3 Ways to Throw A Bible Away

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3 Ways to Throw A Bible Away
3 Ways to Throw A Bible Away

The Bible is the holiest book in Christianity. Due to its sacred status, many Christians (and even people from outside the religion) hesitate when disposing of it, as they do not want to mix it with common garbage. In general, Christian churches have no rules about disposing of the Bible, as long as the book is treated with respect and, if possible, used to serve God's greatest good.


Method 1 of 3: Reusing an Old Bible

Dispose of a Bible Step 1

Step 1. Donate it

If the Bible is in good condition, donate it to a person or institution that will put it to good use. Thus, another person will be able to experience the word of God thanks to his opportunity. Below are some ideas on who you might want to donate your Bible to:

  • Churches, who can donate the Bible to the needy.
  • Libraries, which can give away the book for free or sell it to raise funds.
  • Used stores, which can resell the Bible for a discount to those who really need it.
  • Christian shelters, which can offer prayer groups and Bible study classes to homeless people.
  • The Gideons, a missionary group dedicated to the free distribution of the Bible throughout the world.
  • Some other similar charity that distributes the Bible. For example, there are NGOs that send copies to countries where people are persecuted for reading the Bible.
Dispose of a Bible Step 2

Step 2. Restore it

Just because your book is old and worn doesn't mean it needs to stay that way. Professional book restorers can make your copy look new for a fee, of course. Some of these services can be done remotely, with you sending the book and getting it back.

This type of service is ideal if the Bible has any sentimental value to you. However, as the process is often expensive, it is not very good for regular Bibles

Dispose of a Bible Step 3

Step 3. Keep the Bible

You can also keep the Bible in a safe place to keep it from deteriorating further. Although not practical for everyday use, the Bible will continue to serve as a family heirloom, to be passed on to future generations.

This is a valid option if the Bible has sentimental value but repairing it is too expensive or too complicated

Method 2 of 3: Respectfully Destroying the Bible

Dispose of a Bible Step 4

Step 1. Show respect for the Bible

The book itself does not contain any special disposal instructions, and although the word of God is regarded by Christians as sacred and eternal, the physical record containing such words is not recognized as such. Still, with its millenary history, billions of devotees, and rich spiritual tradition, it's important to show respect for the book, even if you're not a Christian. Virtually any reasonable method of disposing of the Bible is adequate, as long as it is done with respect and good intentions.

  • To show respect, try reciting a prayer that has meaning to you as you discard the Bible. Obviously, this is not mandatory.
  • Never destroy a Bible with a deliberately irreverent method. While it is not necessarily a sin to treat a paper object with disrespect, it is a sin to deliberately mock the image of God.
Dispose of a Bible Step 5

Step 2. Bury the Bible

One way to dispose of an old Bible is to return it to the earth with a respectful burial. This process can have as much "involvement" as desired, but a simple burial is just as valid as one with more pomp and circumstance. Here are some ideas to consider for burial:

  • Gathering with family members in silent contemplation.
  • Pray while burying the Bible.
  • Ask a priest to bless the book.
  • Mark the burial site for identification.
Dispose of a Bible Step 6

Step 3. Cream the Bible

Another way to discard a Bible is to respectfully cremate it, similar to how many national flags are discarded. Although people who seek to disrespect or profane the word of God burn the book, there is nothing inherently wrong with the physical act of burning a Bible, as long as it is done with solemnity and respect. In general, it is best to build a fire that is large enough and carefully set the book to burn. Watch the act until the end.

As stated above, recite a prayer or silently reflect as you watch the Bible burn

Dispose of a Bible Step 7

Step 4. Recycle the Bible

Finally, remember that the book is made of paper and can be recycled. This is a great option for those interested in serving God while preserving the natural beauty of the plan, as recycling reduces the need for deforestation for new publications.

However, for many people, "throwing away" the Bible along with piles of recycling paper may seem wrong, despite its intentions. In this case, you can create a special wrapper to separate the Bible from the rest of the garbage, placing it inside its own bag or box

Dispose of a Bible Step 8

Step 5. In special cases, ask a member of your church for advice

Although most Christian churches accept virtually all methods of disposing of the Bible, as long as they are done with good intentions and respect, there are institutions that believe it is sinful to destroy the physical receptacle of God's words, regardless of the method used. If this is your belief, consult with a church member to learn how to dispose of the book according to the rules of your religion.

In that case, follow the advice in this article only after receiving confirmation from a high-ranking member of your church

Method 3 of 3: Burying or Cremating a Bible

Dispose of a Bible Step 9

Step 1. Leave specific instructions in your will for disposing of your Bible

It is important for your family to know where these instructions are.

If you have funeral insurance, talk to your realtor and let them know of your desire to be buried or cremated with the Bible

Dispose of a Bible Step 10

Step 2. Indicate in your will where the Bible is usually kept in your home

This is important if you have more than one copy at home.

Dispose of a Bible Step 11

Step 3. Place the Bible on the lap of the deceased if the funeral has an open casket

Dispose of a Bible Step 12

Step 4. Ask to be buried or cremated with the Bible in case of death


  • Many Christians believe that the content of the Bible is what makes it sacred, not the paper and ink. Therefore, for them, the book can be discarded like any other publication.
  • If you no longer want the Bible, how about donating it to whoever wants it or to a religious institution? If you don't know anyone, look for a recycling group in your region and see if they are interested in collecting your copy.
  • Some people believe that the Bible should be discarded with the same honors given to the national flag.
  • Flip through the Bible and check the notes on the pages before disposing of it. If the book was given to you by your parents, it's possible they've marked things on the sheets. Many people record important events such as births, marriages, and deaths in the family in their Bibles. If so, you may end up choosing to preserve this information.
  • Jacquelyn Sapiie, supervisor of American Biblical Society Library Services, offers the following advice. disposing of a Bible is difficult for many people. It is a good idea, therefore, to find a way to recycle it, as this is an honorable act that is quite adequate for a book like the Bible."


  • Remember not to worship the Bible. If you are a Christian, your focus should be on worshiping God, not the book.
  • The Holy Bible is a dull book for millions of people, and disrespectfully disposing of it can end up offending someone.

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