3 Ways to Respond to a Boy Who Asked You Out

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3 Ways to Respond to a Boy Who Asked You Out
3 Ways to Respond to a Boy Who Asked You Out

Imagine that a boy asked you out or that you know he is planning to do it. It's a situation where it's hard to say the right thing, especially if you've never been through it before! It doesn't matter if your answer is an unambiguous "Yes", a definite "No" or an indecisive "Maybe", you need to analyze your feelings to make sure the right choice is made. Don't agree with anything that makes you uncomfortable, and remember, it's okay to ask him for time to think.


Method 1 of 3: How to Say Yes

Give a Guy an Answer when He Asks You Out Step 1

Step 1. Make sure you like it

Ask yourself if you are really interested in him or if you just liked his interest. If you analyze what you feel and realize that you really care about it, don't be afraid to say a sincere "Yes!!". On the other hand, if the interest doesn't exist and you're feeling bad about saying "No," try to determine whether it's easier to reject it now or later.

Give a Guy an Answer when He Asks You Out Step 2

Step 2. Find out what he expects from you

Some guys will ask you to a park, a dance or a movie on their first date just to spend time with you and get to know you better. If you're still in school, that is, in the early years of school or in Elementary or High School, the boys can ask you to do simpler activities, such as having a snack together, coming home together, holding hands, and more. Some boys may also invite you to join them only for a specific event, such as a dance.

  • Don't be afraid to ask his intentions. If you like him but aren't sure what he wants, it's completely okay to ask. If he says something vague, like "Do you want to go out with me?", you can reply "Sure! What do you have in mind?"
  • If you guys go to an event as a group, make sure he's really asking you to be his partner. If he invites you along with his other friends, it probably means he likes you, but not necessarily in a romantic way. It could be a way he found to get to know you better or to know if you like him too before taking action.
Give a Guy an Answer when He Asks You Out Step 3

Step 3. Say yes

The exact answer depends on the question. Try to know exactly what he is proposing to you and accept it if you feel comfortable.

If he calls you to a specific event, just agree to go. If he asks you to dance, you can say "Yes, I would love to."

Give a Guy an Answer when He Asks You Out Step 4

Step 4. Find out the details

If he asks you for a first date, remember to know the exact time and location. Decide whether he will come by to pick you up or whether you will meet there. It is also important to know if the event will be in a group or as a couple. With that in mind, make sure you're available on the day and time you set, making sure you don't have any appointments already booked.

  • You don't need to know the details before saying yes. What's important is not the event, but the fact that he wants to spend time with you. If you also want to spend time with him, answer yes and work out the details later.
  • Don't be afraid to reschedule if you have an appointment. If you really want to show that you're interested, offer an alternative. Say, for example, "I would love to see this movie with you, but I'm going to a friend's birthday on Friday night. Can we go on Saturday?"

Method 2 of 3: How to Say No

Give a Guy an Answer when He Asks You Out Step 5

Step 1. Explain the reason for the no

There is no need to overstate the reasons for refusal. Not being attracted to him, for example, is enough. You may also feel attracted but find yourself forced to refuse for another reason, maybe a friend of yours likes him or your parents won't let you date or maybe you just don't feel ready for a relationship. No matter the situation, the important thing is to be honest with him and with yourself.

  • If you don't feel attracted to him, just tell him that. Don't be rude or insult him, just say something like "I like our friendship, but I'm not attracted to you that way".
  • If a friend of yours likes him, don't tell him the secret unless she lets you. Just say you're not interested without hinting that there is another motive behind this decision.
  • If your parents won't let you date, be honest with him. However, be careful not to deceive him. If you say that you are very interested in him but that you can't date him, he can keep insisting.
  • If you don't feel ready for a relationship, that's normal. You will find someone when the time is right and everything will be much better when that happens. He may be the first to ask you out, but he won't be the last.
Give a Guy an Answer when He Asks You Out Step 6

Step 2. Be clear and objective

Don't make excuses and don't accept the invitation just to be nice. He will certainly prefer a "Yes" to a "No", but he would also probably handle an immediate rejection better than a bad date.

Give a Guy an Answer when He Asks You Out Step 7

Step 3. Be quick to explain

Say something simple like "Sorry, but I don't like you that way". There is no need to give great details about the reason for the refusal, just say the main idea. Try not to humiliate him with a long, unnecessary speech.

  • If he asks for specific reasons, feel free to explain. Just be careful that the conversation doesn't turn into a debate and don't let him convince you to go out with him. Be firm and clear. Don't give in.
  • If you're friends with him, it's possible to use this as a reason. Say "I love our friendship, but I have no romantic attraction for you. Can we leave our friendship as it is?"

Method 3 of 3: In case you're not sure

Give a Guy an Answer when He Asks You Out Step 8

Step 1. Don't be in such a hurry to decide

If you're not sure or if you haven't had much luck in past encounters, you may not be able to give a definitive answer right away. Tell him that you need to think about it and that he will give you a definitive answer in the next few days, but don't keep him waiting too long. He will be very anxious for your answer if he really likes you.

Remember to at least give some kind of answer, even if you can't explain why you can't definitely answer it yet. It takes courage to ask out someone you like a lot. At least say you'll think about the order. This is especially important if the order is via text message, email or instant messenger. If you don't answer, he has nothing to do but speculate

Give a Guy an Answer when He Asks You Out Step 9

Step 2. Ask friends or family for help

Only talk to people you trust. Describe the situation, explain why you are not sure, and analyze the pros and cons of yes and no. Remember, you don't necessarily need to follow someone's advice, but they can help you understand your own feelings. If you don't feel comfortable talking about it with someone, make a list of the pros and cons yourself and try to decide for yourself.

Give a Guy an Answer when He Asks You Out Step 10

Step 3. Give the boy a clear answer

Try to answer something as close to a "yes" or "no" as possible, especially if conditions are involved. When you decide, talk to him privately and let him know what you've decided. If that particular conversation is not possible, reply by text message or via an instant messenger.

There is no need to explain the entire decision process, especially if it was very difficult to decide. However, if you're comfortable doing this, that's fine. This may even help you understand why you took so long to respond

Give a Guy an Answer when He Asks You Out Step 11

Step 4. Take the time to get to know him better

There is no rush. You don't need to date him right away. He will be patient and wait until you feel comfortable if he really respects you.

  • Say something like "I like you, but I'd like to get to know you better before starting a relationship. Let's hang out as friends and see what happens."
  • If you want to say yes but don't want to start a relationship, say "I want to go out with you, hold your hand, kiss you, but I'm not ready for a relationship yet" and give him a little kiss on the cheek to show that you is being sincere.

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