3 Ways to Greet a Girl

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3 Ways to Greet a Girl
3 Ways to Greet a Girl

If you're an introvert and don't know what to say when you're with other people, greeting a girl can be a real adventure, whether it's a friend, someone you don't know well or on a date. Luckily, there are strategies for you to feel more confident and receptive, valid for any situation.


Method 1 of 3: Greeting a Girl You Already Know

Greet a Girl Step 1

Step 1. Assess the level of your relationship

Choose how to greet the girl in question based on the bonds you have. Physical contact should be restricted to the people you are most intimate with, so prefer to be less outgoing if you don't know each other well yet.

Be comfortable. The more comfortable you feel, the more comfortable she will be. It's nice to be bold once in a while, but to compliment a girl you don't know well it's better to be more neutral

Greet a Girl Step 2

Step 2. Get closer as you would any friend

The fact that she's a girl doesn't mean she should be treated any differently from male friends, especially if she's your platonic crush. Use common sense, a simple "Hi" or "Hi" is fine.

  • If you are already close, give a hand pat or another friendly greeting.
  • If they're really friends, give them a hug and a pat on the back. Physical contact develops and strengthens bonds.
Greet a Girl Step 3

Step 3. Praise her

It's great to give praise to the people around you, whatever the type of relationship. Noticing details in her appearance or acknowledging something good she has recently done is a great way to make her feel relaxed in your presence and show that you really care.

  • Compliments don't have to be brawls. Maybe you really think the shoes suit her or like the new haircut; talk about the details to make her happy and peaceful.

    • "Your shoes are very nice and that color suits you."
    • "Did you cut your hair? That look looks great on you!"
Greet a Girl Step 4

Step 4. Make eye contact

Look into her eyes to show interest and make contact.

Looking into the eyes will help you feel calmer and calmer. Don't pay attention to the environment, just focus on it

Greet a Girl Step 5

Step 5. Say you are happy to see her

We all like to feel loved and expressing this to someone shows that they matter to you and are part of your life.

"It's good to see you around here! I like to hang out with you!"

Greet a Girl Step 6

Step 6. Ask what she has been up to

Treat her like an ordinary person and show her that you're friends with her, especially if you tend to be embarrassed on social occasions and with girls.

  • Talk about something she posted on a social network. For example, if she posted pictures of a trip, say "I saw you went to Christmas, the pictures were great! How was your vacation?"
  • Asking about her day is also a good way to show interest and affection.

Method 2 of 3: Greeting a Girl You Don't Know

Greet a Girl Step 7

Step 1. Introduce yourself with confidence

If you don't know her well or have never seen her before but have mutual friends, be friendly and self-assured.

  • A simple "Hello, nice to meet you" is enough.
  • Be yourself. Remember she's in the same situation as you, don't feel like you need to impress her or act like someone you're not. Act naturally.
Greet a Girl Step 8

Step 2. Interpret her body language

You don't know her yet (not well enough) and reading her body language will help you understand her. Embracing can be a very intimate gesture, for example.

  • Greet her with your hand if she seems receptive, or simply wave if it feels more appropriate.
  • Be polite. No one makes enemies by being courteous and polite. You want to make a good first impression and being polite is your best bet for that. Trying to brag and make the same jokes you would with a close friend can be offensive, so be careful.
Greet a Girl Step 9

Step 3. Smile

Smiling is great, but know your measure; don't frighten her with a smile too broad or too enthusiastic.

Showing anxiety to meet her can also be awkward and uncomfortable

Greet a Girl Step 10

Step 4. Find out her name

It's possible for your friends to introduce them if they're in a class, but if they don't, ask her politely.

  • When she says her name, repeat it and say yours.
  • Making eye contact and using her name will help you remember her later.
Greet a Girl Step 11

Step 5. Act in a good mood

Laughter is an element of comfort for anyone, which is why people are so fond of comedians. When greeting an unknown girl, use humor to show that you are comfortable with yourself and are not a grumpy guy, even if you are nervous.

  • Using humor is a great way to relieve first date tension.
  • Make a joke about yourself if you are too shy, use your appearance or the situation. She will feel more relaxed with you and it will be easier to start a conversation later.

    "Glad so-and-so dragged me to the party. I had planned a Netflix marathon, but here's more interesting."

Greet a Girl Step 12

Step 6. Don't spend hours talking

Sometimes the best impression is made on quick dates, so she wants to know more about you.

  • If you can't talk pleasantries with girls, be brief and nice, don't try to force the conversation.
  • If you notice that the conversation is not okay, ask permission and find someone else to talk to.

Method 3 of 3: Greeting the Girl on the First Date

Greet a Girl Step 13

Step 1. Make a great first impression

One of the ways to do this is to show up a little earlier than scheduled. That way, you'll have time to settle in and relax while you wait.

Being punctual shows that you are responsible and mature

Greet a Girl Step 14

Step 2. Do your homework

You probably already know a few things about the girl, so use those things to break the ice. For example, if you know she likes flowers, bring the one she likes best as a gift.

Use the flower to stand out from the audience if you've never seen each other and this is the first time you've seen each other

Greet a Girl Step 15

Step 3. Pay attention to her behavior

Don't be rushed, see how she acts before taking any action. Notice if she is flirting or more reserved. Depending on the occasion, taking the initiative might be a good idea, but taking liberties with someone you don't know can also make a bad impression.

  • For example, it's not because you've spoken once or twice that you can play it freely.
  • Wait to see if she will hug or shake your hand and act accordingly.
Greet a Girl Step 16

Step 4. Say you are happy to meet her

As stated earlier, make eye contact and smile when they meet.

  • "I'm glad we finally met, So-and-so!"
  • If she went to meet you, it's because she's also interested and is probably just as nervous as you. Take a deep breath and be confident.
Greet a Girl Step 17

Step 5. Give a compliment

Remember that giving a compliment is different from objectifying; even if you're eager to win her over, go slow so you don't sound like an asshole.

  • Be specific. Don't say, "Your hair is beautiful," work hard to find things she's probably been committed to doing, like her hairstyle or matching outfits. Say something like "You look great in bangs."
  • Also, the compliment doesn't have to be about looks. It's a good idea to show that you're attracted to some attribute that isn't necessarily physical. For example, tell her she has an incredible presence. Talk about her sense of humor or how smart she is. Don't say these qualities are exciting, that would be rude; prefer something like "When I first saw her I was delighted, but after meeting her I was even more interested."

    A little humor is welcome in this case. Complement what you said with "I just hope I live up to it."

  • It is important to remember that you are on a date and there is no need to be platonic with praise; if she were a friend, you would need to be more subtle. However, talking about how you feel and saying that you are attracted to her is not a problem.


  • Don't be super friendly to every girl you pass, she might think you're a chicken. Greet your friends with a smile, be discreet and keep paying attention to her.
  • Having a friend implies giving and receiving hugs and this is, most of the time, a gesture of friendship. That doesn't mean she's into you.
  • Don't make offensive or bad jokes. While humor is a great icebreaker, don't make fun of her. Prefer to joke about something they can laugh about together.


  • Don't be touching or surrounding a girl who doesn't seem interested in you.
  • The fact that she returns your hugs and is nice to you doesn't mean anything. Don't feel like she owes you something because she's nice.
  • Avoid talking rude things, do not point out flaws or flaws in her appearance.
  • When you want to praise her, remember that she is a human being who deserves respect.

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