How to Understand the Games Men Play: 9 Steps

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How to Understand the Games Men Play: 9 Steps
How to Understand the Games Men Play: 9 Steps

You meet a nice guy and things are going well. You give him your number, but he doesn't hear from you for a week. Then he cancels the last-minute plans for no good reason. He asks you out with his friends and then you're in a bar watching a football game. He stops responding to your messages and doesn't call when he says he's going to call. Men play many kinds of games and this article will help you understand them.


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Step 1. Men and women are completely different creatures

They think, eat and talk differently. Once you understand this, things will be much easier. Don't overinterpret anything they say or do. It's usually not that complicated.

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Step 2. Men will often test you to see how you handle things

If you stay calm and calm, you win. If you react too emotionally, he wins and can tell his friends how crazy you are. Surprise him and show him that you can control his emotions. Most women can't do that and he'll respect you a lot more if you're not yelling and slamming doors. If he puts you in a situation that makes you uncomfortable, talk to him about it.

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Step 3. Men like to get a little closer, then back away

When you accept that, things will be a lot easier. In the beginning, it will be perfect. It will open doors, pay for dinner and let you choose the movie. Afterwards, it gets tedious. He wants to change the routine, so he doesn't respond immediately to cause a reaction. If you freak out and give him the attention he wants, you're fueling his game. Do the same thing to him. Don't always be available. Have a life and remain an interesting person independent of any man.

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Step 4. Think before you speak

Men like to believe you're logical and women are emotional. While this may be true, it is not always the case. You can't take care of someone else if you can't take care of yourself. Don't give up your life for a guy. Never. Men's biggest complaint is that women let their lives revolve entirely around a guy. Don't be like that. Have hobbies, go out with your friends, cook, do what makes you happy and keeps you busy. If you find a man special enough, make time for him. That's what men do. They live life, and if they find a woman they like, they will fit her into their lives.

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Step 5. Sometimes a man will look at another woman to make you jealous

Most of the time, that doesn't mean he doesn't love you. Man acts like this because he wants to cause a reaction. If you give him the typical female reaction, you'll fall into a trap. If you catch him looking at another woman, acknowledge it and move on. Say “she is very beautiful” and change the subject. He won't know what to do.

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Step 6. Most men are straightforward

They say what they mean and mean it. If you do that too, communication will be totally different. Don't take hints and expect him to read your mind. If you want something, ask. If you're upset about something he did, talk to him, discuss the problem, and move on. Pouting and complaining won't help, and he won't know what he did wrong if you don't say anything.

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Step 7. A man will avoid you because he doesn't want to appear desperate or anxious

He won't respond to your message right away because he wants you to realize he has a life beyond you. It's important that you also have a life beyond him. Don't answer his calls right away, and if you already have plans with friends and he asks you out, don't cancel! It may sound shocking, but most women give up on what they're doing for a guy. A man wouldn't do that. He would be logical, stick to the original plans and arrange to go out with you another day.

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Step 8. If he's always late or doesn't show up, ask him to give you the same consideration he would a customer

This compares it to a work situation, which is logical. Then forget about it and move on. Women have a tendency to hit the same key over and over again, and that's very irritating. If he cancels again, make other plans and stick with them.

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Step 9. Men love a challenge

They want what they can't have. That's why they try so hard at first to impress her, and when they have you, it's like they don't have any more incentive. You need to give him that encouragement. If you're going out with friends or doing something, dress up and put on makeup. Never forget yourself. Always let him see you for the wonderful woman you are. Make him think he might lose you, so he's always working hard to keep you around.


  • Be strong and independent. Most men are attracted to women when they know they can live without them.
  • If you don't normally wear makeup, don't start using it to impress him; if it's not your style, don't pretend.
  • When a man does something you don't like, don't react until you think about what made him do it. Be logical and calm. Take some time to formulate an answer.
  • Don't hate the player or the game. Learn the rules and you will win!
  • Think about how men react to things. So think about how you responded to a bad situation. Do you see the difference?
  • Have a life of your own. This can be difficult. You must be available, but you must also step back. Don't get involved in the game. It takes practice, but after a while it won't be a game anymore. You are an individual entity and things happen when they should. Conduct the process, but don't force it.


  • Don't be needy or clingy. Calling too much or always wanting to know what he's doing is his mother's role.
  • Don't be too indifferent. Show some interest, then back off; this makes him go after, looking for more. That's what men do.
  • Don't talk bad about men or say things like "All men are idiots". He won't like your attitude and can judge you. You wouldn't want to be around a man who hates women, would you?

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