3 Ways to Become a Girl's Friend

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3 Ways to Become a Girl's Friend
3 Ways to Become a Girl's Friend

Would you like to be friends with a girl? He's a nice person to talk to and she makes you laugh, so why not? This girl is fun to be with, and you would like to spend more time with her. Maybe she has beautiful friends! Here's how to achieve this.


Method 1 of 3: Starting a Friendship

Become Friends with a Girl Step 1

Step 1. Try to be in the same places as the girl

To become friends with a girl, you need to become familiar with her first of all. A girl may not be comfortable when a stranger walks up beside her and suddenly starts talking, but if you've seen her, and she has seen her, the barrier will drop. You will no longer be a scary person. Are they in the same class as her? Do you share a hobby? Excellent!

  • It's been proven that humans like things that are more "exposed" to them. It is for this reason that the same song is played over and over on the radio, and because TV commercials are repeated for several weeks. Therefore, the more she is "exposed" to you, the more likely she will like you. In psychology, this is called the "Mere Exposure Effect" (in case you're curious!).
  • If you need to, put yourself "in her line of fire". Does she always sit on the left in class? Do you always see her at a cafeteria or coffee shop on Wednesday afternoons? If you know where she's going to be, go there from time to time. Just don't get stuck on it, and you're on the right track.
Become Friends with a Girl Step 2

Step 2. Interact with the girl

Okay, now that you both know who the other is, and that you have something in common, you need to interact with her. It could be something simple, commenting on the teacher's ridiculous tie or asking what time practice will be next week. Don't be afraid to start with trivial matters - after all, you need to start somewhere.

She is a girl. Only one girl. There are billions of them on the planet. When you ask a question or a funny comment, you won't spontaneously catch fire and neither will the world end. If there is a possibility that she is your friend, the girl will be happy to answer you. Most girls are no different from men when it comes to talking

Become Friends with a Girl Step 3

Step 3. Be brave

Many people are embarrassed when it comes to talking to others. Maybe the girl loves having a new friend like you, but maybe she prefers not to take such chances. Be brave and expand the conversation. Ask her what she thinks of the topic, ask about classes/hobbies/friends they have in common, and let the conversation take its natural course.

Make a note of what the girl is wearing, carrying, or what she seems to be interested in. Be observant. Have you seen wikiHow on her smartphone bookmarks? Great - the other day, you read a cool article on how to regain control of a scared camel. What is her favorite article?

Become Friends with a Girl Step 4

Step 4. Make her laugh

The simplest way to become someone she would like to be with is to make her laugh. When she thinks about spending time with you, she'll want to have fun - bingo! You got it. "Detect" her sense of humor and maintain the "good mood".

This is also a way to keep the situation light and fun. Making her laugh lets the girl know you're just trying to have fun, whether it's in the middle of your last history class, which is pretty boring, or after a really intense workout that lasted all night on Thursday. Brighten up the girl's day and maybe she wants you to be close to her. However, don't be the class clown all the time; this will make you look like that flat, and frankly, kind of boring guy after a week or so around her

Method 2 of 3: Cultivating a Friendship

Become Friends with a Girl Step 5

Step 1. Treat her like a "Lady"

Girls need to know that you respect them and value their company, even if you don't want to date one. So, even though you need to think of her as a normal person, avoid behaving as if you were with her friends. Hold the door for her, help her pay for lunch in case she runs out of change, text the girl if she's going through a rough time, and tell her she looks really pretty before a big event - the basics.

Be gentle. Flirting can be nice, but it should be something within reason and done the right way. You don't want her to think the wrong things! Just try to be a gentleman when the girl is around

Become Friends with a Girl Step 6

Step 2. Be valuable to her

This step has nothing to do with making friends with girls, but with "making friends". Do you have any friends that add nothing to your life? Probably not. So be a valued friend to her. What is "being valuable" is up to you. What do you do well? What does it taste good? Why would she want to be around you all the time? What makes you a good friend?

  • And yes, there are answers to all these questions. Maybe you're smart, funny, or know a lot of different people. It may be that you have experience in tourism and travel, or you have a cool hobby. Remember if what makes you unique, and show it. If you're smart, help her with a story; if it's funny, make sure she's always laughing; if you have good connections, introduce some new people the girl might like. Always be valuable.
Become Friends with a Girl Step 7

Step 3. Spread praise.

Girls love to hear kind and sincere words. As long as you make it clear you're not hitting on her, she'll love to be complimented. Did you see her wearing a cute Daft Punk T-shirt? Tell this to the girl! Did she have a big game in yesterday's volleyball game? Count! Everyone loves to feel good about themselves. Allow her to feel that way too.

This subject is complicated. You shouldn't say to her "your eyes are like moonlight, they see the bottom of my soul", and you don't even want to say "meldels, how smart you are!" when she gets a 5 on a test. Compliments need to be well placed and sincere. Girls know when these seemingly cool words are forced and false. Try to change things by complimenting her in a subtle way

Become Friends with a Girl Step 8

Step 4. Borrow your things and borrow hers

The iPod, iPad, notebook, books, guitar, you know what it's like. The two of you should feel that it's okay to share objects you like with each other. Don't suggest this out of the blue, all of a sudden, or it will seem like something self-serving. Wait until the opportunity "presents itself" to you.

Or create this opportunity. Did you miss a class the other day? Borrow her notes. Does the girl have the fourth season of the series "The Walking Dead"? Wow, you need to ask her and watch now! Either side can take the initiative, so do it. By borrowing things from her, it shows that it's also okay if she wants to borrow something from you

Become Friends with a Girl Step 9

Step 5. Laugh at her jokes

Since you tell jokes all the time, she'll probably tell a few now and then. If they're not funny, let her know by changing the subject or modifying what she said a bit. Giving laughs will strengthen the bond between you, even if the joke isn't worth a Facebook post!

Friends tease each other. Even being a girl, you can still tease her! If she tells a bad joke, make fun of the girl. This interaction builds solidarity and, as long as you are just kidding, she will respond with a smile

Method 3 of 3: Becoming Good Friends

Become Friends with a Girl Step 10

Step 1. Always be there to help her

The girl must know that she can count on you for whatever it takes. Offer your shoulder to cry on if the relationship goes wrong. Take her to the subway in the middle of the night so she'll come home during a deluge. Study with her for a difficult test. This doesn't need to be said; after a while, it will be understood.

Girls can be very fragile emotionally. When she gets like this, it's important to just listen. Maybe she doesn't really want a solution, no matter how much she's complaining. Being there, listening to her, and telling her she can take what she's going through is infinitely valuable in its own right

Become Friends with a Girl Step 11

Step 2. Let your other friends know that this girl is your friend

Full stop. If one of them wants to go out with her, that's no problem, but you'll always be taking care of her. This will prevent them from being too bold. And, in the end, being a real friend comes down to this. She's like her sister, but better (they won't fight to use the bathroom).

Tell your girlfriend she's your friend, period! Sometimes girls are intimidated by other girls; if you approach this subject as if it's no big deal, your lady shouldn't make trouble (hopefully!). The two can get along very well, who knows

Become Friends with a Girl Step 12

Step 3. Always be open about your feelings

There is a saying that men and women will never be "just friends". At one time or another, she will either have feelings for you, or you will have feelings for her. If this happens (something possible), be frank. The worst thing is to live with the thought "does she like me or not". Avoid this by being direct.

And since you guys are great friends, you can do this! We hope she's straight with you too. If you start to see mixed signals and think the girl may be developing feelings for you, tell her something that shows that the friendship you have is highly valued in your heart. There are gentle ways to tell her you are just friends without hurting her. Cut the problem in the bud as soon as it arises


  • Act with her the same way when you're with your friends. Don't make silly jokes or "try" to act like the big guy just because you're with them. Women hate this!
  • Don't talk about lewd or perverted things to her. This may even work with your friends, but with friends, most of the time, this subject will only make them disgusted, and it definitely won't make friends want to spend time with you. If I don't have respect for her, then why should I be her friend?
  • Don't touch her, especially in the early stages of friendship. The girl may misinterpret this and feel uncomfortable. Hugs and greetings, no problem.

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