3 Ways to Get a Guy to Come Talk to You

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3 Ways to Get a Guy to Come Talk to You
3 Ways to Get a Guy to Come Talk to You

Fancy a guy from work or school, but he doesn't even seem to notice their existence? Do not freak out! Not only are you fully capable of getting a date's attention, you can also take steps to get him to talk to you. you first. It's all a matter of maintaining a receptive image and knowing how to take care of yourself.


Method 1 of 3: Viewing a Receptive Image

Make a Guy Come Talk to You Step 1

Step 1. Smile

Believe it or not, when it comes to taking the first step, boys are just as shy as girls. Smiles are friendly and welcoming and can make a date feel immediately safer to introduce themselves and strike up a conversation with you. On the other hand, it's very likely that a frown will make you nervous and keep you away.

Make a Guy Come Talk to You Step 2

Step 2. Make eye contact, this gesture goes hand in hand with the smile

You can smile all day, but if you're not making eye contact at the same time, you won't signal the boy that you'd like him to come talk to you. Your flirt will notice if you make eye contact and smile when you walk past them, especially if it happens multiple times. If he smiles back, so much the better!

Eye contact is great, but avoid looking at the boy without stopping. Look him in the eye occasionally, but don't stare

Make a Guy Come Talk to You Step 3

Step 3. Be confident

Self-confidence is much more important than your hair or the clothes you wear. In addition to being an attractive personality trait, it makes you look more dynamic and interesting. A confident girl will automatically attract other people, so radiate positivity!

Make a Guy Come Talk to You Step 4

Step 4. Talk to his friends

When a guy sees a girl talking to his friends, he feels much more comfortable talking to her. Just be careful not to flirt with anyone! Your crush would notice it too, but not in a positive way.

Make a Guy Come Talk to You Step 5

Step 5. Put the cell phone aside

When you're around a boy you want to chat with, staring at your cell phone doesn't give you the impression that you're in the mood for a chat. Keep your head up and look alert, ready to start a conversation.

Make a Guy Come Talk to You Step 6

Step 6. Pay attention to body language

Communication goes far beyond words - our body language speaks a lot, even across a room or hallway.

  • Don't fold your arms, as this gesture gives the impression that you are not accessible.
  • Pay attention to posture. When you adopt a sloppy posture, you communicate without saying a single word that you don't feel safe enough to talk to your date.
  • Adopt firm and elegant gestures. Relaxed hands indicate security, while clenched fists make you look anxious and unreceptive.
  • Avoid fidgeting around and playing with your hair or anything else, these gestures show anxiety.

Method 2 of 3: Making yourself more accessible

Make a Guy Come Talk to You Step 7

Step 1. Position yourself in your date's field of vision

If you have a natural opportunity to go through it, don't waste it! If you notice that he passes by a certain corridor every day at a certain time, stay there. However, do this in moderation, or you will appear desperate.

  • When you pass him, make sure you have a good reason. Drink some water from the drinking fountain next to him or go get a book if he's chatting with friends outside the library.
  • As you walk past the boy, remember to keep your posture upright and head up, walk confidently, and have a smile on your face.
Make a Guy Come Talk to You Step 8

Step 2. Sit next to him

It doesn't mean to sit Beside of him - it would be too obvious! However, sitting close to the date (within his field of vision, if possible) will get you noticed and provide an opportunity for him to reach out and start talking. If you study in the same class, sit at a desk next to his. In the cafeteria, sit with your friends near where he is sitting.

Make a Guy Come Talk to You Step 9

Step 3. Create a situation that prompts him to approach you

Try walking past it carrying a stack of heavy books, or opening a door while carrying things with both hands. Who knows, maybe you can even walk past him looking confused or lost, like you're trying to find a classroom or a person.

While the "damsel in distress" trick shouldn't be used very often, it can be quite effective in starting a conversation or at least providing an opportunity to look the boy in the eye and smile

Make a Guy Come Talk to You Step 10

Step 4. Share a common interest

Find out more about something that interests your crush. For example, if he likes to watch basketball games at school, go watch a game once in a while. If the boy loves music, occasionally drop by the record store he frequents. Run into him at the gym. It is very likely that he will come up with you if he meets you while practicing a common hobby.

  • Don't go overboard to make this happen. You don't have to force yourself to like something you hate! Be natural.
  • Plan carefully and don't show up at every event he attends or embrace every hobby of your date. You're likely to scare him if you do, and no one wants to be mistaken for a stalker.
Make a Guy Come Talk to You Step 11

Step 5. Make friends with the boy's friends

Get closer to his friends if you already talk to them and if this approach seems natural. That way, he will have several opportunities to start a conversation. Plus, his friends will only have nice things to say about you, and that's always good!

Method 3 of 3: Taking Care of Appearance

Make a Guy Come Talk to You Step 12

Step 1. Be proud of your appearance

The image we present to the world is a great indicator of how we feel inside. You want to get this guy's attention and show that he's worth it, and while looks aren't everything, he's the first thing guys notice about someone. No matter how awesome your personality, your date won't be able to see it from yards away!

  • Take care of yourself by keeping your hair well combed and your nails trimmed.
  • Maintain good personal hygiene habits by brushing your teeth, flossing and showering every day.
  • Wash and moisturize your face regularly for a natural, healthy glow.
  • Try perfumes and lotions with pleasant scents, but don't go overboard! The boy must smell the scent when you walk by, not across the room!
Make a Guy Come Talk to You Step 13

Step 2. Try a different cut or hairstyle

Don't go crazy and dye your hair pink! Small changes can make a big difference. Try using a flat iron, curling iron, barrettes, hairpins - anything different might catch his eye. Try different hairstyles the day before class or an event where you can meet the boy.

  • If you straighten your hair with a flat iron, your look will be more casual.
  • To give the locks more movement, use a curling iron.
  • Do you wear your hair up all the time or do you always wear it down? Whatever your answer, change your hairstyle!
  • Try dividing your hair in a different way or consider getting a bangs. Have a good time!
Make a Guy Come Talk to You Step 14

Step 3. Take care of yourself

You can do this in a variety of ways, ranging from simple things to more complex measurements. Focus on the Basics! When we take care of ourselves, other people notice it without us having to say a word.

  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Practice physical activities regularly.
  • Make healthy dietary changes.
Make a Guy Come Talk to You Step 15

Step 4. Dress to impress

Some people may say that clothes don't define a girl, but we all know what they do to others! Wear pieces that fit your body and make you feel good about yourself. When we don't feel good inside our clothes, this discomfort shows through our behavior.

  • Try to brighten the wardrobe with favorable colors.
  • Highlight your best attributes. This doesn't mean wearing tiny clothes! Wear a tank top if you have toned arms, for example.
  • Get dressed to make things work between you and your date. For example: if you are very tall, wear flat shoes when you are close to him so that he will feel more comfortable.
  • Try wearing a dress if you're always wearing jeans.
  • Develop your own sense of style. Everyone will notice this, not just your crush!
  • Try wearing jewelry or other accessories. Sometimes the smallest details are the ones that attract the most attention.


  • Smile often.
  • Always be kind and receptive.
  • Find a common interest.
  • Self-confidence is the keyword!
  • Be yourself! Whatever you do, don't forget who you really are: a unique and amazing person. Nobody has to change to please a boy.
  • Always keep your breath fresh.
  • Act naturally.
  • Don't try too hard.
  • Don't wait until a guy decides to take the initiative if you believe you really like him. Go ahead. Like girls, boys are also shy and nervous. You can take the first step!

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