3 Ways to Make a Girl Jealous

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3 Ways to Make a Girl Jealous
3 Ways to Make a Girl Jealous

Making a girl jealous is a surefire tactic to get her to pay attention to you and crave your presence – just give her some attention and then show her how much fun she has with other girls. Whether to win her over or to show that you have overcome her, making jealous is not difficult. Read on to find out how!


Method 1 of 3: Paying Attention to the Girl

Make a Girl Jealous Step 1

Step 1. Use your body

There's no way to make you jealous if you don't show a modicum of interest first, enough to get her involved, thinking you want “something more”. To achieve this feat, use your body language – make her realize you want her without having to use words. Give them a few minutes of your attention, but make them count. Every gesture counts.

  • Get her attention from across the room. Hold her gaze when she matches it and give her a pretty smile to go along with it.
  • As you approach, let your body face towards the girl and lean forward slightly to demonstrate that she has your full attention.
  • Touch her lightly on the shoulder or arm if she seems receptive.
  • Keep looking into the eyes as they talk. Your goal is to make her feel like she's the only girl in the world for a few minutes.
Make a Girl Jealous Step 2

Step 2. Give praise

Once the body language kicks in, use the words – some basic compliments show you're interested and want to get to know her better. If it's someone you already know, this will serve to convey the idea that you've been thinking about her. Do the following:

  • Talk about appearance, but in a subtle way. Don't say “You're too hot”, prefer something simpler, like “Your shirt highlights the color of your eyes, this color looks great on you”.
  • Tell her you like her laugh or smile.
  • Give her a good-natured compliment, try to tease and praise her at the same time.
Make a Girl Jealous Step 3

Step 3. Ask questions

This is a sure way to show that you want to get to know her better and that you are interested in knowing more about her. It doesn't have to be a big deal, just something light to make her interested in you.

  • Use prompting questions. For example, if she says she has a sister, say something like "Is she beautiful like you?"
  • Ask something silly, but as if it were very important: "What do you think of men who love dogs?" or "What do you think of men who wear a leather jacket?"
  • Show that you want to know about her. Ask her what her hobbies are, what she does for fun, so she has the brief feeling that you care.

Method 2 of 3: Talking About Other Girls

Make a Girl Jealous Step 4

Step 1. Make it your spare

Now that you've shown some interest and made her believe you have a chance, change the game. Gradually start talking about another girl, whether they know each other or not; use words like “This is my best friend” or “I have this friend who has known me since childhood”.

  • Find opportunities to talk about this girl every five minutes, but don't go overboard, so you don't get in your face and don't be so annoying. The idea is to show that this girl doesn't get out of her head.
  • Find a way to speak highly of your friend. Don't be snobby or arrogant, but say things like "She's the person I adore the most" or "She's awesome, there's not a guy who doesn't fall in love with her" - the idea is to make your girl compare and feel bottom.
  • Nothing stops him from inventing his friend. If you know how to lie well, it can be completely fictitious.
  • Whenever you can, say "You should meet, I'm sure you would get along great!" It will make her a beast.
Make a Girl Jealous Step 5

Step 2. Talk about several other girls

An alternative is to talk about all the other girls in your life. Show that you are the conqueror of the piece, that wherever you go you have a woman (or more) with you.

  • Tell us about a party where there were a ton of beautiful girls – enjoy it and say you were one of the few men at the party, but that you're used to it.
  • Comment on a weekend you went to the beach and don't forget to mention all the shapely girls in obscenely tiny bikinis who accompanied you.
  • As if you don't want anything, talk about the girls you were having an affair with – several times. Make it look like you live hanging around.
  • The idea is not to be rude or appear promiscuous, or the girl will lose interest in you. Don't show yourself an empty chicken.
Make a Girl Jealous Step 6

Step 3. Use your cell phone to make her jealous

He can come in handy when you're bragging about all your ex-girlfriends. Leave it nearby and check it out from time to time, show that you may need to attend to it any minute.

  • When you check your cell phone, give a mischievous little smile, as if you've received a saucy message from a girl. Say “excuse me”, and start typing something smiling, so it looks like you're answering something equally inappropriate for minors.
  • Make sure your phone rings at least once while talking to the girl. Pick up and say “Hi, what's up? I can call later, now I can't talk”. Be careful, don't say anything like “Hi, beautiful” but make it clear in your tone that it was a kitten on the line.
  • Don't overdo this strategy, or the girl's patience will quickly run out. Nobody has patience with a person who doesn't get off the phone.

Method 3 of 3: Being seen with other girls

Make a Girl Jealous Step 7

Step 1. Check other girls

Now that the girl is aware of your affectionate relationship, move on to the stage of ignoring her and talking to other local girls. Do this a few minutes after you've captivated the first one, here are some examples:

  • Whether at a bar or at a party, choose the closest woman and start a conversation. Do the movement gradually, gradually moving from talking to the first girl and talking more and more to the second, until you have completely transitioned the conversation. Keep up your smile, show you're having fun!
  • Dance with the other girl, but without kissing or touching her; instead, dance like there's no tomorrow for a song or two, always looking like you're having a good time.
  • Find an all-female gang and strike up a conversation. Make them laugh and let your target observe everything from afar.
Make a Girl Jealous Step 8

Step 2. Flirt with the target girl's friends

If you'd rather stick with her immediate social circle, or if you've had enough fun with strangers, start paying more attention to her friends to make her jealous. So she'll keep hanging around and paying attention, wondering what's yours.

  • Make her friends like you; do your best, show your shrewd, charming and charismatic side.
  • Strive to ignore the first girl while talking to the others, even if she's right in front of you – pretend she's not there.
  • Don't isolate her too much from the others, try to make them all stay in your own. If you pay too much attention and one of them feels too special, you'll end up creating unnecessary drama that's hard to deal with.
Make a Girl Jealous Step 9

Step 3. Go away with another woman

This strategy requires a lot of courage. If you're at a bar or party, when it's time to leave, go with another girl. This doesn't mean you should go to her house, but show your target that you're out with someone.

Look at the jealous girl and nod your head slightly or give a little smile. Show that you know she's looking

Make a Girl Jealous Step 10

Step 4. Let her see you with other women throughout the day

There is no time of day to make her jealous – use the afternoon too. When you're with someone else, it doesn't matter if it's just a friend, show her that you're always together and having a really good time.

  • As soon as you make the girl see you with someone else, show that you are totally focused on her company and take a long time to notice her presence; when it's time to pay attention to her, say “Oh, I didn't notice you!” as if you were having too much fun with your partner.
  • Go to the girl's favorite places. Don't shy away from going to the cafeteria she likes the most with a group of good-natured girls, always laughing and talking animatedly.
  • If you study together, sit far away from her and close to another girl. Let her see you whispering in her ear, laughing and scribbling things to each other in the notebook.
Make a Girl Jealous Step 11

Step 5. Don't go too far if the idea is to arouse interest

This is crucial; if your intention is to make the girl fall in love with you, talking about other women and snubbing her too much will make her lose interest, as she will think you are a Don Juan.

  • If you're trying to make her jealous during a party or at the bar, don't spend the entire night with the other women, or she'll lose her temper. You should turn your attention to it after a while.
  • As soon as you notice a real interest on her part, stop talking or haranguing the other girls in the place. After all, you've already got what you wanted.


  • Many of these strategies can make the girl lose interest in you for good.
  • She will probably think you don't care about her and will get on with your life without thinking twice.
  • Be careful when “using” a girl to make you jealous, as she could end up falling in love with you. Be careful about the feelings of others.
  • If the girl finds out that you are trying to make her jealous on purpose, she will certainly be upset with you.
  • Keep in mind that making jealous is always a bad idea. There are several ways to find out if a girl is interested in you, or to solve any other problem of that nature. Be responsible for her and anyone else's feelings.
  • These techniques can create unnecessary drama and unexpected complications.
  • If you decide to invent a girlfriend, be a convincing liar. For example, if you live in São José dos Pinhais, don't invent a successful actress who lives in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Look at the others while they're together.
  • Making a girl jealous will make her think she means nothing to you, and with that, you won't get her attention, but her contempt.

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