How to Get Your Cousins ​​Like You: 11 Steps

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How to Get Your Cousins ​​Like You: 11 Steps
How to Get Your Cousins ​​Like You: 11 Steps

The bond between cousins ​​can be very strong, but factors such as distance, arguments or family problems can sometimes drive them away. Whatever your case, it's still time to cultivate that relationship and bring it back to life for both of you.


Part 1 of 3: Building Trust

Get Your Cousin to Like You Step 1

Step 1. Get in touch

The first step in getting closer is to look for your cousin. Take it easy on the first messages so as not to generate a whirlwind of emotions right away.

  • There are many ways to talk to your old partner, such as letter, phone or email. Social media is also an option: add it to Facebook or follow it to Instagram. These small gestures will help you to reconnect with the person.
  • Start with something simple, like, “We were so close, and I miss you. It would be nice to talk more often (if you want, of course)”. In this way, you will express your feelings and give the other person room to take action.
  • Don't mention past problems. There will be a right time for this conversation and you will know when you are ready.
  • Do not offend or attack your cousin. If you're still hurting and don't have anything good to talk about, it's best to wait for the resentment to pass and seek it out when you're feeling better.
  • If you don't have his contact information, ask a relative or look up the data on the internet.
Get Your Cousin to Like You Step 2

Step 2. Learn to chat

Good communication has two factors: talking and listening. Express what you are feeling to your cousin, but also listen to what he has to say. That way you will show that you respect him.

  • Be consistent in your approach. After you see him for the first time, of course you don't need to be always available, but keep in regular contact so that trust between you can develop.
  • One of the most essential things in this regard is simply listening to the person. Show that her interests and issues matter to you. For example, if she comments that she is having difficulties at school or with friends, talk about it and try to help her find a solution.
  • Sharing secrets also strengthens the bond. But of course, don't reveal your cousin's private things to anyone, as this will destroy all the progress they've made.
Get Your Cousin to Like You Step 3

Step 3. Be respectful and flexible

Make your old friend feel comfortable when you're together. Enjoy your company and act pleasantly; thus, the intimacy between you will grow little by little.

  • Perhaps your cousin has beliefs and values ​​that are quite different from yours. Respect and celebrate diversity; this will show that you value his friendship above all.
  • As a form of kindness, don't criticize or make fun of the person and their family members, don't gossip and don't spread personal details.
Get Your Cousin to Like You Step 4

Step 4. Make the first date without the relatives

After they've been talking for some time, suggest seeing each other in person. However, avoid family events at first, as this can make the situation even more stressful and tense.

In the beginning, suggest simple programs. It could be coffee, lunch, a movie, or a sports event. When they are closer, then yes you can try something more elaborate

Part 2 of 3: Building the relationship

Get Your Cousin to Like You Step 5

Step 1. Show genuine interest

Listen to your former partner carefully and pick up the topics with each encounter. That way you'll show that you really care about him and his friendship.

Ask lots of questions. It could be something silly, like “Do you like basketball?”, or something more complex, like “Can you tell me more about your profession?”

Get Your Cousin to Like You Step 6

Step 2. Find things in common

A great way to strengthen the relationship and admiration is to identify shared interests so you have something to talk about.

  • At first, it may seem like you have nothing to do with each other, but as you invest in the relationship, you are sure to find similarities, from personality traits to hobbies. Let's say you both like playing online games or scouring Pinterest. Maybe they can schedule a match or follow their profiles.
  • Sometimes diversity is what makes contact interesting. You will have the opportunity to broaden your views and learn about new things. For example, if the person is a fan of hiking and you've never tried it, suggest such an adventure together. It can end up becoming a passion of yours, and even if you don't like the experience, it will still show your willingness to build a deeper bond.
Get Your Cousin to Like You Step 7

Step 3. Whenever you can, talk and have fun with your old friend

Frequent contact will greatly contribute to the closeness between you. If the subjects are light and optimistic, so much the better.

  • Social networks greatly facilitate interaction with the family. There are many options, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Also, everyone has a cell phone these days, which brings messaging functionality. You can talk via SMS or via apps like Whatsapp and Viber.
  • There is also the alternative of video calling. Through apps like Skype and FaceTime, it is possible to converse in a more direct way.
  • Keep a respectful and light approach. Don't say things to offend or hurt your cousin. If there is any disagreement, apologize and move on.
Get Your Cousin to Like You Step 8

Step 4. Do cool things together

Fun times build intimacy and trust.

  • Spoil yourself in a good mood! Nothing better than a person who makes us laugh; this will certainly make your cousin appreciate your presence.
  • Be flexible in your attitudes. It's impossible for you to always agree on everything, but knowing how to give in is the fundamental foundation of any relationship. Both must accept each other's differences and tastes.
  • Don't let it be seen only at family gatherings. Overall, these are stressful and dramatic situations, and this can contaminate the interaction.

Part 3 of 3: Keeping the Loop

Get Your Cousin to Like You Step 9

Step 1. Keep talking

It's natural to have some periods further away from your loved one, but a simple message like “Hey, how are you doing?” is enough to show that you've remembered the person.

  • Use and abuse social media to keep in touch with your cousin.
  • From time to time, call and text the person, either in the traditional way or through apps.
  • Video calls help a lot in close proximity, even when you are physically far away.
Get Your Cousin to Like You Step 10

Step 2. Show affection

In addition to talking often, it's essential to show that that person is important to you. There are many ways to do this, from sending a “congratulations” on her birthday to helping with a problem.

  • Celebrate commemorative dates! Write down the birthday and other important events in the person's life and send a loving message on those days.
  • Another way to show consideration is to offer help when needed. It can be as simple as taking care of your cousin's child when he needs it, helping out with school projects, or going shopping together.
Get Your Cousin to Like You Step 11

Step 3. Keep the relationship respectful and light

It is normal for any tie to have its ups and downs, but for it to last, it is necessary to always adopt a respectful and optimistic attitude.

  • It is obvious that sometimes unpleasant situations and feelings will arise; do your best to deal with them calmly and gently, and move on.
  • Avoid family dramas so as not to compromise your relationship.

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