How to Hang Out with Someone in a Movie Theater: 12 Steps

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How to Hang Out with Someone in a Movie Theater: 12 Steps
How to Hang Out with Someone in a Movie Theater: 12 Steps

Are you in the mood to hook up with someone - in a movie theater? There's nothing wrong with you. This romantic attitude is adopted by both teenagers and adults. And let's be honest - sometimes, there's no better place to be with someone than in the dark of a chilled movie theater, where there's a sexy vibe of closeness and anonymity. However, before you can take action, you need to set the tone and make sure the person you intend to kiss is prepared. If you want to know how to hook up with someone in a movie theater, read the following article to get started.


Part 1 of 2: Setting the stage

Make out in a Movie Theater Step 1

Step 1. Choose a movie that creates a favorable mood

If you want to have a great time at the movies, choose a movie that creates a romantic mood. You already know that you are going to the movies to date, not to see the last Oscar nominee give a breathtaking performance. Choose a romantic or uninteresting movie to have plenty of time to kiss without missing anything. Just avoid movies that are too gory, scary or important. You don't want to be caught dating during a hate crime or civil rights movie.

  • Any summer blockbuster, romantic comedy or action movie is perfect for dating. You don't want to be rejected by hearing, "Wait, I want to see what happens."
  • Be careful not to pick a new movie on opening day or the theaters will be full. Try choosing a movie that's been running for a while or a movie you've never heard of. That way you are more likely to be able to have privacy.
  • Also, if you're old enough, go see a no-frills movie. That way you minimize the number of children in the audience or they will mess up your plans.
Make out in a Movie Theater Step 2

Step 2. Minimize compromises

Do you want a big bag of popcorn with lots of butter - or a long kissing session with lots of love? Maybe you can buy M&M's and save it for later or a soda to quench your thirst, but try to avoid the concessions or they'll derail your dating plans. You don't want to kiss or caress another person with your fingers covered in cracker cheese or popcorn butter.

If you really can't do without popcorn, come back for it in the middle of the movie, after you've had time for a few kisses

Make out in a Movie Theater Step 3

Step 3. Sit in a place where you have privacy

While it's hard to get real privacy in a public place, you can try to sit in a more private place so you don't get annoyed looks and get scolded by an older person. Find two seats in the back so people don't see your entwined silhouettes instead of what Denzel Washington is doing. Also, try to sit near the wall, in an empty row, or in a place that isn't surrounded by people. This way you will feel less intimidated to take the initiative.

If you know the theater won't be full, try to be a little late so you can find a private place without a family of eight sitting behind you at the last minute

Make out in a Movie Theater Step 4

Step 4. Break the touch barrier

It's weird trying to kiss someone without you touching. Boys can drape their arm over the back of the girl's chair casually at the beginning of the movie and slide their arm over her shoulder during the movie. You can also get close enough that your feet and arms are touching so that you break the touch barrier a bit. If you're in one of those fancy movie theaters with a movable armrest, push it up so you can sit even closer together.

Plus, movie theaters are always cold. The guy can ask the girl if she's cold, and when she says yes, that answer can be an excuse to snuggle even closer

Make out in a Movie Theater Step 5

Step 5. Touch each other lightly

Once you get closer, you can start touching each other a little bit. You can hold hands, stroking your fingers from time to time, instead of holding your hands still. You can also touch each other's knees and arms gently taking the relationship to a more intimate level.

Just remember to act calmly. You don't have to hold hands when the movie starts. Make the approach feel natural rather than rushing - unless you feel the most natural attitude is to take action right away

Make out in a Movie Theater Step 6

Step 6. Make eye contact

While it can be difficult to make eye contact when you should be looking straight ahead, watching the movie with interest, it's also quite difficult to kiss without looking at each other. After touching each other for a while or even if you're cracking jokes about the movie, turn to each other and make eye contact. So the other becomes aware that you are interested in something more than the movie.

Look into the person's eyes for a second and look away. Alternatively, you can keep your eyes on the person longer and let them know it's time to start kissing

Make out in a Movie Theater Step 7

Step 7. Bring your face closer together

It's time to position their heads and move closer together until their lips are almost touching. You can put your arms on the other's hips, hands or even face to complete the gesture. If it seems like a stretch, start with a simple kiss and use your hands when the situation starts to heat up. Keep looking each other in the eye and get ready for more.

Just remember that if you haven't already kissed, cinema might not be the best place to start. Trying to hook up with someone you haven't kissed at the movies can catch the person off guard and it can be a little uncomfortable getting to know someone's kissing style for the first time when you're in the dark

Part 2 of 2: Taking action

Make out in a Movie Theater Step 8

Step 1. Touch each other's lips lightly

Press the other person's lips lightly and enjoy the feeling of having their lips on yours. You can put one lip above the person's lip and the other between their lips so that your lips fit together instead of being on top of each other. Stay in this position for a few seconds without waiting for anything else. Don't pout, relax and enjoy this simple, sweet feeling.

Make out in a Movie Theater Step 9

Step 2. Start dating

It's what you've been waiting for a long time - and we're not talking crazy fight sequences in the middle of The Avengers. After touching each other's lips, the sky is the limit. Gently slide your tongue into the other's mouth and give them a tongue kiss. At first, take it easy, rather than sticking your tongue all the way into the other person's mouth. When your tongue is in the other's mouth, slowly explore the territory.

Make out in a Movie Theater Step 10

Step 3. Use your hands

You don't have to grab your partner, but using your hands while kissing can warm up the mood. Caress the person's face while kissing, touch their shoulders and arms, and keep your hands active to make everything more interesting. No need to exaggerate - a simple, sensual kiss without a lot of arm movements is also good.

  • You can also place your hand on the person's thigh or stroke their knee.
  • Try stroking each other's necks during the kiss.
  • Using your hands and exploring your partner's body can help warm up the mood, but don't overdo it. After all, you're in public and you don't want to be escorted out of the theater if the weather gets too hot.
Make out in a Movie Theater Step 11

Step 4. Don't forget to take a breath

You don't need to kiss for thirty minutes or for the entire movie non-stop. In fact, you'll enjoy kissing a lot more if you take breaks and take a breath once in a while. You can slowly pull away from your love, take a breath and make eye contact before you start kissing again. You can step back and concentrate on the movie until the kissing session starts again. This increases anticipation as you look forward to the next kiss.

You can even smile and run your hand through your lover's hair when you take a break

Make out in a Movie Theater Step 12

Step 5. Let the person want more

As the credits pass on the screen and you walk away from the person, smile, caress their face and show how much you liked it. You might even make a joke about how good the movie was and that you wouldn't mind seeing it again to understand some more subtle scenes. You can warm up the weather even more next time if you go somewhere a little more private. But until then, you can look forward to the next time you go to the movies.

Hold the person's hand when leaving the theater. Walk fast so they don't look at you! And get ready to take another sexy movie trip


  • Get a good seat that doesn't attract the attention of others.
  • Make no noise or you will be expelled.
  • Don't fill your mouth with popcorn, especially if you wear braces. Share the snack. If you're the gentleman, hold the door and pay her expenses (or you can split the bill).
  • Don't be shy, but don't grab her and kiss her.
  • TAKE THE INITIATIVE! This helps a lot. She'll realize you're into her and…you can move on.


  • If one of you isn't ready, don't push it.
  • If you're a woman, don't expect him to pay you all. Take cash.

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