How to Deal with the fact that You Have Been Replaced by Someone Else

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How to Deal with the fact that You Have Been Replaced by Someone Else
How to Deal with the fact that You Have Been Replaced by Someone Else

Being swapped by a girlfriend, boyfriend or even friends is a terrible experience and, in these circumstances, it's normal not to know what to do. However, you can begin the recovery process by admitting you are hurt, venting about what happened, and avoiding social media. Then, just focus more on your life, seek positivity, meet new people and create truly healthy bonds! Read the tips below and worry no more.


Part 1 of 3: Confronting the fact that you've been switched

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Step 1. Admit you are hurt

Being changed in any relationship hurts because it's part of human nature to really bond. It's normal to be sad, confused, stressed, or angry at the person who has left your life. Also, it's no use trying to deny what's going on: you'll only end up even more frustrated when you meet or hear about this individual.

  • Accept everything bad you feel. Don't judge yourself, don't try to justify what happened, and don't even think about changing those feelings.
  • Take a deep, slow breath whenever you get hurt by the story again.
  • Remember that feelings and thoughts don't last forever. Say "I'm hurt, but it'll pass. I'll get better" every time you remember you were replaced.
  • Record what you are feeling in a journal to feel like you are putting an end to everything.
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Step 2. Accept your role in the entire story

Reflect on your relationship with the person: maybe you have some responsibility for what happened, even if the biggest mistake came from them. Think about everything you've done and decide if it's worth going after that person to put an end to everything once and for all.

Unburden yourself and ask a friend who is aware of the situation for advice and will not judge your decisions. Think of someone who sympathizes with your suffering and helps you find out what happened

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Step 3. Face the problem

If necessary, confront the person who took you out of their life for answers and a resolution to bad feelings. Try to find out what went wrong so you don't make similar mistakes in the future.

  • Keep your cool during this conversation and keep an eye on your body language. Certain reactions and feelings indicate that it might be better to leave the meeting for another time. Take ten deep breaths and repeat the mantra "This situation is difficult, but I will do my best. Whatever happens."
  • Say what you really feel about what happened. For example: "I am confused" or "I am angry".
  • Make it clear what you want or expect from the person. For example: "I need to know what happened. Did I offend you or do something wrong? Can you clarify this for me?"
  • Listen to the person's point of view.
  • It could be that the person refuses to respond or doesn't want to chat with you. In that case, it's better to let it go and not insist.
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Step 4. Don't compromise your values

The natural reaction of anyone who is replaced is to go to great lengths to "fix" what was wrong and resume the relationship as before. However, be genuine and don't put your values ​​aside just to try to win back someone who doesn't deserve your company. Think of the following terms:

  • Why do you want to continue living with this person (ex-girlfriend, boyfriend, friend)?
  • What would you have to change just to be with the person?
  • Is it worth changing?
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Step 5. Understand that not everything is under your control

Don't fall into the trap of blaming yourself for what happened: it doesn't do you any good. The person probably walked away more for their own reasons than something you did. Maybe she's not even mature enough to understand how harmful her own behavior was.

Every story has two sides. Don't take full responsibility for what happened, or you'll just sink into heartache

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Step 6. Avoid social media

The more you avoid seeing the person's photos and other posts on social media, the less you will be exposed to the feelings they cause you. Stop torturing yourself by visiting her profile on the networks!

  • Remember, you're only seeing the good things the person posts on Facebook and other social media, not what's actually happening in their life (especially since you've traded your company for someone else's).
  • Mute her profile, delete her from your friends list, unfollow, etc.
  • Turn off your social media for a while or even once so you don't take any chances.
  • Don't like, comment or share what the person posts.
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Step 7. Don't be mean

It's okay to get angry after being changed, but you don't have to be mean to get the person's attention. Never gossip, tell her intimate secrets and do other things like that.

Part 2 of 3: Turning Your Life around

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Step 1. Accept yourself

You may start to think bad things about yourself and even believe that you don't deserve to have a relationship after you've been replaced, but that's not true. Learn to accept yourself, even if the process is a little complicated.

  • Don't judge yourself for the mistakes you made. Nobody is perfect! The important thing is to grow from these experiences and put the learning into practice in the future.
  • Do not be offended. This does absolutely nothing.
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Step 2. Always be positive

You may have been replaced by someone else, but everything will improve over time. Use this time to focus on your own life and, if applicable, on seeking truly healthy relationships. As much as your ex (or your ex) is getting over the breakup with a new company, it just indicates that she is not capable of living alone. Do the following to prove you are:

  • Hone your skills or develop new ones.
  • Look for a new hobby.
  • Practice sports and other activities.
  • Focus on studies or work.
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Step 3. Meet new people

There's nothing better than spending time with different people to get over what happened. You can even go after people you already know but have lost touch with, like old friends. Also, do the following if you get lost (which is normal):

  • Do volunteer work.
  • Join a sports team.
  • Talk to someone different at work, school or college.
  • Enroll in a gym.
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Step 4. Accept that being excluded is part of life

Getting changed happens from time to time, but it never ceases to be a boring situation. Not everyone you meet will enjoy your company (and vice versa) and there are relationships that aren't meant to last. Accept this and focus your energy on cultivating friendships and other types of relationships with genuinely positive people.

Part 3 of 3: Cultivating Healthier Relationships

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Step 1. Look for nicer people

Make friends and make love appointments with people who are good for your life. Think of people who fit the following parameters:

  • Listen without judging.
  • Accept your way of being.
  • Respect what you feel and want.
  • Help you in times of need.
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Step 2. Be a good listener.

Pay attention to what is happening in the lives of your friends and family and make it clear that you are there for whatever comes and goes. Show that you are a real shoulder to shoulder.

  • Don't give advice or criticism without anyone asking. Try to listen to what people say without telling them what to do. For example, don't criticize your sister for marrying your brother-in-law if she tells you she's having marital problems! Listen to the outburst and give your full support. Never say things like "You should have…" or "I would…". It's best to express yourself with "I'm sorry you're having these problems."
  • Don't think about ways to respond while the person is still talking. You have to really pay attention to what she says. Take your conversations one step at a time.
  • Ask questions if you don't understand something. Ask all your doubts, like "From what I understand, you mean… Is that right?".
  • Repeat what the person says. Even this simple repetition can already show that you are aware of what she says. Repeat shorter sentences every now and then. For example: if your friend says "I have to go to the emergency room tomorrow morning for the tetanus shot", respond with "Oh, the tetanus shot…".
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Step 3. Don't accept being anyone's rug

Your time is as valuable as anyone else's. Therefore, you have every right to say "no" when someone asks for something that is beyond your power (or willpower).

  • For example, imagine that a friend of yours asked for your help to move apartments for the weekend, but you've already made plans to travel with your boyfriend. In that case, it is your right to deny the request. Say something like "I can't… I've already made plans. Can't your brother help?"
  • You also have the right to refuse to do something just because you don't want to do it. For example: imagine that your friend asked you to finish his college work. Say "No" without feeling obligated to give another explanation!
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Step 4. Dedicate yourself to your relationships

Every relationship is a two-way street. Make frequent plans with your girlfriend (or boyfriend or friend) and never give away the cake.

No relationship works when one person is more dedicated to it than another. Your friends and girlfriend need to take care of you the same way you take care of them

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Step 5. Enjoy some time alone

Your relationships will be much healthier and stronger if you take the time to be alone every now and then, whether it's for an hour or two or for a whole day. It is very important to have this private space (physically and mentally).

  • Cultivate hobbies you can do on your own, like reading.
  • Take time from time to time to be alone.
  • Do something special for yourself when you are forced to be alone.


  • Remember that some relationships end naturally.
  • Be authentic and genuine and never give up your values ​​to please.
  • Respect what people think and feel. You can't push the envelope in a relationship.

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