How to Surprise Your Girlfriend: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Surprise Your Girlfriend: 14 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Surprise Your Girlfriend: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

A busy day to day can make it difficult for a couple to show affection. To restore this habit, a great strategy is to surprise your partner and show your love creatively. In addition to keeping the flame of passion burning, it will make them realize how much they have left the other in the background. Plan a special night out with her, make a unique gift or dish your girlfriend loves!


Method 1 of 2: Crafting a Special Surprise

Surprise Your Girlfriend Step 1

Step 1. Write a love letter

Handwritten love letters have a far greater sentimental aspect than any e-mail, both for their romantic character and for the thoughtfulness employed. You may feel embarrassed to say certain things in person, and a letter is the perfect way to express them.

  • Spray a little of the perfume you normally use to make the letter smell like it.
  • Leave it somewhere that will surprise your girlfriend, such as near the lunch box before she leaves for work, or in a school notebook.
Surprise Your Girlfriend Step 2

Step 2. Say you want to help her relax

Make an entire day just to pamper and please her; eat meals, keep the house clean, give a massage. This can be done either at the end of the week or in the middle of the week.

This kind of surprise works best if you live together; however, there are other ways to pamper her if that's not the case. You can invite her to tea at a nice place after school, or give her a shoulder massage after the gym

Surprise Your Girlfriend Step 4

Step 3. Use a classic gift

A box of fine bonbons, a stuffed animal, jewelry, a bouquet of her favorite flowers, any traditional romantic gesture will certainly work. Remember to do something she likes.

For example, if she loves yellow roses, buy a beautiful bouquet; if she loves cherry liqueur candies, buy a box of them, or if she loves giraffes, buy a plush one

Surprise Your Girlfriend Step 5

Step 4. Decide on a personalized gift

Good ideas include a book by the author your girlfriend likes the most, the latest album by your favorite band, or tickets to a performance she really wants. This all shows that you pay attention to what she likes and it's not generic.

Surprise Your Girlfriend Step 6

Step 5. Burn a music CD

Burning a CD with the songs she likes the most is a charming gesture, especially if she uses public transport, walks or works out at the gym. Burn media with just her favorites, or something that has to do with your relationship, or songs that remind you of her.

If you want to add an even more personal touch, include an intimate message for her in the booklet or even at the end of the recording

Surprise Your Girlfriend Step 12

Step 6. Plan a date

Even if you're not a big fan, think of something she would love. For example, take her on a picnic; if this isn't her beach, take her to a rock concert, a shopping day at the mall, a walk in the Botanical Gardens or city park, go to a museum. Make an effort to remember something you always think about doing, but always put it off for another day.

Think of a release you've already wanted to watch, but for whatever reason, haven't seen it yet. Organize the times and choose the best date! Tell her you're free to go to the movies and ask her if she can – believe me, knowing you're free to do something together will get her excited

Surprise Your Girlfriend Step 14

Step 7. Build an album of your history

Fill it with memories of the times you spent together to surprise your girlfriend. A simple idea is to prepare the album with photos of different occasions that you shared, but you can spice it up with romantic notes too.

Include tickets to concerts, exhibitions and amusement parks they visited together, bottle labels they shared, dried flowers and other souvenir items for a more personal and rich album

Attract Any Man Step 12

Step 8. Try to surprise her with details

Seemingly small gestures are all about showing love and can rekindle the flame of passion. Look for opportunities throughout the day to show you care. You may:

  • Charging her cell phone battery without her noticing. If your partner always forgets to charge her cell phone, do it for her, like someone who doesn't want anything – it could be while watching a movie, or before leaving for home.
  • Give an unpretentious compliment. Your girlfriend will surely love to be surprised with a sincere compliment, especially when she least expects it. For example, tell her how beautiful she is as soon as they wake up, or express your admiration for her intellect when she talks about a book she is reading.
  • Leave a note in an unexpected place. A simple "You are the best!" or "Have a great day!" are enough to make her smile. Put the note in her calendar, or somewhere else she always moves.
Surprise Your Girlfriend Step 15

Step 9. Schedule an event

Not everyone likes surprise parties, but if you know your girlfriend does, don't miss out on this chance. This is a great way to surprise her, whether it's her birthday, graduation, or any other occasion. On the other hand, if she suffers from social anxiety, if she is shy or introverted, it might be better to think of something more intimate to show her love.

Also invite her family and friends, not just yours

Surprise Your Girlfriend Step 16

Step 10. Discover information for planning the perfect vacation

Think of a place she has already expressed an interest in visiting and research the destination. Look at travel agencies and see how much it would cost to spend a weekend for two. Collect the money and, when you have the necessary amount, surprise her with the vacation of her dreams. The place must be nice for both of you, not just one of you.

Method 2 of 2: Preparing an Amazing Meal

Surprise Your Girlfriend Step 8

Step 1. Be the chef

Few things are as romantic as a well-cooked home-cooked meal, especially if she is the one who always cooks. If you trust your cooking skills, make an elaborate dish; otherwise, make something simple like hot cheese or spaghetti. A good option is to make an enhanced breakfast; it doesn't have to have luxury hotel refinements, but something she really likes.

  • A good alternative if you are unsure about cooking alone is to invite her to do something together. In addition to being fun, this develops complicity and rapport, not to mention the romance involved in the gesture.
  • Clear the table, use matching cutlery and light some candles so the occasion doesn't end when the food is ready – the idea is to have a romantic and special night.
  • If you share a house with someone else, choose a night where everyone will be gone for at least an hour or two – ideally, you have privacy.
Surprise Your Girlfriend Step 9

Step 2. Surprise your girlfriend with lunch

Drop in at her work out of nowhere, or meet her at school with a snack or dish from her favorite place. Sandwiches and other homemade treats are also a good option; prepare a picnic basket and take it out to a nice open place to eat together.

Take her commitments into account. If she usually has her lunch break but this week is busy, the best thing to do is wait until a more favorable time

Surprise Your Girlfriend Step 10

Step 3. Take her out for a nice dinner

Pick something like a new restaurant with good references, or a favorite that you used to visit before but didn't go for a while. If you choose a new place, try to remember one that she has already expressed a desire to try, or that serves a type of food that she really likes.

Surprise Your Girlfriend Step 11

Step 4. Share a box of chocolates

If you find a super romantic gesture a bit exaggerated, take her to a specialized store and choose together a box of chocolates. Leave the box on the kitchen table and enjoy the chocolates together throughout the week, chatting, talking about the best chocolates and sharing bites. Romantic, simple and fun!


Ask a friend of your girlfriend's for help to find out if she's free on a certain date, or to find a place she's been dying to see, but without her knowing you asked. It is important that this person is trustworthy, so as not to spoil the surprise


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