10 Ways to Behave with Friends

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10 Ways to Behave with Friends
10 Ways to Behave with Friends

Friendships are great as they allow us to relax and be ourselves. It may sound simple, but it is normal to have difficulty knowing how to act in the presence of friends. There are many good ways to do this, such as being present in times of need, accepting the other for who they are, and laughing at funny or embarrassing situations. If you're looking for advice, you've come to the right place. Come on?


Method 1 of 10: Be yourself

Behave with Friends Step 1

Step 1. To form sincere friendships, your friends need to know your "true self"

Keep your head up and present your real interests. Put your favorite songs to play in the presence of your friends and talk about your passion for football. No matter what your interests are, talk about them and reach out to your friends. You can bet this will make them share more with you too.

  • Know that it is normal to be a little insecure in the presence of new friends. Feign confidence by maintaining confident body language: straight spine and shoulders back! You will definitely be amazed at how much this helps!
  • Don't pretend to like something just to fit in. Your forced enthusiasm will be noticeable and you will miss an opportunity to show who you really are.

Method 2 of 10: Keep your sense of humor

Behave with Friends Step 2

Step 1. Tell jokes and be yourself

The best part of friendships is relaxing and having fun. Imitate your favorite characters or actors, sing songs and don't be afraid to play! This way, you help your friends to loosen up and everyone will feel more comfortable together.

No need to push it. Your sense of humor will come naturally to conversations as you get closer to new friends

Method 3 of 10: Celebrate their successes

Behave with Friends Step 3

Step 1. Be happy for your friends when good things happen to them

It's hard not to compare, but remember you want your friends to be happy. So get really excited about the good news! If a friend wins an award or is promoted, congratulate them sincerely and say you are very proud! If possible, offer a form of celebration.

For example, say something like, "That's great! You're so talented and hardworking. I'm so happy and so lucky to be your friend!"

Method 4 of 10: Support them in times of need

Behave with Friends Step 4

Step 1. Encourage your friends when they are going through trials

Are a friend's parents getting a divorce? Is your friend having trouble studying? Be present and help them in difficult times! Call them in for ice cream, share a fun playlist, or spend a little extra time with them! That way, you make it clear that you care and want to help!

  • For example, let's say a friend is going through a messy breakup. Invite them to enjoy a movie at your house by saying something like, "I know things are tough, and I'm sorry. Do you want to come over here to watch a movie and get pizza?"
  • The really important thing is to be present. This is often enough. Say something like, "I want you to know that no matter what happens, I'm here. You can talk to me about anything!"

Method 5 out of 10: Be a good listener

Behave with Friends Step 5

Step 1. Show an active and direct interest in what your friends have to say

Listen to them as they share stories about their everyday lives and ask questions about their interests and hobbies. During your conversations, paraphrase what they say in your own words as this helps with understanding. Also look into their eyes as they speak, making it clear that you care and want to better understand what's going on.

No staying on the phone when your friend is talking. Opening up to someone who is more interested in social media is very boring and hurtful. Don't be that friend

Method 6 of 10: Ask questions

Behave with Friends Step 6

Step 1. This makes it very clear that you want to get to know your friend even more

If a friend auditions for the high school football team, ask them how the test went. If a friend is taking the entrance exam for her dream college, ask her how her exam preparations are going. Asking questions is a very simple way to show that you care about each other and to deepen your relationship.

If a friend is making a college film, ask how the production is going. Basically, show interest in your friends' lives

Method 7 of 10: Don't be afraid to show yourself vulnerable

Behave with Friends Step 7

Step 1. Trust your friends and show your weaknesses

It's hard to get to know someone well if the other is always bragging or showing off. If you have some interests that you think are silly (everyone does, rest assured), share them! When something shameful happens, talk to your friend and laugh together at the situation! It may take you a while to get to that point, but it will deepen your friendship and you'll feel more comfortable together, you bet.

Let's say you had toilet paper stuck to your sneakers right in front of your crush. Instead of hiding this moment as if it were a damn secret, tell your friends and laugh along with what happened! Maybe they don't tell shameful stories too?

Method 8 out of 10: Don't judge your friends

Behave with Friends Step 8

Step 1. Everyone it has its faults, and your friends are not immune to it. Do your best not to rub their problems out on the world. Stop being a good friend is accepting the other for who he is. Does your friend always forget his keys at home? Help him remember this when possible or reassure him when it does. He will be able to relax more in your presence and will likely forgive your faults and problems as well.

Obviously, you shouldn't be anyone's doormat. If your friend's faults include belittling you, don't take it silently. A good friend never makes the other feel bad about themselves

Method 9 of 10: Ask for forgiveness when you step on the ball

Behave with Friends Step 9

Step 1. Everyone makes mistakes in life

Forgot to give a friend a birthday present? Got stressed and ended up yelling at your friend? No matter what happened: take responsibility and ask for forgiveness. Don't blame your friend or the circumstances. Trust me, your chances of being forgiven are greatly increased if you are sincere and offer a heartfelt apology.

Say something like, "Sorry about my bad mood in class yesterday. I was stressed out and shouldn't have taken it out on you."

Method 10 of 10: Resolve conflicts when they arise

Behave with Friends Step 10

Step 1. Talk about your disagreements as they arise

Friends fight, and this is normal and even expected. Whenever a conflict arises with a friend, discuss the issue politely, calmly, and rationally. Hear each other's sides well and share yours in a respectful way. If you were at fault in the conflict, apologize and try to come to a solution together. If your friend missed the ball and sincerely apologized, try to forgive him.

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