3 Ways To Make A Wish For A Star

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3 Ways To Make A Wish For A Star
3 Ways To Make A Wish For A Star

There are several ways to make wishes. Throw coins into water fountains, make wishes for the fallen eyelash (and tuck it into your shirt if it comes out in your hand), come out with the largest piece of chicken breast, and think of something you really want when you blow the Birthday candles are some examples besides wishing something for a shooting star. If you want to open your mind to the possibility of the magic of the universe, go out into the woods and look for a shooting star. This is a good method of strengthening faith in goals.


Method 1 of 3: Finding Your Star

Wish on a Star Step 1

Step 1. Find out when the next meteor shower will be

In reality, shooting stars are not stars but meteors made of rocks and interplanetary debris. When they enter Earth's atmosphere, they glow in the night sky and are therefore mistaken for stars. So find an astronomical calendar and go somewhere dark and high at the next event.

It's possible to see shooting stars on any night, but it's much easier to do so in a meteor shower. Enter this link to find out

Wish on a Star Step 2

Step 2. Get out of town

To place an order for a star, you have to see it, and the pollution and lights of big cities make it difficult.

Pay a visit to your favorite places, such as a mountain, a clearing, the edge of a pond or hit the beach. In nature it is easier to see the stars

Wish on a Star Step 3

Step 3. Choose an observation point

Once you reach the chosen location, go to a dark and comfortable area to set up camp. Lie down on the floor or sit down to look up at the night sky and be surrounded by stars.

Pack your luggage like you would for a picnic. Bring beach chairs, other layers of clothing, water and a good snack, which will last as long as necessary

Method 2 of 3: Thinking About What You Want

Wish on a Star Step 4

Step 1. Think of all the things you want

You won't see many shooting stars in one night, so think it over. Think of the things you've always wanted: a million dollars, a home of your own, or a giant chocolate milkshake with extra frosting. Anything you want will do, let your imagination run wild!

Wish on a Star Step 5

Step 2. Write your wish down on paper

If you have difficulty deciding your order, make a list and choose some by deletion.

Some say that writing down wishes on a post-it can do it. This is called creative visualization and it can help you understand your desires and goals

Wish on a Star Step 6

Step 3. Write or speak your wish out loud as if it had already happened

This is a manifestation technique that helps empower desires. Believing in yourself and in your own dreams makes it easier to achieve them.

Instead of saying “I would like to have a new job” say this way: “I am hardworking, smart and able to get a better job”. Using this positive, affirmative language will add weight to your desire

Wish on a Star Step 7

Step 4. Don't ask to change someone else

It is impossible to control or change people. Imagine if someone wanted you to fall in love, or for you to be more successful or beautiful. This is impossible, only you can control these things.

  • It is possible to make wishes on behalf of others. For example, you might ask "I wish so-and-so will move to the second round of selection in this week's interview."
  • Saying things like “I wish so-and-so had a prettier smile” or “I wish he'd stop watching so much football” doesn't work.

Method 3 of 3: Ordering

Wish on a Star Step 8

Step 1. Look for a shooting star

Once you're in the best spot you can find, look for a shooting star. Sit down comfortably and stare at the sky, making your request in mind.

Don't look at the sky for too long. Take a break every half hour to let your eyes get used to the dark

Wish on a Star Step 9

Step 2. Close your eyes when you feel like it

When you are lucky enough to see a shooting star, close your eyes before ordering and then say "My good star, light my way and give me strength to fulfill my wish." This is a Gypsy belief; Gypsies live traveling under the night sky and believe that the stars have the power to protect and lighten the darkness.

Wish on a Star Step 10

Step 3. Don't tell anyone what you asked for

This can reduce the chances of the wish coming true. If you're looking at the stars with a friend, say the wish in your mind so that he doesn't hear you. However, if you are alone, you can speak out loud, but only if no one is around.

Wish on a Star Step 11

Step 4. If you don't find a shooting star, choose the brightest one in the sky

Ordinary stars aren't known for ordering, but if you're not lucky enough to find one that's shooting, place your order for the brightest star you can find. It's better than nothing!

Wish on a Star Step 12

Step 5. Believe in your desire

It will only come true if you believe in it. After placing your order, keep thinking about it on the way home. The more positive energy you expend, the more likely it is to materialize.


  • Don't assume that your wish will come true instantly after doing it. Strive to make it happen.
  • Once you get what you want, you can tell everyone.


  • Be careful what you want!
  • It is important to choose the order well, as shooting stars are extremely rare.

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