3 Ways to Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy

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3 Ways to Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy
3 Ways to Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy

Driving your boyfriend crazy is a guaranteed way to make your relationship more fun, dynamic and sensual. If you want to do this to make him want you even more, you need to be sassy, ​​adventurous and sensual to keep things exciting and new all the time. If you want to learn how to drive him crazy quickly, follow the Steps below.


Method 1 of 3: Be cheeky

Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy Step 13

Step 1. Surprise him in the bath

This is a delicious and spontaneous way to please your partner. Before he gets in the shower, kiss him, remind him how sexy you think he is, and say something provocative to make him want you. Say "Have fun naked there" while wearing something provocative.

  • Let him in the shower and wait a few seconds to knock on the door - be careful not to scare him.
  • Say you are undressing and would like to shower, too.
  • Get in the shower and start kissing and stroking him. See how excited he gets about it.
Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy Step 14

Step 2. Be the boss once in a while

Pick a night to completely control him, drag him down the stairs, throw him on the bed, and tell him exactly what you want him to do. Don't take no for an answer - as long as he seems to consent - and don't smile or step out of character. Be firm about what you want and see how excited he will be.

  • Take him to his room, tell him to lie down and control him. If you want something, ask.
  • Have a good time. Hold on to him and don't back down if he asks for mercy – unless he's serious, of course.
Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy Step 15

Step 3. Send erotic messages

You might think this is something silly, but this is a great way to remind yourself of how sensual you are from a distance. If you need to be away for a few days, send some sensual messages to increase his desire for you.

  • Choose a time when you will both be alone and unoccupied, preferably overnight.
  • Send a message a few hours before you find him. Saying "I want you" or "I can't stop thinking about last night" will keep her fresh in his mind.
  • Ask him what he's wearing or tell him what you're wearing.
  • Say "It's so hot in here" and then send another message letting him know you've taken off some clothing.
Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy Step 16

Step 4. Speak dirty

When they're in a make-out session, drop a slutty phrase to drive him crazy. You don't have to think about it too much – just say how much you love what he's doing, that you love his body, and what you want him to do. These are some things you can say:

  • "I love it when you kiss my neck."
  • "I've been thinking about your hug all day."
  • "You look so good without a shirt on."
  • "I want you to take off my bra."
Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy Step 17

Step 5. Do a striptease

Striptease is not exclusive to strippers. Darken the room, put your partner to bed, and walk around with your head held high. Wear sexy lingerie and high heels, and cover yourself with a button-down shirt or sexy dress that can be easily removed. Then start undressing as you dance on a chair so that your partner observes your body fully.

  • As you remove some clothes, throw them to your boyfriend.
  • Place one foot on the chair so your boyfriend can admire your legs.
  • Turn onto your back, rotate your hips and lean over so he can see your body from behind.
  • Have a good time. Keep a smile on your face and don't take the situation too seriously.
Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy Step 18

Step 6. Do an erotic dance

Put your partner on a chair, put on some lively, sensual music and have fun dancing around him, leaning over him and teasing him. Let him get a good look at your body.

  • You can kiss him a little to tease him, but he'll be even more turned on if you play hard to get.
  • Don't let him touch you. Make it clear that you are in control of the situation to drive him crazy.

Method 2 of 3: Be Sensual

Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy Step 1

Step 1. Look sexy.

If you want to drive your boyfriend crazy, you must strive to be sensual. This doesn't mean that you should dress provocatively all the time or change your look just to excite him, but rather that you should try to liven things up with clothes and makeup so your boyfriend will notice you and want to take you somewhere private.

  • It is not necessary to use a lot of makeup. Try creating smoky eyes with a dark eye shadow and mascara. Use just a little shine or lip balm to draw attention to your lips.
  • You can look provocative without looking like a low-level person. Wear clothes that enhance your body and highlight your best attributes.
  • If you want to be really sexy, dress provocatively from time to time - or when you know you and your boyfriend will be alone. This will be a fun change that will leave you feeling down.
  • Buy some sexy underwear. The correct panties and a lacy bra can further excite your man.
Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy Step 2

Step 2. Tease it

If you want to drive your boyfriend crazy, you can't give him everything he wants all the time. Instead, tease him for a few minutes and back off, leaving him wanting more. If they're on a date, put your hand on his thigh or neck and walk away. If they are alone in the room, kiss and cuddle him before undressing.

  • You can also tease him by saying the right things. Say you know he wants you, but you're not sure you're in the mood - it will drive him crazy.
  • Praise his body and let him know how sexy he is. Then look at the ground or back away.
  • You can also tease him by stroking your own body. Say "That shirt is so tight" or "My breasts are too big in that bra" to make him want you.
  • If you're wearing sexy panties, lean over so he can see you. If you're wearing a lace bra, lean toward him so he has a better view of your cleavage.
Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy Step 3

Step 3. Be sexy in public

You can't just drive your boyfriend crazy when you're alone. Being sexy in public doesn't mean you should start a make-out session at the checkout counter, but rather that you should smile seductively and mention something that makes him want to take you to a private corner.

  • Don't be afraid to kiss him in public. Give a long kiss and walk away with a smile on your face.
  • It is also not necessary to play it all the time in public. Place your hand on his thigh or knee and rub his shoulder occasionally.
  • Get closer when you can, whether you're looking at a menu or watching a movie. Let him remember how good it is to be around you.
Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy Step 4

Step 4. Kiss him on the neck

This will drive him crazy and make him want to advance to the next level. While there's nothing wrong with the traditional kiss, the kiss on the neck will make him want you more. Have fun kissing the side of the neck or even nibbling on the ear. Go further and lick his neck before giving him a light puff.

  • If you're comfortable with your boyfriend, try nibbling lightly on his neck. This is sure to drive you crazy.
  • Alternate between kisses on the lips and neck.
Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy Step 5

Step 5. Give him a sensual massage

It's not necessary to plan this in depth: just wait for him to sit down to start stroking the muscles in his shoulders, increasing the pressure until he moans with pleasure. You can also do circular motions with your fingers on his head and temples as he moves toward his back.

  • A sensual massage is great in almost any circumstance, but it's even better if you turn off the lights, turn off the TV, and enjoy the moment.
  • You can turn a sensual massage into a sexual act. Go following his body with your hands and start kissing him on the neck.
  • If you like, you can ask him to give you a massage too.
Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy Step 6

Step 6. Add sensual foods into the equation

There are several foods that can make your relationship more romantic and sensual at the same time. Here are some things you can try:

  • Serve each other grapes.
  • Serve strawberries - dipped in chocolate or whipped cream - to each other.
  • Share a chocolate bar during sensual conversation.
  • Red wine always makes situations more sensual. If you are in doubt between beer and wine, opt for wine.
  • Sharing a chocolate or caramel dessert after dinner can set you both in the mood for something more.

Method 3 of 3: Be adventurous

Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy Step 7

Step 1. Stay in different places

If you want to drive your boyfriend crazy, you must be adventurous and willing to make love or make out in some new places. If you're always on the couch or in bed, you might end up falling into a rut, so cheer things up from time to time so your relationship always feels fresh. Here are some places to try:

  • Try to "baptize" a new room in the house by making love there.
  • Park the car in a private place with a good view to make out.
  • Go back to high school and kiss at the movies.
  • Take a sensual journey to be together in a whole new environment.
  • There's nothing wrong with sneaking out onto your friend's front porch during a party for a little kiss.
Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy Step 8

Step 2. Try some new moves in bed

You can be adventurous in the safety of your own home. If you always make love in the same position, try changing it next time. If you're always on top, try to turn the situation around from time to time. Make it a game of fun, just trying out new positions for a while before getting back to basics.

Trying out new moves is a great way to keep things lively between you two - but remember that you don't have to do anything you're not comfortable with

Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy Step 9

Step 3. Do new things together

You cannot always do the same things or the relationship will start to decay. Instead, find a way to keep up with the news and continue to excite your partner. Here are some things you can try:

  • Walk together. Enjoy each other's nature and company in a romantic way.
  • Camp together. This can be a romantic - and a fiery - outing if you and your partner are alone under the stars.
  • Play pool. Have fun leaning over the table and letting your body show for your partner.
  • Practice power yoga. Sweat together on yoga mats and enjoy each other's bodies.
Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy Step 10

Step 4. Explore new places together

Be adventurous to appreciate your relationship and your sexual chemistry from a new perspective as you explore new places. Travel to the beach, to the woods or just go for a walk on an unfamiliar street.

If you have the time and money, take a romantic trip. Being in a completely new environment with your partner will drive him crazy and make him see you in a new perspective

Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy Step 11

Step 5. Play roles

If you're not too shy, role-playing can be a great way to drive your boyfriend crazy. You can have fun with a variety of scenarios, such as pretending you're late for a party but can't let go, or even asking your boyfriend to pretend to be a stranger knocking on the door.

If you really want to drive him crazy, visit a sex shop together. Find some fantasies that move him and don't be ashamed of it

Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy Step 12

Step 6. Go dancing

Take a dance class or just visit a dance club with music you both like. Have fun leaning close to your partner, whispering in his ear and letting him explore your body. You can make this a monthly event knowing that it will take you straight to bed.

  • Look into his eyes when they're dancing. Let him know how much you want him.
  • If you take a dance class together, your adrenaline will soar.


  • Be playful, aggressive and affectionate all the time.
  • Look into his eyes before kissing him.
  • Be aggressive, but be comfortable with all situations.
  • Be romantic!
  • If he doesn't like to dance, don't force him.
  • Remember, if you don't know how to kiss or dance, look for specific articles about it on wikiHow.

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