3 Ways to Give Your Friend a Memorable Gift

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3 Ways to Give Your Friend a Memorable Gift
3 Ways to Give Your Friend a Memorable Gift

Finding the perfect gift is always difficult. Especially when the gift is for someone you like a lot, like your best friend. Usually, on the eve of special occasions, you want to give your friend a unique gift that shows how much you care for her. Spend a little time creating a special gift and your friend will never forget it.


Method 1 of 3: Creating an Experience for Your Friend

Give Your Best Friend a Memorable Present Step 1

Step 1. Plan a tour together

Tell your friend to book a day and take her on an adventure. When it comes to receiving gifts, people tend to prefer an experience to material possessions. Also, this experience is more likely to be more memorable than a material gift, as you will spend this time together. Not only will you be giving her a great gift, you will also create a special memory.

Consider taking a tour together. Take your friend on a hike or hike, a trip to the zoo or an amusement park. Make it an opportunity to go places she's never been before

Give Your Best Friend a Memorable Present Step 2

Step 2. Give a gift that can be used on another day

You can give your best friend a gift that she can use in the future. Buy something like a spa treatment or tickets to a concert. That way, he'll look forward to that day's arrival, after her birthday (or other special occasion) has passed.

  • Massage and manicure are great ways to spend time together with your friend. These are two things she may not normally spend money on. She will be so grateful for the experience.
  • A well-chosen book or DVD is a thoughtful way to give a gift based on her taste and interest.
  • Giving you a couple of movie tickets or a show to go together is a way to show that you enjoy spending time with your best friend. It is a promise that you will continue to share experiences as friends.
Give Your Best Friend a Memorable Present Step 3

Step 3. Cook a meal for her

Home cooking takes time and affection, as well as showing how much you value your friend. Also, a meal allows you to spend time together while creating a new memory.

Baked goods are also very affectionate gifts. Creatively wrap them in a glass jar or a decorated baking dish. Prepare your friend's favorite candy and show that you know her tastes

Method 2 of 3: Making a Homemade Gift

Give Your Best Friend a Memorable Present Step 4

Step 1. Create a gift with photos

Make a collage out of old photos or have a custom calendar made of photos of the two of you together. This is a special and nostalgic gift that will allow the two of you to remember the great times you spent together.

  • Make a scrapbook of old photos of the two of you, concert or movie ticket stubs, magazine clippings, and other things that remind you of your friendship. Over time, your friend will be able to add new pages with new memories.
  • Frame a special photo of the two of you together. Decorate the frame and you'll have a unique and personalized gift that she'll always remember you.
  • Buy a t-shirt, mug or cell phone case with a picture of the two of you together. In addition to being useful gifts, your friend will remember your friendship every time she wears them.
Give Your Best Friend a Memorable Present Step 5

Step 2. Make a gift video

Gather all of your best friend's friends and make a video collection for her. Edit them all in one video, add her favorite song and you're creating a gift she'll likely treasure and treasure forever.

Give Your Best Friend a Memorable Present Step 6

Step 3. Assemble a special package

Gather her favorite foods and beauty products in a box with decorated packaging. Include a photo frame of the two of you and other little things that remind her of you.

Give Your Best Friend a Memorable Present Step 7

Step 4. Give a musical gift

Make a compilation of songs she likes. Search for songs and artists based on your friend's musical tastes and burn a CD or a flash drive.

  • Consider making several playlists, one for each situation or mood. Decorate each CD according to their music style and mood.
  • If you can sing or play an instrument, make a video of yourself singing or playing your friend's favorite songs. It will be a unique, priceless gift that requires a lot of time and dedication to make it. Upload the video to Youtube or record it on a USB stick and give it to your friend. She can watch whenever she wants.

Method 3 of 3: Buying a Personal Gift

Give Your Best Friend a Memorable Present Step 8

Step 1. Consider your friend's tastes and personality

Choose a gift that matches her style. Put yourself in the shoes of your best friend. Choose something she would buy herself, rather than something you particularly find interesting.

  • If she leads a healthy lifestyle, buy some supplements or gym clothes.
  • If she loves movies, put together a box of DVD's with her favorite movies and some popcorn packs.
  • By spending time buying something that suits her specific tastes rather than buying a generic gift, you are showing how much she means to you.
Give Your Best Friend a Memorable Present Step 9

Step 2. Search the messages exchanged between you

There must be a lot of conversations in which you can research some gift tips for your friend. You might surprise her with something she casually commented months ago.

Give Your Best Friend a Memorable Present Step 10

Step 3. Research her hobbies and interests

Buy something that suits them. For example, if your friend likes to knit or play sports, buy her something special that she can use for these activities.

If you're not very familiar with her hobbies, do some research for something else she might like


  • Don't worry about the amount of money spent on your friend's gift. The monetary value of the gift does not greatly influence its meaning. The most thoughtful gifts are not always the most expensive.
  • Also consider writing a card by hand. You and your best friend probably spend a lot of time communicating over the internet. Writing a card by hand is an intimate way to demonstrate the value of friendship.
  • Smile and be confident when delivering the gift to your friend. Don't try to demonstrate the value of your friendship by buying expensive gifts.

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