3 Ways to Get Rid of Demons

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3 Ways to Get Rid of Demons
3 Ways to Get Rid of Demons

The feeling of helplessness and the fear of the presence of demons around you are latent. Most people who believe in the existence of these supernatural beings believe that they feed and gain more strength through negative energy. Taking this premise into consideration, the best way to face these evil forces is to control your own negative vibration, thoughts and emotions. Do you believe that your house is permeated by evil spirits? One way to scare them away is to do some rituals. Once you get rid of demons, there are other techniques you can use to prevent them from returning to your home.


Method 1 of 3: Casting Out the Demons

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Step 1. Burn white sage

Leave all doors and windows open so that the forces of evil can leave your house. Then light the sage and let the plant burn for 30 seconds before blowing and letting the smoke act, eliminating all negative energy from the house.

  • Pass the smoke in all the corners and corners of the house so as not to let the inferior energy get trapped.
  • If you can't make the room smoke, put a few drops of sage essential oil in a container mixed with water and spray throughout.
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Step 2. Recite a prayer

Whatever your religion, praying out loud helps drive out demons. Walk around the house chanting prayers for the dark forces to leave the room.

  • Psalm 23 is a popular verse well known for radiating positive energy and casting out demons.
  • Create your own prayer or mantra, focusing on the intention not to allow heavy energy to remain in your home. You might say something like “No demons are welcome in this place. I order any lesser force to leave my house. This home is a place full of light and love”.
Get Rid of Demons Step 7

Step 3. Beat pans

Some people have a habit of banging pots at the turn of the year to scare away the ghosts of the previous year. Following the same idea, you can move around the house, whatever the time of year, banging pots loudly and chasing away the dark energy.

Recite a mantra or prayer while making noise

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Step 4. Sprinkle holy water around the house

Many people believe that holy water drives away evil spirits. Go to the church closest to your house with a bottle or container filled with water and ask the priest to bless the liquid. When you get home, spray water everywhere, including corners and windows.


if you cannot bless water in a church, bless yourself by putting water in a container and saying a mantra or prayer.

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Step 5. Call a professional

Can't manage to scare the demons away by yourself? Call a priest, pastor or healer to help you. The person can pay a visit to your home and suggest the most appropriate measures to carry out the spiritual cleansing of the environment.

  • The spiritual authority will say a prayer with you to help you get rid of the evil energy that inhabits your home.
  • Do an online search to look for churches near your home before going personally to call a priest or pastor, or ask for information about a healer in the area, but always beware of possible scams. Don't give anyone money until you are sure the good energy is back in your home.

Method 2 of 3: Keeping the demons at bay

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Step 1. Avoid negative movies and music indoors

If evil forces feed on negative energy, horror movies, pornography, violent music, and dark paintings and sculptures are plenty for them. Keep your home clean and free of anything that could make the environment heavy.

To fill your home with good vibes, put up cheerful music and artwork with positive representations

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Step 2. Load cleansing crystals on the full moon

Many people use crystals as a means of clearing negative energy from the environment. Stones, when placed under moonlight, absorb energy and become “recharged”. They can be placed all over the house to spread good energy and help chase away the forces of evil.

  • Place some crystals on the windowsill or outside the house during the full moon phase.
  • The best stones for this purpose are kyanite, selenite, obsidian, hematite and desert rose.
Get Rid of Demons Step 12

Step 3. Sprinkle salt in corners and entryway

Salt has been used for thousands of years, and by peoples of different cultures, in order to ward off the forces of darkness. Throw the product in all corners of the house, as well as at the entrance door, to prevent the entry or return of demons.

Every two months, spread salt all over the space again

Get Rid of Demons Step 13

Step 4. Use a talisman

When a person believes in their power, crucifixes, scapulars and other religious items protect the wearer. To be flooded with spiritual protection, use your talisman. When not in use, leave it somewhere in the house to prevent negative vibrations from approaching.

  • Use a rosary to ward off demons.
  • A wall crucifix or a dream catcher can also be used on your bed wall or at the entrance to your room.
  • The item does not necessarily have to be religious. If a friend makes a handmade bracelet with stones with the third eye, for example, it also serves as protection.

Method 3 of 3: Controlling Your Energy

Get Rid of Demons Step 1

Step 1. Identify negative thoughts

Many people believe that demons feed on negative energy. This means that to keep them at bay, you just have to learn to control their vibration. By being able to identify negative thoughts, you will be able to replace them and raise your energy level.

  • If you look in the mirror and start thinking you're ugly or a real failure, try to reflect and get those ideas out of your head.
  • Even if these thoughts appear automatically, you can learn to identify them.
  • With time and a little practice, this process of identifying bad thoughts and replacing them with good vibes will become simpler.
Get Rid of Demons Step 2

Step 2. Think positive

Whenever you find yourself with low energy, replace negative thoughts with good things. The logic is this: if demons feed on low vibrations, positive energies can quickly chase them away.

Again: when looking in the mirror and starting to think about your faults (like thinking your nose is too big or your skin is bad, for example), try to focus on the positive characteristics you have

Get Rid of Demons Step 3

Step 3. Do meditation to control emotions

When you allow your mind and heart to be flooded with anger or fear, this energetic weakness brings evil spirits closer. To keep them at bay, always meditate to clear your mind and recharge your good energies. Envision positive or beautiful things, such as sunrise, to radiate light.

When you focus on problems and worries, you are allowing bad energies to consume your thoughts and take over your mind

Get Rid of Demons Step 4

Step 4. Talk to someone about it

You might want to talk to a priest, pastor, friend, or psychologist about what's been creeping into your mind. They can help you better understand the nature of these thoughts and guide you in how best to deal with them.

Prayer is also an excellent form of communication with higher forces. Through prayer, you can communicate your negative emotions and thoughts


get help if you are consumed by thoughts of suicide. Talk to a friend, family member, or your therapist. Another way to seek support is through the Life Valorization Center (CVV), at number 188.

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