How to Get Away from the Person You Love (with Pictures)

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How to Get Away from the Person You Love (with Pictures)
How to Get Away from the Person You Love (with Pictures)

While relationships are one of the most exciting aspects of life, unfortunately, many love stories don't have happy endings. Sometimes circumstances may require someone to rethink their feelings and decide that it is better to leave the loved one. You can build up the courage to follow this path if you scrutinize all the reasons for separation. Then just have a frank conversation with your partner and move on, leaving the past behind.


Part 1 of 3: Making the decision

Walk Away from Love Step 1

Step 1. Wait until you are calm and clear-headed

It's easy to jump to conclusions after a fight or argument and think something like, "I don't want this person in my life anymore," but if that's the case, think about it for a while before making a decision. We are more likely to make rash decisions when our emotions are running high, so take a few hours to calm down and carefully consider your choices.

Take a few deep calming breaths if you're irritated or upset - inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth, several times in a row

Walk Away from Love Step 2

Step 2. Reflect on all the reasons for wanting to end the relationship

When you're cool-headed, spend some time thinking about the reasons you want to leave your loved one. Was any specific event responsible for the decision? Or had your instincts been pointing in that direction for a long time? Write your thoughts in a journal so you can better understand the source of each thought.

Common reasons for a breakup include mismatched dreams or plans for the future, infidelity, abuse, or communication problems

Walk Away from Love Step 3

Step 3. Determine how the relationship affects your life and well-being

Ask the following question: "Is my life better because I have this person in it?" If the answer is "no," you're making the right decision by putting an end to the relationship -- a healthy relationship should make a beneficial contribution to your life as a whole.

Although not everything is a flower, we should still feel that we are better off than we would be if we weren't with someone. Otherwise, a separation is the best thing we can do, both for ourselves and for our future

Walk Away from Love Step 4

Step 4. Reflect on whether you are abandoning someone out of fear

Sometimes we can end a relationship for fear of disappointment, hurt, and abandonment. Maybe your past romances didn't turn out well and now you're scared to relive past mistakes, or maybe you're not sure you can make long-distance dating work and therefore want to get away before things get serious.

Analyze yourself deeply to understand the real reasons for wanting to leave this love. If you feel that fear is primarily responsible for this desire, express your concerns to your loved one - the two of you can work together to overcome these fears

Walk Away from Love Step 5

Step 5. Ask a friend or therapist for advice

Asking a trusted friend's opinion before making a decision can help, as that person may be able to provide feedback on some of your concerns or reassure you that you are doing the right thing.

Another option is to see a therapist, a professional who can help you see the advantages and disadvantages of separation and decide if this is the right choice

Walk Away from Love Step 6

Step 6. Assess the impact of the decision on your children

If you have children with a loved one, children should probably also be taken into consideration. Take some time to reflect on how separation will affect them, and whether this is really the best choice for everyone.

  • Separation is still the best option if the children are at risk or have witnessed several fights between you and your partner.
  • Talk to a family member, lawyer, or therapist before making a decision.
  • If you decide to stay in the relationship, keep in mind that consultations with a family therapist can help you deal with couple and family issues.
Walk Away from Love Step 7

Step 7. Determine if you can afford to leave the person

Another factor that prevents many people from leaving an unfulfilled relationship is financial problems - perhaps you don't have money or don't earn enough to support a home on your own. In that case, talk the situation over with a lawyer or dear friend, and come up with a plan to save money and start supporting yourself.

For example, you could move to a job with a higher salary, get a second job, or spend time at a friend or family member's house

Part 2 of 3: Breaking the news

Walk Away from Love Step 8

Step 1. Make an appointment to talk with your partner

When you decide to leave the relationship, you will need to break the news in person. Say you'd like to have a conversation and choose a time that works for both parties.

  • Ideally, this type of conversation should take place in a public place, as some partners may react negatively.
  • As a general rule, it is recommended to end the relationship in person unless you feel threatened in any way - in which case a letter, email or phone call would be more appropriate options.
Walk Away from Love Step 9

Step 2. Make your motives clear, but keep your tone polite

Clearly and directly mention the reasons for the end of the relationship, as beating around the bush will only make the person feel worse. Get to the point and state your decision, but don't forget to keep a gentle tone.

Walk Away from Love Step 10

Step 3. Use phrases in the first person singular - "I"

Don't blame the other person or emphasize their faults, simply explain why the relationship hurt you, and always keep the conversation focused on your own needs. This will make your partner less likely to be defensive and unpleasant.

For example, say something like "I like you and I have a lot of wonderful memories with you, but I've decided that a breakup is the best option for both of us. I've sacrificed dreams and goals to stay in this relationship and realized I don't want to do this anymore."

Walk Away from Love Step 11

Step 4. Listen to the other person's arguments

She deserves to be listened to carefully, so don't assume that you're just going to say whatever you want to say and run away-give your partner the opportunity to express their point of view by actively and respectfully listening.

Resist the urge to interrupt the other or defend yourself, and avoid apologizing as this will send the message that you did something wrong

Walk Away from Love Step 12

Step 5. Defend your decision firmly

If your ex tries to convince you to change your mind or starts begging you to stay, repeat a shortened version of your reasons. You don't need to justify your choice or feel guilty about the way you feel, so make your decision firmly and ask the other person to respect it.

  • It could be something along these lines: "Like I said, I feel like I've given up on my dreams to make the relationship work and I don't want to do that anymore. I'll be grateful if you can respect my decision."
  • Withdraw immediately if the person begins to threaten you or try to manipulate you to convince you to stay in the relationship. Call for help if you are in danger.

Part 3 of 3: Moving Forward

Walk Away from Love Step 13

Step 1. Get rid of the memories of the relationship

The memories of the past will keep you from moving forward, so schedule a day to get rid of all the old stuff as soon as you feel ready. Give away or throw away all the objects that remind you of the love you left behind.

If you don't trust yourself, ask a friend to throw everything away or put the items in a donation box

Walk Away from Love Step 14

Step 2. Erase your ex's phone number, plus any other contact information

The next step is to eliminate all communication with this person. You've decided to stay away, so you have no reason to snoop on her social media or send late-night messages. Delete all forms of contact to avoid a setback or relapse.

  • Delete his email address and delete him from Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and any other social network.
  • If you have children with your ex-partner, simply limit contact to issues related to children only. Avoid getting sucked into a breakup conversation.
Walk Away from Love Step 15

Step 3. Enlist the support of your loved ones

Separations are difficult, but luckily you have friends and family who will help you through this difficult phase. Take advantage of your relationships and spend as much time as possible with your loved ones.

Ask a good friend, "Could you go out with me this weekend? I'm scared of feeling lonely."

Walk Away from Love Step 16

Step 4. Focus on your dreams

The best way to get back to enjoying single life is to find a goal that will keep you busy and distracted – it will keep you from spending all your time mulling over the breakup, as well as giving your life meaning and purpose. Sooner or later you will start to feel better.

  • Write down a long-range goal that you would like to reach in the next year. Then define several short-term objects that will help you get closer to that bigger goal.
  • For example, if you plan to spend six months traveling the world, your short-term goals might be as follows: find someone to rent your apartment, get a leave of absence from work or school, and save for the trip.
Walk Away from Love Step 17

Step 5. Take care of yourself regularly

Walking away from a relationship is a difficult decision, even when we know we're doing the right thing. You will need time to grieve and overcome the separation, and at the same time, you will need to take steps to take care of your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

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