as inspiring testimonies and Bible verses. If you have Facebook, you can even put them there for your friends to see and you can also talk about everything God has done for you.
Be a Great Christian Teenager Step 11

Step 11. Find the right friends:

in other words, make friends who will be a good support system for you and encourage you to always be better, not a completely different person.

  • Be friendly to everyone. However, avoid bad influences, people who only get into trouble, false friends, liars or bullies.
  • Don't fight with anyone. Always turn the other cheek. Don't grumble.
  • Try to maintain your composure when stressed. Stay motivated, excited and inspired, but not frantic; be better off living by faith (not by sight); don't allow your mood or feelings to change your perception! However, don't forget that anxiety is a human emotion and there is no way to completely escape it.
  • Find calm places to curb your anxiety, sadness, anger, etc. Activities such as playing sports, writing and drawing can calm you down as they become a distraction. If you need help and you know you're out of control, never be afraid to ask. Remember that crying is natural and healthy for stress relief, but try crying alone or with people you know.
  • Be a peacemaker. Don't get into harsh arguments, physical or otherwise. If there are insults, discrimination, aggression or anything that is intended to hurt, it has gone too far.
  • Don't gossip. Humiliating others for no good reason can hurt them a lot, including yourself.
  • NEVER bully – cyber, verbal or physical.
  • If you see someone being bullied for any reason, don't be afraid to stand up for them. He is likely to be very grateful to you and admire your courage.
  • Don't stay in toxic and abusive relationships. The only thing you should do to someone who has gone astray and hurt you is to get him out of your life.
  • Don't avoid others because they have a different religion or ideology. Many of these people will not pressure you to change, and you can learn a lot from such friendships.
  • Show respect, fairness and kindness to others at all times.
  • Be respectful to your elders at all times.
  • Be free from fear, hate and shame by living in Christ.
Be a Great Christian Teenager Step 12

Step 12. Offer to do things like teach children in Sunday School:

  • Offer to sing at worship or mass.
  • Volunteer in the nursery during Sunday service, for example.
  • Volunteer to help teachers on the Vacation Bible Course.
Be a Great Christian Teenager Step 13

Step 13. Be active and involved in good causes with your family and friends

Have fun learning, working and doing housework, helping your friends and family.

  • Set good role models for younger children and teenagers. If you don't like it when your brother or sister does something, don't do that either.
  • Do your best at school. Try hard, study hard and love what you do at school: you will be rewarded after you graduate.
  • If you have a job, be a diligent employee, complete all your tasks on time, and try to maintain a good relationship with your boss and colleagues.
  • Don't be in the habit of living connected to social networks, chats or games.
  • Do not watch inappropriate movies, series or videos: cruel, bloody, violent, hateful, pornographic, vulgar, with different explicit content.
  • Avoid listening to crude music – gang music, violent, hate speech, that is, cursing, glorifying prostitution or drugs, or any other inappropriate content (which does not deserve your time and attention).
  • Be loyal to God and do your best to be the best you can be.


  • If in doubt about one outfit, choose another; not in cash.
  • Some steps in this article are especially for girls.
  • Gently don't let anyone put you down for being a Christian. Be firm and trustworthy, returning grace, not hate the hate and acrimony of others.
  • Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. Jesus said to do this seriously. But, of course, we cannot do everything in life perfectly with our strength alone, which is why we need God's perfect grace, God's power for salvation.
  • Jesus said, “You've heard 'Love your neighbor' but I say, 'Love your enemy!'” but we can't always do it so well or so perfectly, so we believe in Jesus to “pay for our sins”” and receive the grace of God, extending our mercy and His to others in the Truth.
  • To encourage yourself, read examples of others who were helped by Jesus.
  • Remember that God always wants to talk to us and listens to us all the time.

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