3 Ways to Cleanse Your Spirit

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3 Ways to Cleanse Your Spirit
3 Ways to Cleanse Your Spirit

Spirit cleansing helps to get rid of spiritual obstructions or the anguish caused by doubts and negative energies. If done regularly, it can help in spiritual evolution. Cleansing rituals and cleansing baths are the two main ways of cleansing the spirit. In addition to that, you can meditate or pray.


Method 1 of 3: Performing a Cleansing Ritual

Cleanse Your Spirit Step 1

Step 1. Find a quiet environment that is free from distractions and where you can sit or lie down comfortably

The room doesn't have to be big. In fact, you can use the corner of a room, for example. Clear the place of any mess so that you are not distracted.

If you can't find a suitable place, consider doing the ritual in an open place, which also provides a connection with nature and helps channel positive energies

Cleanse Your Spirit Step 2

Step 2. Smoke yourself and the environment where the ritual will take place

Place the herbs of your choice in a heatproof bowl or abalone ladle, light them and, using a feather or your hand, pass the smoke over your body from head to toe. Then spread the smoke around the room. Some herbs that can be used in smoking:

  • Sage, for purification;
  • Cedar, for positive energies;
  • Açoro, for cleaning;
  • Palo-santo, for clarity and guidance.


you may prefer to use an incense, available at mystical artifact stores and online. Hold it in your hand or place it in an abalone shell.

Cleanse Your Spirit Step 3

Step 3. Arrange your supplies as you prefer on the floor, on a table or on a sheet

Customarily, one leaves the candle in the south, the incense or herbs in the east, the salt in the north and the water bowl in the west. Light the incense or bunch of herbs so the smoke fills the room. Any other objects, such as the empty bowl, must be in the center. Some of the objects you can use:

  • White candle;
  • Incense;
  • Bowl or glass of water;
  • Salt;
  • Empty bowl;
  • Paper;
  • Pen.
Cleanse Your Spirit Step 4

Step 4. Sit comfortably on the floor, pillow or chair and picture your intention

Close your eyes and focus on the purpose of dispelling negative energies or blockages that are making your life difficult.

  • Focusing on your breathing can help. Count your in-breaths and out-breaths to clear your mind.
  • Affirm your intention: "I will release myself from all negativity" or "With this ritual I will cleanse myself of negative energies and obstructions", for example.
Cleanse Your Spirit Step 5

Step 5. Light the candle with a lighter, matchstick or incense and let it burn until it spontaneously goes out

Reflect on your desire to get rid of obstructions and negative energies, allowing the candle to burn throughout the ritual. For best results, let it go off on its own.

White candles are most recommended as they represent positive energies. But it is also possible to use a black candle, symbolizing the negative energies you would like to dissipate

Cleanse Your Spirit Step 6

Step 6. Pick up your paper and pen and list the negative energy sources or obstructions you would like to remove from your life

The list can consist of generic items (negativity, melancholy) or specific items (fear of failure, envy of your friend).

Another option is to mentalize or say out loud the sources of negativity and blockages you are dealing with


use a raw egg instead of paper to purge the bad energy. Put the egg in contact with your forehead and imagine transferring all your negative energy to it. Break it in the empty bowl to dissipate bad energy.

Cleanse Your Spirit Step 7

Step 7. Mentalize the negative energy dissipating

Hold up your list or place it near the empty bowl. Close your eyes and imagine the items listed falling apart or disappearing, and all their weight being removed from your shoulders.

Affirm your intention to free yourself from these problems: "I'm letting go of fear, envy and negativity"; "I'm banishing all negativity from my life."

Cleanse Your Spirit Step 8

Step 8. Burn the list to dissipate negative energy

Open your eyes and place the edge of the paper over the candle flame until it catches fire, then pass it into the heat-resistant bowl. Watch it reduce itself to ashes, always mentalizing the negative energy and the obstructions being blown away with the smoke.

Keep a bowl of water nearby in case the fire gets out of control or lingers after the paper burns out

Cleanse Your Spirit Step 9

Step 9. Meditate until you feel ready to complete the ritual

Close your eyes and calm your mind by focusing on your breathing. Continue sitting, meditating, and complete the ritual when you feel ready to resume your usual activities.

Let the candle burn to the end if possible. If you need to delete it, do so when you feel ready to complete the ritual

Method 2 of 3: Taking a Purifying Bath

Cleanse Your Spirit Step 10

Step 1. Take a shower so as not to contaminate the ritual water with impurities from your body

Wash with liquid or solid soap and get ready for the ritual. Take advantage of the shower to focus on your spirit-clearing purpose.

You could mentally repeat a mantra - "I reject all negativity so that my spirit soars" or "All my worries and fears go away with this water", for example


the last Friday before the full moon is the best day for a magical bath, even though it can be done whenever spiritual purification proves necessary.

Cleanse Your Spirit Step 11

Step 2. Fill the bathtub with warm water

Test the water temperature with the back of your hand before stepping into the tub so you don't get burned.

  • Allow the water to cool down if it is too hot.
  • If it's too cold, drain some of the water and add more hot water.
Cleanse Your Spirit Step 12

Step 3. Pour in 1 cup of tea (270 g) of bath salts to intensify the cleansing effect

Salt, often used in purification rituals, is perfect for spiritual cleansing. You can use regular salt or a bath salt for energy discharge. Pour it into the water and shake it with your arm so that it dissolves. Some salts you can use:

  • Himalayan salt;
  • Whole sea salt;
  • Epsom salt.


do not use table salt, which is devoid of minerals and has anti-caking agents that should not be included in your bath.

Cleanse Your Spirit Step 13

Step 4. For best results, use herbs and essential oils in conjunction with salt

The aroma increases the efficiency of the ritual, and some herbs are endowed with specific purifying effects. You can use just one herb or oil alone or create a mixture. If you are going to use an oil, pour three to five drops of it into the bathtub. If you are going to use herbs, sprinkle them in water. You can use:

  • Lavender in oil or dehydrated;
  • Rosemary in oil or dehydrated (not recommended for pregnant women);
  • Vetiver oil;
  • Cedar Oil;
  • rose oil;
  • Rose petals;
  • Dehydrated sage.


crystals such as quartz, rose quartz, black tourmaline or amethyst can be added to the bath and enhance the purifying effect.

Cleanse Your Spirit Step 14

Step 5. Stay in water for 20~30 minutes

Get in the tub, soak as much as you can and relax. Close your eyes and focus on your desire to clear your spirit.

Focusing on your breathing will help you become aware of your body and its current state, making meditation easier

Cleanse Your Spirit Step 15

Step 6. Meditate on the energies you want to get rid of

Breathe slowly and deeply as you meditate on your purpose and your reasons for desiring purification. Imagine your afflictions, negativity and your spiritual block dissolving into the water.

You can pray or plead for spiritual help while bathing

Cleanse Your Spirit Step 16

Step 7. Allow your body to air dry

When you feel like it's time, finish the ritual by stepping out of the bath and, instead of drying yourself with a towel, wait for the water to naturally evaporate from your skin, which is part of the cleansing process.

It's okay if you want to wear a robe, but don't dry yourself

Cleanse Your Spirit Step 17

Step 8. Do the cleansing bath once a week at most

The ideal frequency would be once a month, but it can be weekly in spiritually troubled times. Bathing too often will weaken your spirit.

Try to find the ideal frequency for you

Method 3 of 3: Purifying Yourself with Prayer or Meditation

Cleanse Your Spirit Step 18

Step 1. Meditate for 30 minutes to get rid of worries

Meditation helps to center the mind and dissipate stress, aiding, collaterally, in clearing the spirit. To meditate, just sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Inhale slowly and deeply as you relax your body. If your thoughts wander, bring them back to your breathing.

  • If you like, repeat a mantra: "I am free from all negativity" or "I am free from all worries."
  • Place incense or candles in the room, if desired.
  • You can search for apps - such as Timer, Headspace and Insight Timer - or guided meditation videos on the internet.
Cleanse Your Spirit Step 19

Step 2. Repeat a mantra that helps you get rid of negative energy

Mantras help to imprint a purpose in the mind and memory. Compose a sentence that reflects your intention to cleanse your spirit of bad energies and repeat it when you are afflicted.

Some examples: "My spirit is relieved", "May my spirit be purified", "With generosity, I give up everything that holds me back"

Cleanse Your Spirit Step 20

Step 3. pray, if you are religious.

Following your beliefs, pray in prayer for your spirit to be purified. Ask your god or goddess for guidance and deliverance from what is tormenting you. Finish by thanking you for the light and help.

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