3 Ways to Make Someone Feel Better by Text Messaging

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3 Ways to Make Someone Feel Better by Text Messaging
3 Ways to Make Someone Feel Better by Text Messaging

It can be difficult to cheer up someone you care about without being personally present, however texting can be a very useful tool. Try sending a good joke or a funny meme to put a smile on the person's face. For something more personal, you can use an image editor and create a funny picture with your face. If the person is really upset, skip the jokes part and encourage them to talk about what's going on. Let her vent and then, to cheer up, invite her to do something fun with you!


Method 1 of 3: Making the person laugh

Make Someone Feel Better Via Text Message Step 1

Step 1. Tell a funny joke

If you have a joke that always makes people laugh, send it to the person who is sad. If you don't know what to send, search online for “funny jokes to send by message” or “humor in text message”. Keep looking at the results until you find something interesting.

  • Try looking for jokes associated with the person's favorite subject, such as animals or movies. Or, look for something she finds funniest about, such as puns.
  • If your friend likes silly jokes, search online for “uncle jokes” to see examples of what to choose.
  • Avoid questionable or inappropriate humor jokes.
Make Someone Feel Better Via Text Message Step 2

Step 2. Submit a funny meme

This is what is not lacking on the Internet! Search online for “memes to make friends laugh” and sift through the results. If you know the person loves something in particular, look for something related to that subject.

  • For example, if the person is very fond of Game of Thrones, look for memes related to the series to send to them and make them laugh.
  • Use some meme generator like Laughing Goat to create something unique and specific.
  • You can also create a meme and send it to the person.
Make Someone Feel Better Via Text Message Step 2

Step 3. Upload a funny photo or video of yourself

Take a picture of grimacing or make a video reciting a funny monologue and send it to the person. If you want to be more creative, try Snapchat filters. You can also use free apps like Make Me Bald or LOL Booth FX to make funny pictures of yourself.

Try out apps that turn people into emojis and send some funny versions of yourself to your friend

Make Someone Feel Better Via Text Message Step 9

Step 4. Find or make the perfect-g.webp" />

There are lots of funny GIFs out there! Search databases of GIFs using keywords that have to do with the situation. Or, look for GIFs of the person's favorite characters, whether from TV or movies.

  • GIPHY is an excellent-g.webp" />
  • Create your own GIFs. GIPHY offers-g.webp" />
Make Someone Feel Better Via Text Message Step 3

Step 5. Challenge the person to talk exclusively through emojis

This simple game can be distracting and be fun! Send a message saying that for the next 20 minutes, you will only communicate by emojis. Challenge her to respond in the same way. See if you can decipher each other's message and try to make her laugh with a unique combination of emojis.

Start the conversation with a happy emoji or that emoji of two friends together. Then let your imagination run wild

Make Someone Feel Better Via Text Message Step 10

Step 6. Make the person smile with a funny virtual card

There are many sites on the Internet that offer ready-to-message cards and are very easy to find. Somecards, for example, allows you to search for eCards about terms and other specific subjects.

An example of cards would be "It's better to love and lose than to be with a psychopath for life!" Such a card will make the person understand that they are much better off single

Method 2 of 3: Showing You Care

Make Someone Feel Better Via Text Message Step 1

Step 1. Ask the person what's going on and let them vent about the problem

Allow her to lead the conversation and don't rush to offer help or try to fix things. Just be present. As she tells the story, make her feel validated by saying something like "This is awful" or "Wow, I'm sorry about this."

  • Always respond with a view to giving support, with sincerity.
  • You can use images to indicate reactions, too, like the "wow" emoji, followed by a comment like "This is very unfair".
Make Someone Feel Better Via Text Message Step 7

Step 2. Show the person how awesome they are

Message her with three things you like about her. You can write on paper and take a picture, send a simple text message or, if you like, make a video too.

For example, you can send “You are an amazing friend, I love your sense of humor and your constant presence whenever I need it. The ice creams you prepare are the best. I hope you get well soon!"

Make Someone Feel Better Via Text Message Step 14

Step 3. Send an uplifting verse or song

If you can't think of what to say, look for a song or poem that can express what you're thinking. If your friend likes a specific band or writer, look for something related to send. You can also use the AUPEO app, which finds music according to a specific mood.

Include some inspirational message along with the music, such as “Life is like music, there are high notes and low notes”

Make Someone Feel Better Via Text Message Step 4

Step 4. Send an inspirational quote along with your motivational message

Sometimes it can be difficult to find exactly what to say to someone who is feeling bad. In these cases, a motivational quote can help. Send something related to what the person is going through.

  • For example, if a friend didn't do well in a job interview, use this quote from Victor Kiam: "Even if you fall flat on your face, you're still moving forward."
  • The Quote is a great place to find quotes to send to friends and family.
Make Someone Feel Better Via Text Message Step 6

Step 5. End with a beautiful, loving or creative message

Instead of just saying "bye" at the end of the conversation, say something funny or affectionate, such as "I hope your dreams are better than today!" Or. then you can say something to be supportive, such as “Have a great afternoon. I can't wait to talk to you again!”. A creative farewell message can make a person smile.

Method 3 of 3: Taking Action

Make Someone Feel Better Via Text Message Step 5

Step 1. Make plans with the person

A fun ride can be enough to make someone feel better. Ask her for ice cream or see the movie she would like to see. You can also do something simpler, like just go out and talk.

  • You can send "Hey, I know your day was tough so how about pizza and a movie later?"
  • If you live too far away to go out, suggest making a phone call or video calling.
Make Someone Feel Better Via Text Message Step 13

Step 2. Offer help

Send a message asking if there's anything you can do to help, whether it's a chore or something else. Maybe you can help the person do their homework or study for an exam. Offering time and energy will show that you care and will also give you the chance to meet in person.

If you don't live near your friend, ask how you can help even if you are far away

Make Someone Feel Better Via Text Message Step 14

Step 3. Invite him to do something fun

Ask him if he'd like to build a cabin out of blankets and watch some movies with you. Or, invent costumes with the clothes you have at home. Choose something fun and unexpected that makes the person happy.

  • You can also challenge him to a float fight in the pool or go on a treasure hunt.
  • If you don't live close enough, suggest a contest via video call on who goes the longest without blinking.
Make Someone Feel Better Via Text Message Step 15

Step 4. If nothing seems to work, get help

If your friend looks really depressed, messages might not be enough. If nothing improves after a few weeks, pay more attention to his behavior. Talk to his parents, spouse or a therapist

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