3 Ways to Apologize to a Girl

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3 Ways to Apologize to a Girl
3 Ways to Apologize to a Girl

Any relationship, no matter how strong, will be subject to problems and arguments. In the field of psychology, there are studies on relationships that show that men feel a certain discomfort when they apologize, even if they have recognized that they were wrong. In most cases, an apology should be treated as a good way to re-establish dialogue after a fight. Apologizing demonstrates to your partner that you are willing to be in a more vulnerable position for him. At first, it can be difficult to express everything you feel, however, a sincere and well-made request can be the difference between prolonged suffering and the couple's rapprochement.


Method 1 of 3: Preparing Psychologically

Apologize to a Girl Step 1

Step 1. Understand that apologizing is a way to move forward

No matter what you ask for, remember that the goal will always be to get on with the girl and improve your relationship with her. Deep down, an apology is a form of emotional submission that can yield great results if done correctly.

Some studies have often shown that men have a much harder time apologizing to a girl than the other way around. If you think you fit into this group, try approaching this act as a more practical and logical attitude (at least initially) to try to overcome this first moment of hesitation

Apologize to a Girl Step 2

Step 2. Give yourself time to relax

If you need to apologize to a girl, you're probably hurting too. Recognizing this time when bad feelings are coming up, try to give yourself some time to think about what happened and calm down. Depending on the severity of the situation, this time can be minutes, hours or days.

However, don't delay the request for too long. Avoiding the subject for too long can be interpreted as a sign that you don't want to apologize and that you don't regret what happened, giving the idea that you don't care about the girl anymore. The waiting time that will be considered too long, again, will depend on the seriousness of the situation and the maturity of the relationship

Apologize to a Girl Step 3

Step 3. Understand why she is angry

Apologizing insincerely or not understanding how the girl feels can be worse than keeping your mouth shut. If you make a superficial apology, she'll see that you're not being sincere. Before you apologize, it's important to take some time to stop and reflect on what happened. Why is she angry? Are there any other factors that might be influencing her mood? How serious is the problem?

  • Put yourself in her shoes for a moment. As you think about how she might be feeling, also imagine how your actions might have been interpreted by her. Try to remember as much as possible so that you have a better idea of ​​why you were upset, regardless of who is to blame.
  • Remember that having the sensitivity to ask yourself why she's upset is different from taking the blame. Even if you think you haven't done anything wrong, a relationship requires a sensitivity to recognize the reasons that make the other person feel bad. Even if you initially feel that her feelings are irrational or unjustified, it's important to realize that the pain is real.
Apologize to a Girl Step 4

Step 4. Be sincere when apologizing

If the problem is more serious, the girl will be constantly analyzing what you say for any signs that you are not being authentic. The best way to ensure that the request is really taken seriously is to be sincere when making it. If you think you're going to feel bad during the apology, it's a good idea to put it off a bit and reflect on it or even dismiss it.

You can be very angry for the same reasons she is. This will make it more difficult for you to express everything you feel. If that's the case, give yourself time to relax and calm down

Method 2 of 3: Verbally Apologizing

Apologize to a Girl Step 5

Step 1. Wait for the right time to apologize

The art of apologizing has a lot to do with acting on time. You should never apologize to someone when they're in the middle of a movie, let alone the night before an exam. Instead, manage your time (with common sense, of course) and wait for a moment where the girl is relatively free and relaxed.

But remember, you shouldn't wait too long before acting either. If you wait too long before ordering, maybe the girl thinks you've decided not to apologize

Apologize to a Girl Step 6

Step 2. Approach her in a respectful way

How you approach a girl to apologize in person has a big impact on the outcome of your request. Approach quietly and calmly and don't get distracted by anything. At this point, you should give it your full attention. As you approach, remember to maintain constant eye contact. Don't smile too much or look too relaxed, as you should demonstrate to her with your body language that you understand the gravity of the situation.

  • Apologizing by text message or via a phone call is easier, but remember that the request will be more effective and effective when made in person.
  • If it's easy for you to find her on a daily basis, suggest a date. Be direct and brief when inviting her and try to make it clear that your goal with the date is to apologize. If she's really angry at the moment, try another time, maybe she'll change her mind and give you a chance.
Apologize to a Girl Step 7

Step 3. Tell her you're sorry for what happened

First of all, you must apologize. Trying to explain her point of view of what happened without apologizing first will give her room to interpret this as an opening of discussion. After approaching her, cut to the chase and apologize. Any explanation you want to give can be done after this request. Being so direct may sound easy, but it can turn out to be quite difficult in practice when there are emotions coming up on both sides. Don't worry too much about this moment. Remember, this is just one step in a reconciliation process.

Your apology doesn't have to be complex. In fact, the best option is probably to keep it as simple as possible. There's no need to be poetic or calculating, just say a simple "I'm sorry". The more complex your speech, the greater the chance that your request will be misunderstood by her

Apologize to a Girl Step 8

Step 4. Show empathy

Saying something simple like "I'm sorry" may be more effective than you might think, but it won't be enough in more serious situations. After starting the conversation with these words, explain why you are sorry and try to understand how she feels. If the conversation becomes more balanced and it's not just your fault, it might be a good time to express what you're feeling. This can help with this reconciliation process, but only after the apology has been accepted.

An example of a basic structure for your request might be: "I'm sorry for what I did, I acted extremely selfishly at the time. Knowing that it affected you made me realize how wrong I was. I know what I did is already done., but I would like to say that if I could, I would go back in time and do it differently. I will not allow that to happen again."

Apologize to a Girl Step 9

Step 5. Give her a chance to respond

Simpler problems are unlikely to cause much concern, but in more severe cases she will probably want to respond to your request. After saying everything she wanted to say, it might be time for her to say how she feels. Look into her eyes, always remain calm and try to understand everything that is being said. Even if she makes you angry, try to remain calm and show empathy, because maybe she's still angry about what happened and getting angry won't do any good.

Apologize to a Girl Step 10

Step 6. Embrace her

A verbal apology can be much better if accompanied by some form of physical comfort. Regardless of what type of relationship you have, a hug will be a good thing most of the time. A hug after the request will give the girl a physical demonstration of your feelings, and her acceptance will be a demonstration that you managed to overcome what happened.

Apologize to a Girl Step 11

Step 7. Take steps to avoid problems in the future

An apology is just words if it is not sincere. After apologizing, strive to prevent the problem from occurring in the future. Doing this will have two benefits; first, the chances of the problem reoccurring will be reduced; second, the girl will notice that you are turning the apology into practical action. Ignoring the problem after apologizing will make it much harder for her to forgive you in the future.

For example, if you're apologizing for always being late, set your alarm 10 minutes earlier than normal. This will streamline your actions, reducing the risk of you being late again. Demonstrating that you are taking steps to avoid future problems will prove to her that your apology was sincere

Method 3 of 3: Apologizing Nonverbally

Apologize to a Girl Step 12

Step 1. Write an apology letter

Handwritten letters are the best non-verbal way to apologize to someone. The size and tone of the message will depend on the severity and reason for the problem. Forgetting a birthday is quite different from a betrayal, for example. However, the important thing is that the letter is written sincerely. Forget the rules of formal letter language, write down what you're feeling and apologize in the first two lines.

  • Including a heart at the bottom shows affection and may be appropriate if you are in a romantic relationship with the girl.
  • Writing by hand is important in this case. An apology letter is worthless if it doesn't have your personal touch or if it doesn't show a little vulnerability. It's much easier to hide what you're really feeling through a computer. However, for smaller matters, a quick email or an instant messenger message may also work.
Apologize to a Girl Step 13

Step 2. Try to provide an enjoyable time to make up

If you did something that hurt the girl's feelings, making up for it by doing something good is a good way to overcome past mistakes. What you must do to help in this reconciliation process is as unique as the relationship itself. Think of things that are interesting to her and try to figure out which ones are best suited to help you get right. If you can't think of something specific, remember that hardly a girl wouldn't want a back rub or dinner prepared just for her. It doesn't have to be very complex, a simple gesture can demonstrate a lot of what you're feeling.

Apologize to a Girl Step 14

Step 3. Offer cash compensation

A more formal way to apologize is to offer the girl some money. While this option is only suitable for minor issues, an apology can be more impactful if it has some greenbacks with it. Of course, giving money to someone in this situation seems more like a bribe than anything else, so instead of giving the money to the person, you can make a donation to charity to demonstrate your good intentions without fear of being misunderstood..

Donations, however small, must be accompanied by an explanation of your motivation for that act. Explain to the girl that you are doing this in order to have a positive impact on the world. Adding altruistic motivation to your apology can count a lot for you, as it's virtually impossible to dispute the importance of donations


  • In the end, the most important part of an apology will still be simply saying "I'm sorry". Often, these words are enough, as long as they are said sincerely.
  • Although this article is divided into the categories of verbal and non-verbal apologies, in general, the most effective thing is to combine these two approaches. This is especially true for love relationships, where words will not have as much meaning if they are not accompanied by action and vice versa.
  • If you cheated on the girl, it won't be easy to apologize, so try to make sure everything is perfect, just the way she likes it, before you sincerely apologize. Put yourself in her shoes and feel the pain YOU caused.


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