3 Ways to Carry a Girl

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3 Ways to Carry a Girl
3 Ways to Carry a Girl

Giving your girlfriend a lap can be a fun and enjoyable activity. However, don't forget to ask for her permission first before uploading her. There are different ways to carry a girl: you can carry her the same way you carry a bride or, for fun, the same way a fireman carries a person, supporting him on his shoulders. However, if you don't have professional training, avoid carrying someone in case of a real emergency.


Method 1 of 3: Carrying a Girl

Carry a Girl Step 1

Step 1. To get started, put your arms around the girl you intend to carry

One arm should go around her back and the other arm around the folds of her knees. Then ask her to brace her arms around your shoulders to make it easier to pick her up.

Carry a Girl Step 2

Step 2. Get up using your legs

When lifting a heavy object, you should lift it using your legs instead of your back so as not to hurt it. Crouch down and place your arms around the girl. Then stand up by lifting your body with your legs and not your back.

  • Spread your feet straight after standing up to maintain balance and build a solid foundation.
  • When you feel that you are going to lose balance, put the girl down and try again for safety.
Carry a Girl Step 3

Step 3. When carrying a heavy object, you should keep it close to your body

With the human body it is no different. Also, carrying the girl in this way will make the process more intimate and romantic. Try to keep her body close to yours while carrying her.

  • Bring the girl close to you. Try to bring her closer by cradling her in your arms.
  • Gently hug her legs and back to bring her body closer to yours.
Carry a Girl Step 4

Step 4. Try to keep your neck, back and shoulders straight

When carrying a heavy object, the back, shoulders and neck should be straight. When carrying the girl, try to consciously bring your shoulders back to straighten your back. You may stumble a little at first, but try your best to keep your body straight. To help, imagine a vertical line drawn between your ankles and the tip of your head.

Carry a Girl Step 5

Step 5. Ask her to hold back for more support

The person carrying the load must not fall, as this could cause injury. For added security, ask her to hold on to you. She may be able to gently wrap her arms around your shoulders for more support.

Carry a Girl Step 6

Step 6. Release the girl when you feel tired

Generally, the average weight of a girl is around 50 kg and carrying her can be strenuous work. Try to carry it only as long as you feel comfortable. As soon as you begin to feel tension in your muscles, gently lower it.

  • Squat down a little, lowering your body with your legs and not your back.
  • Lower the arms that are holding her legs to allow her to place her feet safely on the floor.
  • Help the girl to stand up in case she loses balance while you lower her.

Method 2 of 3: Performing Firefighter Transport

Carry a Girl Step 7

Step 1. Ask the girl to stand up

Firefighter transport is traditionally used to carry an injured person to safety. Also, if you do not have professional training, it is not advisable to interfere with an injured person. However, it is still possible to use this technique just for fun. To begin with, ask the girl to stand directly in front of you so that you are facing each other.

Carry a Girl Step 8

Step 2. Position yourself to lift the girl

To start the firefighter transport, support your weight on your right leg and place it between the girl's legs. Then ask her to place her right arm over her right shoulder. That done, place your head under her armpit and wrap your arm around her right knee.

Carry a Girl Step 9

Step 3. Squat down and support the girl on your shoulders

Now that you are in position, squat down and support the girl's body over your right shoulder, shifting her weight to the right side of your body. Then take her right hand in your right hand, supporting her torso around your neck.

Carry a Girl Step 10

Step 4. Lift the girl

From that part, you can get up. Her torso will be wrapped around your neck, with her legs positioned on the right side of your body. You will be holding her legs and her right hand with your right arm. Also, her head should rest on your left shoulder.

  • Don't forget to use your legs to lift instead of your back.
  • The way the weight is distributed in the firefighter's transport makes it possible to transport a girl over a long distance. However, the position may feel awkward or uncomfortable for her. Perhaps the girl will ask you to lower it if she feels uncomfortable carrying it this way.

Method 3 of 3: Taking Proper Precautions

Carry a Girl Step 11

Step 1. Go slowly to avoid injury or strain

If you are not experienced in lifting weights, it is advisable to take it easy when lifting someone. The technique of lifting with the legs can reduce the risk of injuring your back, but it will not completely eliminate it. When lifting someone, go slowly and pay attention to their body. If you feel tense, it is advisable to stop.

Carry a Girl Step 12

Step 2. If you are not professionally trained, avoid touching someone in the event of an emergency

Firefighter transport is primarily used to transport injured victims during emergencies and accidents. It is not advisable to use it without professional training as you may inadvertently make someone's injuries worse. Try to use it just for fun.

Carry a Girl Step 13

Step 3. Confirm with the person that everything is fine before loading

Not everyone likes to be carried. Even if you've been dating a girl for a while, she might not find it fun or romantic. Make sure it's all right in advance, especially if you've never picked it up before. It is also necessary to pay attention to body language. If she's standing with her arms crossed or facing back, you might end up invading her personal space.

Carry a Girl Step 14

Step 4. Be careful when carrying someone in public

There are a number of reasons a girl might not want to be carried in public. Some people are uncomfortable with public displays of affection. Also, if she's wearing a short skirt, you shouldn't accidentally expose her underwear and she should keep her hand on the skirt when it's being carried. Before carrying a girl in public, first ask her if everything is okay.

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