How to Excite a Girl with Words: 13 Steps

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How to Excite a Girl with Words: 13 Steps
How to Excite a Girl with Words: 13 Steps

All girls are different and get turned on by different things, so you need to individualize the things you say to your girlfriend. However, there are some words that can turn almost any girl on depending on the stage of your relationship. You need to have plenty of time on your hands, as a slower, sexier pace will yield much better results than something done in a hurry.


Part 1 of 2: Making it Happen

Turn a Girl on With Words Step 1

Step 1. Act in person

When you're turning a girl on with words, it's important that she can hear your voice; do not try to achieve the same effect through WhatsApp, Facebook or SMS. You may even get some effect, but it won't be as intense as what your voice produces.

Use a deep tone of voice. Studies show that men with deep voices have more sexual partners, as women find this tone attractive. Of course you won't lower your voice too much: you won't sound natural and the girl won't be turned on. Still, try to lower your voice a little when you approach the girl

Turn a Girl on With Words Step 2

Step 2. Create the mood

When you start talking, it's important to create a mood for the entire conversation by saying things like, "I can't stop thinking about you" or "I've been waiting all day to hear your voice." You will establish greater proximity and create a romantic and intimate atmosphere. Stay in a sexy place with your girl and be alone with her; arousing her in public might be a bad idea.

  • Other things to say are, "I never thought I could feel something this intense, but I missed you so much" or "You look beautiful." Be short and sweet; too elaborate a compliment can go wrong and be misinterpreted by her.
  • Don't compare her to other women. Even if it's to say she's smarter or prettier or fun: avoid comparisons. A comparison will make her understand that you are thinking of other women. She wants you to think only about her. When you bring another woman's name into the conversation, the girl won't be turned on.
Turn a Girl on With Words Step 3

Step 3. Ask a good question

Ask questions that usually elicit long answers: "But then tell me what you did today" or "What exciting have you planned for the weekend?" The girl will be excited talking about her day and you will demonstrate that you care.

  • A good question will show that you are interested in what the girl has to say. Women want to be sexy and interesting; for them, a good conversation is a good start to a relationship.
  • If she gives a short answer, bombard her with more questions, showing that you care and really want to understand her better. You must take an active and passive role: you must be active, asking questions whenever you can. Must be passive, acting as a listener all the time.
  • Be funny and fun when possible. Girls love a good mood. If you are in a good mood and like to have fun, so much the better! Look for and practice some jokes she might like, or start developing your own inside jokes with her. That way, you'll always have something to fall back on to make her laugh.
Turn a Girl on With Words Step 4

Step 4. Continue praising her when appropriate

If she asks how your day went, show her you were thinking about her. Praise her characteristics. However, don't say something too disgusting or heavy. Something like "I couldn't stop thinking about you and your charming smile" will do.

  • Let the conversation roll by asking about her and showing interest in her answers. Small compliments used strategically will start to excite the girl. Think of very specific compliments to make her feel special and use them in small doses.
  • Girls like it when you notice some characteristic of them that they themselves like. So if you know she likes the color of her eyes, praise them ("I love the way your eyes sparkle when you smile"). If she likes your hair, say something like "Your hair looks so soft and well groomed. It makes your face beautiful."
  • Start with slightly sexier compliments. If she says things like "Stop" or "You don't think that" while laughing, keep investing. You are definitely on the right track.
Turn a Girl on With Words Step 5

Step 5. Now you can start describing the things you want to do with her

Be romantic and sensual, not depraved and rude. You need to prepare the ground before you start investing in bolder words.

  • You'll need to build your own suggestions and compliments, but an example might be: "I really want to run my fingers through your hair while we kiss. To stroke your back while I nibble your neck. Explore your beautiful body with the tips of mine fingers", etc. Be creative. Create really exciting mental images. Create a positive expectation.
  • Here are some other compliments you can use: "I thought of you when I woke up today. Just like I did when I went to sleep last night. Do you know what I was thinking? About us cuddling in bed together. It makes me happy.".
  • Something else you can say: "You give me the creeps. Every time you touch me, I go crazy inside and I know only you can make me like this. No one else can. Even a smile from you can distract me in a yummy way”.
Turn a Girl on With Words Step 6

Step 6. Make her feel special

In your own way, make her feel like the sexiest woman in the world. Get her to have sexier thoughts involving you. You won't get out of her head after the conversation is over. In fact, that's what matters: if you can create an emotional bond with the girl, she will feel loved and much more willing to invest in a relationship with you.

While trying to excite the girl with your words, try to demonstrate to her that you wouldn't give all those compliments to any other girl. Make her see how lucky you feel to be with her

Part 2 of 2: Warming Up the Relationship

Turn a Girl on With Words Step 7

Step 1. Say you want her

These simple words can really set the mood between the two of you: "I want you" You can try other variations, but these words are enough to demonstrate that you want something more with the girl, turning her on. Look into the eyes and show that you are not shy about showing your desire. Here are some other things you can say:

  • "I want you so much now."
  • "I've been wanting you all day."
  • "I've never wanted you this much in my life."
  • "Your dress makes me want to be with you all day today."
Turn a Girl on With Words Step 8

Step 2. Say something nice about your body

As you progress, compliment your girl's body in a more sensual way. Start complimenting other parts of the girl's body if she's heavily involved in exchanging compliments and seems willing to listen to spicier words. Be careful not to sound offensive and don't take things to the low end. Here are some suggestions of what to say:

  • "Your breasts look great in that dress."
  • "Your legs are amazing."
  • "I love the movement of your hips."
Turn a Girl on With Words Step 9

Step 3. Tell her what you want to do with her

Now that you've described what you want to do with the girl's body, take it a step further and tell her what you would like to do with her. You can be a little dirtier, but in general just say enough to make her imagine what it's like to be touched by your hands, which should be more than enough to excite her. Here are some things you can say:

  • "I want to run my hand on your thighs."
  • "I can't wait to kiss the back of your neck."
  • "I want to touch and kiss every part of your body."
Turn a Girl on With Words Step 10

Step 4. Tell her what you want her to do with you

Demonstrate that you are also aroused through words. Thus, you stimulate the girl's imagination and make her even more excited. Be careful not to negatively surprise her with something too bold (like a fetish) and not too low. Here are some things you can tell her:

  • "I want you to take my shirt off."
  • "I want you to kiss my body."
  • "Lie on top of me and feel my neck with your mouth."
Turn a Girl on With Words Step 11

Step 5. Describe how you feel about her physically

If you want to turn her on, you shouldn't be shy about telling the girl that you get turned on just thinking about her. The fact that you reveal that you're horny just being around her will make her horny.

  • "I get turned on just being around you."
  • "You make me very excited."
  • “I feel my body tingling with desire. I feel great when I'm around you.”
Turn a Girl on With Words Step 12

Step 6. Reveal your fantasies

Another way to turn your girl on is to confess to her some of the fantasies you have about her. Perhaps they involve some acting; maybe they involve something you want to do to her in bed (or vice versa); or it could be about a place where you've always wanted to get laid. Don't be afraid to share your nasty wishes and you'll have the courage to carry them out with her.

Let her reveal her fantasies too. Both will be even more excited

Turn a Girl on With Words Step 13

Step 7. Consider sending a message later to keep the mood sexy

While it's best to turn a girl on with words in person, you can keep her turned on by sending a sexy text message later in the day. In this way, you demonstrate that you are still thinking about her and your body. Be sweet and simple, but still show a subtle slutty to get her excited and ready for her next date. Here are some things you can say:

  • “I can't stop thinking about what happened last night. I can't wait to see you again.”
  • "When I close my eyes, all I see is your body."
  • “It was great talking to you yesterday. I can't wait to be able to repeat the dose, just hugging you.”


  • Don't be repetitive with praise. If you're repetitive, the girl will think you just want sex.
  • Be creative and show that you are interested in the girl. If she's shy, start being romantic and hold her hand. Remember: when you're too perverted, the relationship can end.
  • Start slowly and proceed slowly to avoid awkward silences.
  • If the girl is silent or doesn't know what to say, it means she may be confused by your excitement. At the same time, she may have liked what you said immensely. You will need to judge through a light touch or a sensual remark.
  • Don't praise her too much. The excess will make the girl cautious, ruining her chances of a future relationship.
  • You'll need a confident, sexy voice for the tips to work.


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