4 Ways to Be a Womanizer

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4 Ways to Be a Womanizer
4 Ways to Be a Womanizer

The definition of a womanizer is: a Casanova who is more cold-blooded and who leaves a trail of broken hearts wherever he goes. When he arrives, women line up to talk to him, practically begging for a date. A born stallion, he's able to get them into bed before he's even finished uttering the words: "Waiter, check, please!" If you think you can get away with this lifestyle, or if you're already a womanizer looking to refine your skills, you've come to the right place.


Method 1 of 4: Thinking Like a Womanizer

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Step 1. Be confident

You can imitate a womanizer's bearing and manner of speaking, but you won't be able to attract girls without the right mindset. To do this, you need to cultivate genuine self-confidence. Here's what you need to do:

  • Get rid of anxiety. Think about your concerns-the future, family, career-and try to alleviate the anxiety they cause. It's okay to live with a moderate degree of stress, but obsessing over what can go wrong keeps you from putting your mind in the present, and women can tell when we've got too much on our minds.
  • Deal with your faults. Become aware of your shortcomings and strive to improve them. Are you a poor listener, disorganized, distracted? Make a plan to improve this little by little. Nobody is perfect, but everybody can improve.
  • Be positive. When you arrive at a social event, try to think of three good traits of yours instead of the flaws you want to get rid of. If you think highly of yourself, the ladies will follow your example.
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Step 2. Don't create links

The womanizer values ​​quantity over quality, seeks to enjoy the company of as many women as possible instead of knowing just one in depth. If you're worried about a girl's opinion of you and you're looking forward to a phone call from her, maybe you're looking at her as a girlfriend, and it's time to raise your guard. To keep your love life rotating:

  • Stand back when you notice that the girl is getting too close. If the woman talks about her personal life, mentions how she would like to live with you or take a trip with you, she probably wants to be your girlfriend. For you, maybe it's time to move on.
  • Keep the mood relaxed. Enjoy the company of a woman, but without it causing butterflies in your stomach. Try to have fun with it both indoors and outside. Change the subject when the conversation takes a deeper turn.
  • Avoid sentimentality. When you spot a new target, think about how much fun they could have dancing, kissing, going out - not what your grandchildren would be like. Don't be too hasty, and everything will be fine.
  • Rethink your lifestyle if you think you've found the right girl. Not even a womanizer is immune to the charms of love - if you don't have eyes for anyone but a girl you'd like to spend a lifetime with, don't give up on her. It's rare for a womanizer to have this kind of feeling, but if you can't get rid of it, your best bet might be to announce to other women that you're off the market.
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Step 3. Always keep your mind on the next move

As a true chess player, you must anticipate one step - if not many - of the game. If you only care about the present, there won't be a steady stream of women in your life. Do the following:

  • Plan the evening's itinerary. If you're in a nightclub now, think about where you're going next. Do you intend to take the girl to a more intimate bar, to your house, to a party at a friend's house? Get all of that sorted out before you settle down with a woman so you don't ruin everything.
  • Plan the weekends. Your last love affair may be over, but what are you going to do tomorrow? Unless your plan is to be alone in the basement, fiddling with your cell phone, start making plans with another suitor.

Method 2 of 4: Incarnating the Womanizer

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Step 1. Provide the right clothes

Before playing the role, you need to get the right outfit. The womanizer has a good appearance that he seems to conquer without much effort. His clothes have a single purpose: to find women who want to help him undress them. To dress correctly:

  • Wear a long-sleeved shirt over a tight tank top. Girls will be eager to know if their muscles are marked under the undershirt. Use pieces that suggest the outline of your killer biceps.
  • Wear loose-fitting, low-cut pants that give everyone a straw from your underwear and, ladies, a good excuse to lift your shirt and feel your abs. When they see your "happiness path," they will want to know where it leads.
  • Choose the right shoes. Both those formal shoes you wear to high-end restaurant dates and your gym sneakers must look new and expensive, and your suitors will assume you invest as much in love as you do in shoes.
  • Use some key accessories. Buy a fun wallet, a gold chain, some cool jewelry. Your goal is to get away from subtlety, stud: buy a leather belt with an eye-catching buckle so that the female gaze is drawn to the right place.
Make Your Butt Look Sexy Step 6

Step 2. Take care of the body

Not everything in the womanizer's life is fun. Looking good requires many hours of effort at the gym. Or do you think you can seduce the girls with biceps that look more like peas in a pod? Do the following:

  • Practice aerobic exercise. Start by running about 2 or 3 km, with the goal of becoming able to run 8 km without getting tired. Anyone who cannot chase a maiden upstairs for lack of breath cannot be Don Juan.
  • Gain muscle. Do whatever it takes to have a six pack abs, a flawless chest, and strong shoulders. Practice bench press or try a sport that helps muscle development, such as boxing or basketball.
  • Eat right. When you're on a date, you'll have a free pass to eat a very manly meal, like a bloody steak, but, alone, it's a good idea to eat a balanced diet with fruits, vegetables, proteins, and carbohydrates. Getting the right nutrients, especially protein, helps you burn fat and gain muscle.
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Step 3. Master body language

Showing firmness and receptivity allows this week's lucky girl to know that she's with someone who trusts her bat and who devotes her full attention - at least for now - to her. Some tips to express yourself well:

  • Cast a killer look. Talk to a woman looking her straight in the eye, as if you're about to jump on her. It will make her blush, but it will also turn her on. Make her feel like you don't have eyes for anyone else in the room - or the rest of the world.
  • Speak up close. When you're in a conversation with a girl who's visibly interested in you, lean forward, as if you're going to kiss her at any moment. This will get her excited.
  • Keep your arms and body facing toward her. Do not cross your arms or point your legs in another direction. All your body language should scream, "Hey, sweetie, I'm ready to be yours."
Look Good Naked Step 11

Step 4. Have good hygiene, which is just as important as style and body language

The spell won't hold if you smell like someone who slept in the gutter. Here are some ways to use personal care as a weapon:

  • Wear a powerful, masculine cologne that makes women want to pass out in your arms.
  • Shower and wash your hair at least once a day. Likewise, choose well the fragrances of soap and shampoo.
  • Use gel to give the hair an interesting texture that women will be dying to feel with their fingers.
  • Always have a fresh breath. It is essential to be able to talk up close.
  • Have a well-groomed face, always shaved. Smooth your face with your fingers as if to say, "Look how smooth it is, babe."
Carry on a Romantic Conversation Step 15

Step 5. Have a house worthy of a womanizer

Your home has to be an extension of your personality, and be as welcoming to women as you are. Follow these tips to build the perfect love nest:

  • Keep clean. You never know when a partner will visit, hence the importance of fresh sheets, clean countertops and, above all, a spotless bathroom. If the girl feels disgusted right after stepping into your house, she'll call a taxi before you do anything.
  • Always have backup on hand. Stock the house with wine and sensual snacks like grapes and strawberries.
  • Be sophisticated. Dress up your den with a leather sofa, pretty lamps, a flat-screen television, and more. If there's no money to redecorate, make an effort to keep the place very clean.

Method 3 of 4: Walking the Womanizer's Path

Choose Between Two Girls Step 5

Step 1. Choose wisely

Before trying to hook the prey, assess whether it seems prone to transient cases. If you choose wrong, you will end up investing your time in someone who is not interested or, worse, who is looking for a husband. To find the right girl:

  • Look for a laughing person who is visibly having fun and looking for more fun. Don't approach someone bored, always looking at their cell phone, looking for something better to do. Girls like that are often easy targets, but direct your energies to someone worth impressing.
  • Run away from women wanting to tie a husband. A lot of people you approach will want more than a roll. If a woman wants you to meet her parents, wants to start a family, complains about how you are always the godmother and never the bride, she will hardly be satisfied with being on her top ten list. Let her look for her soul mate in other corners - save your time and hers.
  • Avoid compromised girls. If the guy she's talking to right now is a stranger whose attention she obviously has no interest in reciprocating, go for it! If you look like a suitor or boyfriend she's been exchanging smoldering looks with, find another girl unencumbered - unless you're really willing to try your luck.
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Step 2. Make her feel special

When chatting with a group of women, have a fun conversation and be someone nice to have around. After some time, however, invest more heavily in the girl of your choice, trying to talk to her separately from the others and make her feel unique. Here's how to proceed:

  • Start calmly. At first, play games or ask her what she would like to drink. Be funny and try to have a good chat.
  • Tell her how special she is. Something along the lines of "You have something more". Comment on the quirky attributes that set you apart from the crowd.
  • Praise her. Without weighing your hand, try to comment on three things you liked about her: her eyes, the way she dances, her smile. It doesn't have to be anything too deep, just something to make it clear that you value her and want to get to know her better.
Carry on a Romantic Conversation Step 5

Step 3. Make the girl the focus of the conversation

Everyone loves to feel interesting. Listen carefully and show genuine interest in what she has to say.

Impress a Girl in Middle School Step 7

Step 4. Be a gentleman

Give her, the waiter, her friends and strangers the same respectful treatment. This signals that you are someone whose mysteries are worth unraveling and that after that you will treat her very well.

Hold the door for others, help her put on her coat, listen carefully to her wishes

Playfully Tease Girls Step 8

Step 5. Take no calmly

Maybe she just doesn't like casual sex, maybe she's not having a good day, maybe she doesn't even like men. Take it easy, shake off the dust and move on.

  • If she dumps you right away, respond politely, "Okay. Have a great night." And look for another more receptive girl.
  • If she doesn't want things to go past a certain point, accept her decision and take it easy. Be relaxed and don't make her do anything.
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Step 6. Don't deceive her

The difference between a womanizer and a sucker is that the latter has no problem lying to women. Don't lead a woman to believe that your dates are the beginning of a lasting relationship. Make it clear that you are not looking for compromise to avoid future embarrassment.

Carry on a Romantic Conversation Step 11

Step 7. Act strategically

Follow the Conqueror Primer and steer the conversation so as to prompt your next step-which should be getting your consort to bed-rather than getting stuck in a long, deep discussion about the meaning of life. Try to give all the signs of what you intend. Therefore:

  • Be relaxed. Propose something concrete: "Want to go somewhere else?" or "How about we go somewhere where we can talk better?"
  • Take the initiative. When you're finally alone, touch her gently, ask her if she'd like help taking off her coat. Be quick in the arts of seduction, as long as she appears to be interested.
Have Sex Without Falling in Love Step 7

Step 8. Demonstrate what you came from

A real womanizer is not just talking. Check out these tips and you'll perform so well in bed, it's soon to be every woman's favorite notification in town:

  • Get a massage. Demonstrate your intimacy with the woman's body by massaging her shoulders, back, and even her feet.
  • Kiss passionately. Do not shoot your tongue into the mouth of your conquest - start with a gentle kiss and gradually increase the pace, until you reach the unrestrained making out.
  • When they're in bed, take it easy. Allow the girl time to prepare for sex. Tease her, bite her lovingly, do whatever you think is necessary to arouse her. Don't rush into sex in a hurry, which can be painful, and certainly not at all sensual, for women.
  • In the end, be polite. No need to cuddle for hours after duty is done. However, taking it easy, kissing her tenderly, and letting her spend the night at your house if necessary will help her feel more welcome than seeing him immediately jump out of bed and into the shower.
Keep a Man Interested Step 3

Step 9. Take it easy

After having fun with the new achievement, it's good to treat it with the same care as before so that you can repeat the dose, if you want, or for the girl not to make your skull for her friends. Some tips:

  • Be vague about your next date. Say you see each other around. Don't schedule dinner for the following week - that's not how womanizers do.
  • Be a gentleman. Help her put on her coat and escort her from the front door to her car. Make a good impression, and she won't think you're just a cheap conqueror.
  • Don't overdo the compliments. Make it clear that it was all a lot of fun without, however, claiming that you just had the best night of your life. Be honest and don't give her the wrong impression of yourself.
  • Give the evening a good ending. When it's time to say goodbye, make her laugh, kiss her affectionately, remind her of something funny that happened during the date. Even if you want to wrap things up around there, try to be someone she would like to see again. If, on the other hand, you want to see her again, leave to look for her only after a few days. On the attack, stallion!

Method 4 of 4: Be a womanizer if…

Forget About a Girl You Love Who Has a Boyfriend Step 15

Step 1. You are not looking for stability

The womanizer's trajectory rarely culminates in an encounter with a soul mate. The objective is, first, to meet a lot of people and quickly switch between one partner and the next. Neither of these two behaviors is more correct than the other, but make no mistake: a womanizer is someone who establishes superficial relationships with others.

  • If lasting relationships are what you are looking for, don't be a womanizer.
  • If you want to get married, don't be a womanizer.
  • If you're not comfortable with the possibility of breaking the hearts of others, don't be a womanizer.
Talk to Strangers Step 19

Step 2. You love to go out and meet new people

This lifestyle is itinerant: new places, new parties, new weekend events and even friends are constantly being replaced by new ones. A womanizer's range of friends is enormous - though it can only be said that he is intimate with a few.

  • If you'd rather stay home and watch Netflix, don't be a womanizer.
  • If you prefer to meet the usual friends at your favorite bar, don't be a womanizer.
  • If you want intimacy and the acceptance of lasting relationships, don't be a womanizer.
Playfully Tease Girls Step 9

Step 3. You have no problem hurting others

The harsh reality is that, in the life of a womanizer, someone always gets hurt. Once in a while, someone will certainly get attached to you, not to mention the possibility that you might even find yourself in love when you least expected it. Play by the rules of the game and accept that you have no control over other people's feelings. Occasionally, things don't go as planned, and you, as much as you have all the sensitivity in the world, will end up letting someone down.

  • If you don't like ending relationships, don't be a womanizer.
  • If you don't like conflict, don't be a womanizer.
  • If you feel bad about leaving the person you spent the night with in the morning, don't be a womanizer.
Forget About a Girl You Love Who Has a Boyfriend Step 18

Step 4. You are ready to reconcile multiple partners

The life of a seducer is not monogamous, but taking care of all your affairs is not easy, especially when you don't want one to know about the existence of others. This is neither wrong nor unethical, as long as everyone knows what they are getting into.

  • If you don't want to have multiple relationships simultaneously, don't be a womanizer.
  • If you don't have the flair to deal with personal demands, text messages, secrets, don't be a womanizer.
  • If the polygamous lifestyle seems morally or ethically wrong, don't be a womanizer.
Choose Between Two Girls Step 2

Step 5. You are willing to try new things

In the end, you don't have to choose between being a womanizer or a saint. There is always the middle way. If there is still any doubt, do an experiment. Get involved with a few people without commitment, but don't follow our tips to the letter if you want to explore your relationships further.


  • Remember: before you break up with a girl, be kind, polite and speak the truth with tenderness. That way you avoid conflicts.
  • When approaching a girl in a group, win the group's friendship first. By assuming the role of alpha male of the pack, your attractive potential with your target will increase.
  • Be a gentleman. Open the door for her, wish her health when she sneezes, show her tenderness whenever you can.


  • Avoid getting involved with women at work or who belong to the same social circle, which can have unintended consequences.
  • Women play men the same way men play them. A femme fatale will use the very same tactics we described above to seduce you, and it's up to you to choose whether to enter the game or not.
  • Don't be an asshole. It's perfectly possible to be confident and enjoy the company of several women without being repulsive.

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