3 Ways to Make People Love You

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3 Ways to Make People Love You
3 Ways to Make People Love You

You can't force anyone to love you, but there are many ways to become a better friend or an authentic person, which makes others more interested in you. Practice self-confidence and try to help others when you can. Listen more than speak and learn to express yourself more kindly to yourself to start doing the same with other people. In the end, the best way to build deeper relationships with others is to be a better person.


Method 1 of 3: Being an Authentic Person

Make People Love You Step 1

Step 1. Believe in yourself and let other people know your true self

People are attracted to who is authentic, so pretending to be who you are not just makes them think you want attention or approval. Recognize your strengths and be whoever you want, no matter what the situation. When you're anxious, try one of the following techniques:

  • Maintain good posture and avoid looking down as you walk.
  • Make eye contact without staring.
  • Be the first person to say “hi” to start the conversation.
  • Support people instead of teasing or intimidating them.
  • Don't apologize for what isn't your fault.
Make People Love You Step 2

Step 2. Focus on the current moment and the people around you

It's not always easy, but you can train people to feel better around you. If you are always preoccupied with something else, others may feel that you care about them. Pay more attention to what's going on around you and stay away from distractions like your cell phone when you're talking to someone.

  • By focusing on the present, people see you with much more interest.
  • Are you having trouble putting your cell phone aside? You are not alone. Leave it in silent mode or enable only very important notifications.
Make People Love You Step 3

Step 3. Share your passions with others

People who are very interested in a subject end up attracting others because the enthusiasm is contagious! It doesn't matter if your crush seems silly or nerdy. You can't even imagine how inspiring it is to see someone chasing your dreams.

  • Do you want others to love you? So love yourself, which means total acceptance.
  • Take the time to do the things you love. Practice or do something you enjoy every week.


if someone makes fun of you for doing what you love, think about whether they matter in your life. You want to attract people who treat you well.

Make People Love You Step 4

Step 4. Stay close to people who are authentic and support your true self

Obviously not everyone will start to like you, but you should only call those who matter. An important part of the process is choosing well who you want to keep close to yourself. Don't get into a toxic relationship or go after someone who ignores you or treats you badly.

It's hard to find good friends. If you're struggling, join a club or go to a local event. Be nice and safe and don't be in a hurry because it takes time to meet interesting people

Make People Love You Step 5

Step 5. Give a smile to whoever you see every day

It's a simple but important act: a smile can brighten someone's day. Smile with your eyes and don't be ashamed to show your teeth. If you're worried about your own expression, practice in the mirror.

Sometimes you can't smile, but that's okay. Don't try to look happier than you are, because everyone gets sad or tired at times

Method 2 of 3: Being Kind

Make People Love You Step 6

Step 1. Listen to others to really understand what they are saying

Do you want to be heard? Other people want it too. Be a good listener to deepen the relationship and be a better friend. When someone is talking, don't think about what you intend to say, just focus on them. Follow the tips below:

  • Don't turn someone's story into a story about yourself.
  • Empathize with the listener and don't just give solutions.
  • Ask if the person wants to hear advice before speaking.
  • Listen actively by nodding your head at times, making eye contact, and giving verbal cues.
  • Do as much as you can to remember the details of the conversation.
Make People Love You Step 7

Step 2. Ask questions and avoid talking about yourself all the time

As with listening, asking questions is a great way to show the other person that you are interested in what they say. When you go out in a group, try to learn as much as possible about other people rather than monopolizing the conversation.

It's okay to talk about yourself to others, because that's how relationships develop. However, beware of exaggerations


when you don't know what to ask, say something like, "Tell me a little more about this." This is a great way to make people feel important in the conversation and participate more.

Make People Love You Step 8

Step 3. Offer help to others when they need something

Being a good friend is a great way to earn someone's esteem. Donate some of your time, energy and resources to those in need. For example, offer a ride to a colleague who doesn't have a car or agree to water a neighbor's plants while he's on vacation.

  • Look for opportunities to do nice things for others. For example: taking a cake to the people at work and taking care of the baby or feeding a friend's pets. There are several things you can do to make someone's day better.
  • On the other hand, be careful that they don't take advantage of you. If someone only talks to you when they need something, it's because the relationship is out of balance.
Make People Love You Step 9

Step 4. Congratulate people when they achieve something cool

Do you want others to like and support you? Do the same for them. If someone does well on the test, gets a good job, or starts a new relationship, wish them well and celebrate success. It's important to recognize even minor things like making a difficult call or finishing a project.

Envy is a natural feeling, but it doesn't mean you can't be happy for someone else. Remember that the success of others does not diminish yours

Make People Love You Step 10

Step 5. Respect other people even if you don't understand them

People who are different from you also deserve respect. When you treat everyone well, others notice your positive behavior and understand what kind of person you are. Be nice to someone who is different from you and don't make fun of, tease or annoy the person.

  • Let other people have their own opinion and belief, even if they are opposed to yours.
  • Respect limits and don't pressure people to do what they don't want to.
  • Don't make fun of people just because they like things you think are weird.

Method 3 of 3: Accepting Yourself

Make People Love You Step 11

Step 1. Believe in the idea that you deserve to be loved

It's something very important, because it's impossible to be satisfied or feel fulfilled without loving yourself. Learn to value yourself and believe in your own worth.

  • Take time to learn to like yourself. It's not something that changes overnight.
  • If you have a hard time loving yourself, talk to someone about yourself. Opening up with a friend or even a psychologist makes a big difference in how you see yourself.
Make People Love You Step 12

Step 2. Replace negative self-talk with positive self

Start by noticing how you judge yourself and what your inner critic says. When these thoughts come up, replace them with positive affirmations and change the way you think.

For example, if negative thoughts are like “You are an idiot. Why would anyone want to love you?”, try to understand them and turn them into something like this: “I deserve the love and care of other people”

Positive Affirmations:

try one of the following statements. Repeat them when you notice you are being too hard on yourself:

I am strong and capable.

I am nice and interesting.

People love to be around me and I am a good friend.

I can complete complex projects.

Make People Love You Step 13

Step 3. Get rid of the idea that it's possible to be perfect

Accept who you are: mistakes and imperfections are important even for relating to others. People don't feel very close to a person who claims to be perfect and who never makes mistakes.

There is nothing wrong with trying to improve, but there is a big difference between seeking personal improvement and perfection. Make an effort to be a better person, but don't overdo it and accept that you have weaknesses like everyone else

Make People Love You Step 14

Step 4. Stop worrying about what people think of you

You can't please everyone, and if you try, you'll end up losing your own identity. Try one of the following statements when wondering whether people like you or not:

  • I trust myself.
  • I can live my life without caring what people think of me.
  • I am happy with myself.
  • I decide the things in my life and I don't get carried away by what others say.
  • I accept myself and love myself, which is the most important.
Make People Love You Step 15

Step 5. Know that not everyone will like you, but that's okay

Everyone wants to be loved. It's normal and part of human nature. However, not everyone will start to like you and there may even be someone who hates you. Accept the fact and focus on positive relationships to make it easier to deal with rejections and inevitable conflicts.

Try to think like this: do you really like everyone you know? The answer is likely to be “no”. Not everybody likes you, just as you don't like everybody


  • Try to be a good friend rather than worrying about what others can do for you.
  • Don't gossip or complain about other people. You will lose friends if they no longer trust you.

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