4 Ways to Attract a Cancer Man

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4 Ways to Attract a Cancer Man
4 Ways to Attract a Cancer Man

Cancer men are complex members of the zodiac family. Shy and withdrawn, they will only be attracted to women who know how to insert themselves in their lives. On the other hand, most men with cancer appreciate women who let them take on the traditional male role in a relationship, so you may need to hand over the reins of the relationship to allow it to flow.


Method 1 of 4: Appealing to Family Love

Attract a Cancer Man Step 1

Step 1. Most men of the Cancer sign are attracted to highly feminine women in a very traditional way

Unconsciously, they will look for women who fit the traditional stereotype of partners and mothers. Her appearance and mannerisms must ooze femininity.

  • Put on a sexy, glamorous outfit before approaching him, like a dress that shows off your curves. Floral perfumes and classic essences such as rose scent can also create the perfect feminine atmosphere around you.
  • Avoid acting like a man around him, firing dirty and witty jokes.
Attract a Cancer Man Step 2

Step 2. Show off your household skills

Once you get to know him a little better, take the initiative and show your ability to maintain a house in a very traditional way. One of the easiest ways to do this is through the kitchen. Cook him a meal, or invite him to make a complex recipe with you.

Remember, though, that Cancer men are somewhat introverted, and they can resist very sudden displays of affection. Inviting him to your home for a meal the first time you meet him could result in rejection. Wait until you establish some kind of bond with him before taking any such initiative

Attract a Cancer Man Step 3

Step 3. Emphasize love for the family

You should talk about the love you feel for your current family, about getting married and starting your own family. Cancer men often dream of having children one day; manifesting this desire can be of great help.

  • When talking about your current family, focus on the mother's side. Talk about things you learned from your mother or the time you spend with her often. Generally, men of this sign are real mother's children; if your love for your family rivals his, you will be able to create a bond between you.
  • Also talk about pleasant childhood memories.
Attract a Cancer Man Step 4

Step 4. Connect with the people close to him

As long as the Cancer sign has a functioning family, he will likely be very close to it. The sooner you get to meet his family, the sooner you can attract him as a potential partner.

  • The best ally you could want in your quest for conquest is his mother.
  • If he doesn't have a good relationship with his family, it's probably not his fault. When this happens, men of the sign of Cancer tend to understand their friends as their second family. In this case, your best bet is to get along with your friends. Focus on his friends; getting too close to male friends can make him distrust your affection.
Attract a Cancer Man Step 5

Step 5. Talk about his family in a positive way

Invite him to talk about his own family and other related topics. Always do it positively, and avoid anything that might sound like an insult to a loved one.

  • For example, if he and mom share some similarities, tell him so.
  • You might also try to compliment the relationship he has with his siblings, or suggest that a particular family member might enjoy a restaurant you've visited, or something like that.

Method 2 of 4: Appealing to the Organized Side of Cancer

Attract a Cancer Man Step 6

Step 1. Keep an appearance of cleanliness and organization

Cancerians are calm and orderly. As such, women who can be equally organized will generally find more attractive. While you can't match his sense of organization, your home should always be clean.

In other words, don't invite him into your personal space if your desk is covered in papers, or if your apartment is covered in laundry. You don't need to have everything labeled and filed, but a basic cleanup and organization will be a big step

Attract a Cancer Man Step 7

Step 2. Ask him to help you organize your space

If you have a cluttered area, say so before he finds out on his own, asking him to help you organize the place. The appeal of this request is threefold: you will make it feel needed, it will appeal to your natural love of organization, and you will demonstrate a desire to become less complicated and more organized.

Attract a Cancer Man Step 8

Step 3. Avoid spontaneity

An occasional romantic surprise is fine, but as a general rule, avoid making any sudden suggestions or demanding something without any warning. Cancerians keep all aspects of their lives organized. This includes both physical and intangible space.

Method 3 of 4: Appealing to the Needy Side

Attract a Cancer Man Step 9

Step 1. Ask for help

Cancerians like to take on the traditional male role of provider and protector. Allow him to help you with something. It doesn't have to be a big deal; choose any task that allows him to perform exceptionally, that highlights one of his abilities.

Ask for help when you move into a new office or apartment, or if you're buying a new car. If no such situation presents itself, look for minor excuses. For example, ask him for his opinion about a dilemma at work, even if you've secretly solved the problem yourself

Attract a Cancer Man Step 10

Step 2. Satisfy his desire for affection

While Cancerians like to take on a traditional male role, they are also in touch with their emotions. These men crave love on an emotional level, so don't be afraid to shower them with affection. The more your actions demonstrate your affection, the better rewarded you will be.

Attract a Cancer Man Step 11

Step 3. Give praise

Offer a kind word about his looks, his abilities, the way he makes you feel. It will make him feel good about himself, while appreciating the fact that a woman like you can see so many qualities in him.

However, the compliments must be genuine and subtle. If a Cancer suspects you're being fake, he might walk away from you

Attract a Cancer Man Step 12

Step 4. Share your feelings

Since Cancerians tend to be emotional, they also tend to be attracted to women who can be equally expressive in their emotions, if not more so. Also, showing your own willingness to open up can demonstrate how much you want or need him in your life.

Remember that Cancer tends to be insecure. The quickest way to establish a sense of emotional security is to make the first foray into this area

Attract a Cancer Man Step 13

Step 5. Don't try to contradict him

We all make mistakes, and the man with the sign of Cancer is no exception. That said, since Cancers are so emotionally reactive, they tend to attack when they are directly contradicted or harshly corrected.

  • When you need to correct it, be polite and persuasive. Use reason alone to prove your point, and try not to get emotional or overreact.
  • When he gets angry or upset, don't react in the same way. Expect him to calm down on his own, rather than trying to force him to calm down.

Method 4 of 4: Encouraging Trust

Attract a Cancer Man Step 14

Step 1. Stay in sight

Cancer often doesn't feel true attraction easily. You'll need to be in his field of vision often to get really noticed.

Attract a Cancer Man Step 15

Step 2. Take the first step

Cancerians tend to be shy, so muster up your courage and approach him first. The key is to present yourself non-aggressively. Introduce yourself and fix your existence in his mind, but never force your way into his personal space, especially if he seems uncomfortable.

You will need to be firm, but indirectly. Persistence is important here. Continually show that you are genuinely interested in him, that you are working hard to get closer. Cancerians can be a little insecure, but once you've allayed the insecurities and demonstrated that your interest is real and lasting, they'll feel good enough to develop an affection for you

Attract a Cancer Man Step 16

Step 3. Never confess your feelings directly

Dealing with a Cancer can be a challenge to your patience. As someone who likes to take on the traditional male role in a relationship, he will likely want to confess his feelings first, and may find you less attractive if you do. However, you have to make your feelings obviously clear so that he has no reason to doubt your attraction.

Attract a Cancer Man Step 17

Step 4. Be a good listener

Cancerians are attracted to women who share their feelings, but you will be even more attractive if you demonstrate that you are a good listener. It needs to open up at its own pace, and that can take a long time; you will need to be a trustworthy person throughout the process.

Occasionally, you must demonstrate that you are an active listener. Remember his birthday or any other special day. If he talks about something that's going to happen at work in a few days, ask him how it went after the event is over

Attract a Cancer Man Step 18

Step 5. Avoid arousing jealousy

You might be tempted to test his feelings by flirting with other guys, but doing so could damage or kill any attraction he has or might have for you. Cancer men need to feel that they can completely trust their partners. If you give the slightest reason for doubt, he may disqualify you as a potential partner.

Attract a Cancer Man Step 19

Step 6. Prepare for your possessiveness

Once a Cancer starts to feel attracted to you, he will likely become noticeably more possessive. If you want to cultivate this growing attraction, you will need to find ways to deal with his invasion of your personal space. If you stop him, he'll probably stay away forever.

Of course, you should always keep your needs in mind when considering a potential relationship, even if it scares off the guy you're interested in. If his possessiveness becomes dangerous or unnerving, walk away and don't look back. Even if your possessiveness seems innocent and harmless, you shouldn't be negatively affected by it

Attract a Cancer Man Step 20

Step 7. Prepare for a long-term relationship

. If you're hoping to attract a man with cancer for one night, you're probably after the wrong guy. His aversion to sudden actions and his dedication to his family make Cancer a poor candidate for short-term relationships. If you want to attract him in hopes of starting a long-term relationship, however, you will likely be very successful.

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