How to Know if a Girl is Angry at You: 10 Steps

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How to Know if a Girl is Angry at You: 10 Steps
How to Know if a Girl is Angry at You: 10 Steps

Has your girlfriend or any friend been acting differently lately? Are you getting an ice or other subtle, negative message that you're not comfortable with? Rather than ignoring the situation, it's better to try to find out if something is wrong or if the person is just overreacting. This is possible by reading body language and other signs. You can also talk to people close to the girl to find out if she is upset and talk to her alone.


Part 1 of 3: Reading Body Language and Other Signs

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Step 1. Notice if the girl exhibits closed body language

When a person becomes angry or enraged, they tend to show it nonverbally through their behavior and body language. Note if the girl gives any signs of body language (such as clenched fists and jaw and lack of eye contact). She may also fold her arms across her chest or position her body in the opposite direction when you try to move closer to talk.

Other signs of angry behavior include shaking your body, sweating, or flushing your face. The girl may even frown, look at you with a cold expression, or roll her eyes when you are near her

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Step 2. Listen for the tone of voice when she speaks to you

If she talks to or about you when you are around her, pay close attention to the tone of her voice. If she sounds mocking or a little tense, as if she's talking through gritted teeth, chances are you haven't impressed her. Likewise, the girl may use a sarcastic tone when mentioning you in conversation or when you try to talk to her. She may tease you or make fun of you as a way to show that she is nervous.

If she is very angry with you, she can show her anger more directly by screaming. A higher tone of voice is often a sign of anger

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Step 3. Check if the girl ignores your calls or messages

The person in question may express their anger by not talking to you through phone calls and text messages. It may even go so far as to ignore you completely. You can send multiple messages and the girl may take a while or not even respond.

  • If she responds, pay close attention to the responses. The funny texts you usually send might get a monosyllabic reply or an indifferent emoji. A casual "What's up?" you might get short answers or a rhetorical question like "How do you think I look?" This is a sign of passive-aggressive anger on her part.
  • You may also notice that she is using punctuation marks in messages, especially the period. Using the period in messages can be seen as a sign of aggression or anger.

Part 2 of 3: Talking to People Close to the Girl

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Step 1. Ask close friends if she is angry

If you are being ignored, personally or otherwise, it may be best to get in touch with those close to the girl. This could include friends from school or from the work environment. Ask a friend "Have you been talking to her recently?" and "Do you know if you're mad at me?" The person can reply if they know the answer, or call the girl and try to find the answer.

Be polite when approaching the person and don't pressure them if they don't want to share what they know with you. She can tell you to speak directly to the girl in question instead of trying to do it behind her back. Respect that advice and don't let that person feel bad about not talking about what's going on

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Step 2. Try talking to the girl's parents or other relatives

You can also try talking to a member of her family, especially if she is close and trusts them. Get in touch with one of her brothers who you know and who are close to her. Politely ask one of them if she is mad at you.

You can also try talking to her parents, especially if you know each other well and have a good relationship

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Step 3. Talk to a mutual friend

If you and the girl have mutual friends, try talking to some of them to find out more about her. Ask this friend if he has noticed how your friend has treated you in an angry or aggressive way, and if she has said anything negative about you recently. This can help you identify if the girl is angry.

If the mutual friend seems irritated or shows a little anger when asking the questions, it could be a sign that you're in bad shape. The girl may have told this mutual friend what you did, and as a result, he may be mad at you too

Part 3 of 3: Talking to the girl in person

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Step 1. Choose a quiet, secluded place to talk

Perhaps the most direct and difficult way to find out if the girl is really mad at you is to talk to her directly. While this can be difficult, a serious and honest conversation with her can help her talk about her anger and identify causes and possible solutions. Talk to her in person, if possible, and ask her to talk privately in a quiet, secluded place. This includes your home, a park, or your favorite place at school.

Also consider giving the girl the option to choose where to meet, especially if she's mad at you. This will allow her to determine the mood of the conversation and have control over the situation

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Step 2. Take some peace offering

It's always a good idea to bring a peace offering when having an emotional conversation, especially if you're wrong. You can bring something small but meaningful, like her favorite drink or food. Another option is flowers, as a sign that you know she's angry and feels bad about what she might have done.

This can help to calm her down for the beginning of the conversation, as you can give her something she likes

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Step 3. Ask her directly what you did wrong

If you don't know what you've done wrong, you may want to start the conversation by asking directly why she's mad. Say something like "I know you're mad at me, but I don't know why." You can tell me?"

Only do this if you really don't know why she's mad. If you have any ideas, like something you've done recently that wasn't very nice or something inappropriate you said, avoid asking them so it doesn't make the situation worse

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Step 4. Apologize and try to redeem yourself

If you know what you did wrong, try to apologize sincerely. Start by acknowledging your mistake and make a clear apology. For example, you can say something like "I know you're mad that I forgot your birthday. I got busy with my work and forgot about your special day. I'm sorry about that and I promise it won't happen again."

  • After apologizing, you can ask "Would you accept my apology?" If she says yes, show gratitude and humility.
  • You can also try to redeem yourself through actions. For example, you can go out to celebrate her birthday at a special dinner, just the two of you. You can also adjust your behavior to no longer do inappropriate things that will make her angry in the future.

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