How to Speak Sacanagem (with Pictures)

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How to Speak Sacanagem (with Pictures)
How to Speak Sacanagem (with Pictures)

Talking dirty is one of the best things to spice up a relationship and develop intimacy. Include moans, descriptions of what you like and provocative reassurances to drive your partner crazy (in a good way, of course) and do wonders for your married life!


Part 1 of 3: Starting the Chat

Talk Dirty Step 1

Step 1. Harmonize your voice

Use the most pleasurable and stimulating tone of voice you have. Speak slowly and be gentle. Don't talk the way you'd tell them to take out the trash, find out what your sexy tone is.

  • According to a study conducted at Albright College, consciously altering one's voice is easier for women than for men. You can speak normally if you are a man.
  • The slut's voice won't come out at first, so don't fuck with it. Start slowly, play, train when you're alone if you prefer. Practice leads to perfection!
Talk Dirty Step 3

Step 2. Start with discreet moans

Before leaving uttering obscenities, start moaning and making insinuating sounds, breathe more deeply and make it clear how good it feels. All the better if you already do this, but if you don't, start getting used to the idea of ​​using your vocal chords in an erotic way.

Encourage your partner to express themselves more as well, but without embarrassing them. It can be annoying to be the only explicit person in a relationship

Talk Dirty Step 4

Step 3. Give praise

Start with general things like how he looks, or how he satisfies you in bed. “I love to see you shirtless” or “What a treat to spend the night with you” are good and relatively simple options. Advance to specific parts of the body saying "Hmm, what strong arms" or "I'm crazy about your thighs". Make him feel wanted.

Talk Dirty Step 5

Step 4. Start with a light slut

Don't go so far as to talk about pornography, but nothing stops you from talking about the pleasure and lust you're feeling. Try to maintain teen-appropriate vocabulary in the beginning. Try:

  • "I'm really into you."
  • "I've wanted you and this moment all day."
  • "How good you smell!"
  • "I've looked forward to this so much."
  • "You're very sexy!”
  • "It's amazing how you can turn me on!"
Know It's the Right Time to Have Sex Step 14

Step 5. Don't take this as an act

It will only make you feel ashamed and insecure. Talking dirty is an authentic form of communication. Don't say anything you don't want or aren't feeling. Also, don't use words that make you uncomfortable and don't go further than you'd like.

Part 2 of 3: Talking More Specific Things

Talk Dirty Step 6

Step 1. Use the framework “I love it when you [verb] my/my [body part]”

She's perfect for starting the game. There are so many body parts and actions that can be combined in this formula that there's no way your partner can't be too excited. Here are some subtle ideas, but you can spice it up if you like:

  • "I love it when you kiss my neck."
  • "I love it when you stroke my thighs."
  • "I love it when you nibble my ear."
  • "I love the way you squeeze my back."
  • Be creative. This structure can be enhanced with variations. These same phrases can be said in other ways, like “It's delicious when you caress my thighs like that”, for example.
Talk Dirty Step 7

Step 2. Narrate the moment

Describe what you are doing. Use a sexy voice and act like a sensual commentator describing the meeting of two champions. Use the above formula like “I love it when you…” or “Your cuddling feels so good…” and continue with a description of what's happening right now. Verbalizing the act as it happens will heat things up quickly. Some examples are:

  • "I love getting on top of you."
  • "I love seeing you take your shirt off like that."
  • "I love kissing your neck."
  • "I'm taking my clothes off for you because I love doing it."
Talk Dirty Step 8

Step 3. Ask if your partner likes what you are doing

As the caresses continue, ask him if he thinks it tastes good. Don't say "Do you like this?" over and over again, be more specific and creative, ask him if he likes exactly what you're doing. Here are some examples:

  • "Do you like it when I put my hand here?"
  • "Do you like it when I kiss you like that?"
  • "Does it taste good when I do this?"
Talk Dirty Step 9

Step 4. Show your voluptuousness with words

Tell your partner how he turns you on. An “I'm so horny” can be enough to make a party better. Your partner will be much more “motivated” if they know you're enjoying yourself. The more accurate the better. Mention the private parts if you can.

Talk Dirty Step 10

Step 5. Keep making combinations

Don't forget to renew your chatter with new things, so you don't fall into the same thing. Don't just stick to one technique, use as many moves as you can to excite both of you.

Don't just say something tastes good. Say which part of your body likes this. When you like something so much that even your fingers feel it, speak

Talk Dirty Step 11

Step 6. Talk about your fantasies

Revealing spicy fantasies is a surefire tactic for talking dirty. Confess your perversions and find out if he can satisfy them. Loosen up and relax, especially if you are already intimate enough; if not, start being. Say what you've always wanted to do and watch him rave.

Take it easy. Take it easy at first if your preferences are really disturbing or illegal. You guys better be really close before you tell them you like heavy stuff

Talk Dirty Step 12

Step 7. Reveal your orgasm

Saying you feel orgasm coming will take you both high. In addition to developing more chemistry, the talking power you're about to enjoy is impressive. Talk and see for yourself.

Talk Dirty Step 13

Step 8. Tell your partner to do certain things

There's nothing wrong with playing a little “slave and master”. Say what you want him to do and show you're in charge, enjoy the pleasure. Start subtly, ask him to take off some of your or his clothing and develop as you go along.

  • Have no fear. Being the master implies giving orders, so say exactly what you want. It's not necessary to resort to aggressiveness, but you also don't need to be afraid to use a harsher tone of voice to make the game stay a little more realistic.
  • You can obey too. Once you've ordered and dismantled, it's time to give back. Do whatever your master tells you.

Part 3 of 3: Talking Slutty with Class

Talk Dirty Step 17

Step 1. Speak dirty only if you are sure you both like it

Not everyone is comfortable talking or listening to obscenities, even if many couples do. Don't force the situation if your partner doesn't feel like it. It will probably buckle.

It's important to point out that not everyone who likes to hear dirty also likes to talk. Although this is natural, if you don't want to talk to yourself, let it go, but if you want to talk just for your partner to hear, feel free

Talk Dirty Step 14

Step 2. Set limits

You don't start a relationship by talking seriously about what to say in bed and the expectations it entails; however, it's good to start by leaving some clear boundaries and preferences. When you have sex the obscenities will come out spontaneously, but it is always good to know what is offensive and what is not.

  • If your partner doesn't know and ends up calling you a nasty swear word in bed, don't take it personally and don't get upset; say “Please don't say that again” and if he repeats it, stop everything.
  • Talk about it after sex, especially if you're embarrassed to admit that something offended you. It's important that he understands what you mean.
Talk Dirty Step 15

Step 3. What is spoken between four walls must be kept inside

Just because you and your partner call each other certain names during sex doesn't mean they should call each other that way outside the bedroom. Nothing that is talked about in sex should be taken anywhere other than the bed.

It's normal to identify the roles you and your partner have taken on in bed, but that doesn't mean you should treat each other the same way outside of bed either – it's no indication of who's who in the relationship. Try to keep your balance

Talk Dirty Step 16

Step 4. Choose words wisely

Use common sense and avoid saying things that could be construed as offensive until you know each other better and have drawn the line. Start slowly and pay attention to what your partner responds to best. The rule works for both, it's best not to say something that might hurt you.

Talk Dirty Step 18

Step 5. Watch pornography for ideas

Those who are not used to talking dirty may have a hard time knowing where to start. Porn movies can be very extreme, but they can also be fun and yield a lot of ideas.

Watch porn movies together, but only if you're both comfortable with it. You will have a lot of ideas and get into the mood. Comment on what the actors are talking about and choose your favorite lines

Talk Dirty Step 19

Step 6. Be yourself

Talking dirty is part of bedroom play and shouldn't be done outside the bedroom (unless you both like the idea). The intention is to be a more naughty version of yourself. The more you like yourself, the more comfortable you will be and the easier it will be to talk dirty.


  • There's no secret: start talking about the things you like about him. Say exactly what's on your mind, he'll be excited and the ending will be very happy.
  • Don't talk dirty to strangers. This sort of thing is done with people you are intimate with, never with strangers. Be careful not to look like a disgusting pervert.
  • Do you feel like it, but don't have the courage to say spicy things? Know that it is not necessary to use profanity at this time, the simple act of moaning and panting is already a verbal indication that you are enjoying it. Say simple things like "This, like this!" or “I love it”. Your voice should matter more than the words themselves.

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