12 Ways to Keep in Touch with Friends

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12 Ways to Keep in Touch with Friends
12 Ways to Keep in Touch with Friends

Even with the arrival of technologies and applications that supposedly facilitate people-to-people connections, it's still very easy to lose touch with dear friends. Luckily, there are several things you can do to stay in touch and stay involved in your friends' lives. Below you'll find a short list of interesting ways to keep in touch.


Method 1 of 12: Throw a streaming party to enjoy virtually with your friends

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Step 1. Watch a movie or series together

Choose a show that you and your friends like and arrange with them to watch simultaneously. You can chat by message while viewing, or you can use Google Chrome's "Netflix Party" extension to make a video call while watching the show.

Another option is to use Kast, an application that allows screen sharing to watch movies and series with friends

Method 2 of 12: Play Online

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Step 1. Chat with your friends during a video game game

There are plenty of options when it comes to playing online, whether you have a console or a computer gamer - as long as your friends are on the same platform as you. These days, most games have chat features that allow conversations during matches, so you can chat about what's been happening in your life, celebrate victories or even make fun of the one who is "taking a broth".

  • It's very simple, just arrange with everyone by message to make an appointment to play together.
  • There are lots of games to enjoy, from turn-based puzzles to first person shooters. You will certainly find one that everyone likes, or at least can take turns choosing a game.

Method 3 of 12: Share a virtual dinner

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Step 1. Cook the same meal and join in a video call

Choose a dish that everyone likes (and can make, of course) and take the time to join your friends in a video call. Cook at the same time and enjoy this moment together but apart. Talk about what you like and the culinary experience, and catch up on the gossip.

Method 4 of 12: Enjoy happy hour with your friends

Keep In Touch with Friends Step 2

Step 1. Choose a drink or a simple drink and have it together in a video call

Do you break out in the preparation of a gin and tonic? Share the recipe with your friends and prepare everything together to enjoy at the same time. If you prefer something simpler, open a wine or grab a few beers from the fridge, even. The idea is for you to have a drink while chatting together!

No, you don't need to choose an alcoholic beverage. The important thing is to schedule a time to enjoy with friends from a distance

Method 5 of 12: Challenge yourself to share an experience

Keep In Touch with Friends Step 6

Step 1. Create a fitness challenge or try to raise funds for a worthy cause

Find an experience that resonates with you and your friends, like reading more or getting in shape. They "cover" in order to motivate each other and keep pace towards the ultimate goal. This is a fun way to stay in touch and share an activity with your friends, even if they're miles away.

  • For example, you could start a challenge to walk for half an hour or do 20 push ups every day. Whenever you do your part, send a message to your friends.
  • The challenge doesn't necessarily have to involve an audio or video conversation. You can organize by message, each at its own time.

Method 6 of 12: Start a Virtual Book Club

Keep In Touch with Friends Step 7

Step 1. Use a group calling app to discuss reading and catch up

Choose a book for everyone to read and schedule weekly or monthly meetings to discuss the reading. You can do this via Skype, Zoom or even Google Meets. The idea is to have fun talking about the book, in addition to talking about life drinking or eating something tasty!

Method 7 of 12: Exchange memes, news and videos

Keep In Touch with Friends Step 8

Step 1. Share something you think will interest your friends

Did you find an interesting news or a funny video? Send it to your friends, they will probably laugh or enjoy what you sent. You don't need any serious reason to send a photo or video to someone, just forward it to whoever you like and send a little message to say you were thinking about the person.

  • For example, if you and your friend are avid Big Brother Brasil fans, you can send a funny meme of something that happened last week. He will definitely enjoy it!
  • Sending news and journalistic articles is also always a good option.

Method 8 of 12: Connect through social media

Keep In Touch with Friends Step 9

Step 1. Stay tuned in to your friends' lives and interact with them

Add and follow your friends across all platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Check out their profiles from time to time to see what's going on and say hello. You can also tag them in posts or send messages directly to chat.

Social networks are great for you to be able to keep up with the lives of your friends and their family members. For example, you can comment on their kids' photos or congratulate them when they get promoted at work

Method 9 of 12: Send a letter or postcard for fun

Keep In Touch with Friends Step 10

Step 1. Sending traditional mail is always a creative and caring gesture

Bet on old school and write the letter by hand (or type and print the text), putting it in a neat envelope and mailing it to surprise your friends. Another interesting option is to buy a fun postcard and send it to put a smile on your friend's face.

If you're traveling, choose a postcard that has local sights and send it with a cute message

Method 10 of 12: Keeping in touch in person

Keep In Touch with Friends Step 11

Step 1. Arrange to meet your friends in a new or familiar location

If you share the same hometown, make arrangements to visit and meet. Another cool option is to combine a trip to a new and different place, like a beach or a resort. If possible, meet in person at least once a year.

For example, you can rent a house on the beach to spend a long holiday, or you can book a trip to get to know São Paulo together

Method 11 of 12: Agree on a recurring date for the contact

Keep In Touch with Friends Step 1

Step 1. Find a time that works for everyone involved

As simple as it seems simple to call your friends and exchange messages constantly, the busy daily life can end up making things difficult. It's very easy to lose track of time, and when you least expect it, you'll find you haven't talked to your friends in months! Ask what is the best day and time to have a chat and commit to follow that agreement.

  • For example, if you don't normally have appointments on Wednesday nights, and your friend usually has a break from work at the same time, you can always arrange to talk on that particular day.
  • Be flexible, as it's normal for plans to change at the last minute. If you are not going to be able to call or talk to your friend on the day and time agreed, try to notify them in advance to avoid mismatches.

Method 12 of 12: Don't look bad if you can't keep in touch

Keep In Touch with Friends Step 12

Step 1. Apologize for the absence and get back to talking normally

Day-to-day events and commitments are expected to interfere with your plans, so don't stress too much when that happens. Ask your friend for forgiveness and say you'll do your best to stay in touch. He'll understand, and eventually, he'll also have to cancel at the last minute.

Be honest, your friends will understand


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