How to Make a Guy Laugh: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Make a Guy Laugh: 10 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Make a Guy Laugh: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

Most men aren't insensitive to the point where you can't get a smile. If you know your sense of humor and let your own star shine, you will develop a connection between you that will keep you both laughing until the sun goes down. See Step 1 to get the laughs started.


Part 1 of 3: Find your mood

Make a Guy Laugh Step 1

Step 1. Be silly

Most of us girls aren't so good at making a whole class laugh with short jokes and timing. To be humorous, the simplest and most effective way is to act silly. It shows that you are fun, happy and don't take life too seriously. Here are some ideas:

  • I use physical humor. Make funny faces, pretend you're in slow motion, jump on his back for a piggyback (if that's okay for him too, of course) or start a food fight.
  • Do your show. Put on a foreign accent or pretend you're him - mimicking and making fun of flirting, of course.
  • React silly. Are you leaning on it? Start purring like a cat! When he says, “Oops, I'm sorry, I had your last soda,” respond with “NOT IT FOR ME. I'M MOVING TO CANADA.” And then you smile and pretend you're super excited to play hockey and watch beavers in Canada.
Make a Guy Laugh Step 2

Step 2. Be yourself

There is nothing better than a person who is herself and comfortable with what she is. By being you, you show him that he can also be himself by your side, without worrying about anything. Mood comes naturally when you're both happy and relaxed!

  • Don't worry about being funny enough for him! If you are carefree and enjoy having fun, he will also have fun with you. Don't worry about the image you're playing. Do what makes you happy and he will probably want to be with you at those times.
  • If you try to be funny, you will be “trying” to be funny. Be natural and let the conversation flow. The mood appears!
Make a Guy Laugh Step 3

Step 3. Be positive

Of course, every now and then there's that person who can be completely hilarious for being dry, cynical and sarcastic. But usually you want to be around this person only once in a while. We all like to be around lively, fun and happy people because it's contagious. These people also make us happy and excited (which usually means funnier) and show a side of us that makes us feel confident. It's impossible not to love.

When we are optimistic, everything feels lighter. When everything is lighter, it's easier to joke (and get smiles in return). It's easier to take an everyday situation and make it an opportunity to have fun. The more you have fun, the more you will laugh together

Part 2 of 3: Running in His Style

Make a Guy Laugh Step 4

Step 1. Try to get to know him

Humor is subjective. What you find funny is not the same thing your best friend finds funny. So, to find out what makes him laugh, get to know him! What series does he like? Which comedians? What kind of jokes does he make? These are all hints of what makes him laugh.

The most common saying about jokes goes: Foucault will not be liked by the kind of guy who prefers to laugh at a dirty joke. It works in reverse too. Doesn't the guy you're up for doesn't prefer lighter things? Does he like witty comments about current events better? Will he laugh at a pun on Clingon? Find it out

Make a Guy Laugh Step 5

Step 2. Laugh at his jokes

In general, women value the sense of humor more than men. What do men want? Someone who makes them feel funny. Instead of trying to impress him, show him that he impresses you. Showing that he has a right to laugh at his own jokes, because he's amazing, will win him over quickly.

You don't have to laugh your ass off at every joke he makes. If he treats you like a brother, laugh at him, but in a playful way. Did he make a hit blonde joke? Oh, sweetie, let him know how cute he is by trying to smirk

Make a Guy Laugh Step 6

Step 3. Encourage his mood

When connecting with people, chemistry is very important. To show him that you've just "connected" with him and that you like his mood, encourage him! Did he just do his Silvio Santos imitation? Do your best imitation of Hebe Camargo or Marília Gabriela (it doesn't have to be good - this is his moment). If you don't know an imitation, you can use a line from a movie.

Establishing “inside” games can develop the relationship between you, creating a bond that is unlikely to be broken. If his humor is self-deprecating or straight out of Family Guy, follow along. Show that you appreciate how much fun it is

Part 3 of 3: Interacting with Him

Make a Guy Laugh Step 7

Step 1. Help him to be happy in general

When life is sad, let's not laugh no matter what. To see the fun side of things, we have to want to. So help keep him happy (making someone happy is impossible - they have to want to) by being an amazing person and showing how happy you are with them.

By being positive and funny, you are really doing everything you can. Be friends with him (or whatever suits your relationship), do little things and try to lighten his life up (especially if he's in a bad way). Make him see the bright side of life and the humor will come

Make a Guy Laugh Step 8

Step 2. Be ready to make fun of yourself

There are few things funnier than a person who makes fun of themselves. But there is also nothing worse than a person who makes fun of himself and is embarrassed. So when you turn the soda on yourself, just say you're saving it for later and that the yellow of the guarana looks better on you than the white. Plus, it's like two-in-one shampoo. You're just being nice and funny.

Studies even show that if you make fun of yourself, you make people trust and like you more. This kind of makes sense - when you show that you are laid-back, open to jokes and just a human being like everyone else, it takes away any intimidation or stress in the relationship

Make a Guy Laugh Step 9

Step 3. Go physical

Slapstick comedy is the only kind of comedy that has existed since the beginning of time – and still exists for a reason. If the witty side of you two doesn't come naturally, don't stress! You can convince him you're the funniest thing after Dercy Gonçalves just by using your non-verbal humor.

  • Popcorn? Oh yes, please! It's time to see who has the best aim. And spaghetti? It's time to play Dama e Vagabundo.
  • Standing in line to watch your favorite movie? Bored to the point of pulling the wires out of your head just to have something to do? So why don't you dance macarena?

    Unless he's the type who gets embarrassed easily, of course

  • Try to play fight, tickle or play attack. The bond created by physical contact is strong as steel. Is it time for a thumbs war rematch?
  • Laugh to yourself. You don't need a reason! Laughing is contagious, it always makes other people laugh. And of course, it makes you happy too!
Make a Guy Laugh Step 10

Step 4. Relax

If you are visibly tense or stressed, nothing will be funny or fun. Do you know that person who is always in a bad mood? Don't be spoilers! Relax. It's the only way to be yourself, be silly and create an environment where the joke will flow naturally. If you are relaxed and enjoy the company of others, laughter will start spontaneously!

If he's not laughing at your jokes, that's fine. You know you're funny and that's what matters. If he sees you being yourself, being natural, there's nothing not to like. So take a deep breath - you're fine


  • Be patient and let the conversation flow naturally.
  • Don't play pranks that might offend you. It's best to stay in safe territory and that goes for everyone else.
  • Don't force things. If you try too hard to be funny, he'll notice.
  • Never be afraid to say things to him. It's important to feel comfortable around him.


  • Don't be disappointed if he doesn't laugh. He might have something else on his mind. Try it next time.
  • Watch out for old jokes. They sound like you're just trying to fit in. Speak naturally and without sounding rehearsed.

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