How to Write a Letter to Your Best Friend

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How to Write a Letter to Your Best Friend
How to Write a Letter to Your Best Friend

Whether it's because your best friend has moved away or because she's away for a while, handwriting a letter is a good sign that you really care about her. Even if they live side by side, this is a great way to express your affection for someone. Using a nice piece of paper and writing about your life and thoughts will add a special touch of intimacy; your friend will keep this memory and can reread it whenever she needs to feel loved.


Part 1 of 3: Having Ideas for Your Letter

Write a Letter to Your Best Friend Step 1

Step 1. Take notes

Coming across a blank sheet and trying to make it a long, meaningful letter can be a challenge; even if they know each other well, it's hard at first to know what to write.

  • Take notes as ideas come up throughout the day. Save the commonplace events that she would find funny, the jokes they would make if they were together, these are good subjects to write about. Your friend will be happy to know that you were careful to think of her in the middle of your routine and that you included those thoughts in your letter.
  • Always carry a notebook or use your cell phone's notebook and open a document with the title “Letter to My Friend”.
  • When you finally decide to write the letter, read your notes for ideas of what to include.
Write a Letter to Your Best Friend Step 2

Step 2. Ask questions

The intention of writing a letter to your friend is to show that you are interested in her life. Even if they are longtime friends, there is certainly news to tell. Ask questions and send your answers with them; some fun examples would be:

  • "What animal would you be and why?" Say which animal you identify in it and explain why.
  • "Which fictional character would you like to meet in real life?"
  • "If you could magically choose, what would your superpower be?"
  • "Do you believe in ET?"
  • "What makes you happy in life?"
  • "What food do you find inedible?"
  • "Who are you into?"
  • "What do you like to do most when we're together?"
Write a Letter to Your Best Friend Step 3

Step 3. Plan what you will do when you meet again

It can be specific things or simple ideas to do together. Having plans in writing will encourage them to stick to them when they see each other again.

  • Plan a marathon of your favorite movies.
  • Read the same book and exchange information about the characters, discuss the events and share your opinions about the author.
  • Imagine a long-term project to carry out together.
  • Make a list of cool places or events you would like to visit.
Write a Letter to Your Best Friend Step 4

Step 4. Say what you like most about her

Sometimes the friendship is so close that people just take it and forget to talk about it. Write down the things that should be said and have fallen by the wayside.

  • Talk about the qualities you like most about her.
  • Remember the difficult times when she was pivotal.

Part 2 of 3: Writing the Letter

Write a Letter to Your Best Friend Step 5

Step 1. Set aside your best stationery items such as stationery, stickers, colored pens, etc

Remember the things your friend likes for inspiration. For example, if she likes daisies, choose stationery with daisies around the edges and match the envelope.

If the paper is not ruled, place a sheet with lines underneath to follow as you write

Write a Letter to Your Best Friend Step 6

Step 2. Put the date

Write the day, month, and year in the upper left corner of the letter to remind your friend of when she received the letter in the future.

  • Also, if your letter is lost and delayed, your friend will know when you wrote it.
  • This is even more important if she is in a really distant place.
Write a Letter to Your Best Friend Step 7

Step 3. Open the letter with a greeting

This is the pattern for starting any correspondence. Write something like “Dear Lili,” for example, using your best friend's name.

  • For the greeting, use a “Hello!”.
  • Or, if you prefer a less formal tone, start with "Hey So-and-So!" or “What's up, my best” and even using a pet name between you.
Write a Letter to Your Best Friend Step 8

Step 4. Start the letter

Write as much as you like, the entire sheet or just two paragraphs, your friend will be happy to know you've written a letter and won't mind the length.

  • Don't be afraid to use more than one sheet of paper.
  • Include jokes and other fun things the two of you have been through together and ask how her life is going in this part of the letter.
  • Describe your life. She's your best friend and will definitely like to know how you've been doing. For example, if you have a new crush, tell her.
  • Make a list of things she would enjoy following such as bands, TV series, etc.
Write a Letter to Your Best Friend Step 9

Step 5. Finish the letter

Finish with something nice, say you miss her, especially if you haven't seen her in a long time.

  • Write something like “I love you! I'm looking forward to your answer!"
  • End with “From your best friend” or “With love” and sign.
  • If you forget to mention something in the letter, use the famous "PS." to tell you what you forgot.
Write a Letter to Your Best Friend Step 10

Step 6. Decorate the letter

To make it even more personalized, stick some stickers, draw pictures, decorate the envelope, make it more colorful, in short, do what your imagination (or your friend's preferences) tells you.

  • Draw you and your best friend holding hands, inside a heart or in a field of flowers.
  • If you don't know or don't want to draw, stick stickers, figurines or use stamps.
Write a Letter to Your Best Friend Step 11

Step 7. Spray some of your perfume

Doing so will leave the letter fragrant and make your friend remember you. Hold the bottle a few inches away from the paper and lightly spray, passing the leaf through the cloud of perfume. Do not apply directly to the sheet, so as not to smear the pen ink.

  • Just a little is enough to deliver the message.
  • Smell the paper to make sure the perfume has stuck.

Part 3 of 3: Putting the letter in the mail

Write a Letter to Your Best Friend Step 12

Step 1. Fold the letter

Fold it into a shape that fits the envelope.

  • Close the envelope and lick the edge to glue, or stick glue.
  • Another option is to put a sticker to close the letter and give it more security and, at the same time, decorate it even more.
Write a Letter to Your Best Friend Step 13

Step 2. Enter the address

It is through him that the courier will know where to deliver. Start with her full name in the middle of the front of the envelope where the stamps will go.

  • If delivery is not made by mail, simply write your friend's name.
  • However, if delivery will be by mail, please enter the full address – street name, number and neighborhood. In the line below, add the city, state and zip code.
  • On the back of the envelope, put your name and address. The courier itself will be in charge of placing the stamps.
Write a Letter to Your Best Friend Step 14

Step 3. Put the letter in a mailbox

  • Another option is to take it to a post office if you don't have public mailboxes where you live. This can speed up delivery.
  • If you want to include something in the letter, it is best to go straight to the post office to make sure you have enough stamps, as it can get heavier.


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